Thursday, July 3, 2014

Madelon Shares Photos Of The New Pets At The DC American Girl Store!

Madelon has kindly visited and shared with me the photos she took at the DC store of the new line of Pets and Accessories that American Girl has just released.
I am thrilled with the new possible pets and know I would pick one up next time in store. The Magnetic feature is my favorite part and that you can pose them of course! The dogs are adorable and while I am a cat person I feel like the cats are just too big for the dolls. My friend Pam tells me that the dogs are still hard bodied....Every one please say "Hi Pam!".
We want to know what you think? Do you think the new pets are fantastic or over priced?
Will you collect just one or all of them?
What is your favorite new release?
Thank you Madelon for sharing your photos with us today!
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  1. I think all of these Pets are adorable, but I just can't justify that price. I was just at Toys R Us, and they have the Journey Girls dogs for 10 bucks! They each come with a clothing piece, a collar and leash, a bone, a toy, and a carrier or bed. All of that at AG would cost over 60 bucks! I have the little white yorkie, which looks a little like Coconut and is really nice quality. There were three other varieties in store. There's no way I would pay 6 times as much.

  2. I think the pets are great but over priced. If they had made the changes and kept them at $22 I'd be happier.

    The corgi will be coming home at some point and maybe the dalmatian. We have Marisol's cat which looks a lot like the Himalayan. AG has never really gotten cat size right. Kirsten's mama cat should be a bit bigger and Licorice is too big. Rascal is pretty good.