Sunday, July 6, 2014

Checking In With South African Girl and Doll Tag Clothing!

The Dollly World is made up of so many wonderful people and one of these wonderful people happens to be someone I admire and respect so much.  Liese Brouwer, is the wonderful lady and creative talent behind South African Girl and the Doll Tag Clothing Line of patterns sopld on Pixiefaire.
Liese has a passion for doll play, creativity and a talent for designing patterns that are easy to follow and make wonderful play clothes for 18 inch dolls.
ITt was because of Liese's encouragement that I finally picked up the knitting needles and created my first doll sweater.
This was back in 2012! You can read the post by clicking here
Last summer I made the Biginner Knit sweater for 18 inch dolls and even made one for my mini doll!
Doll Tag Clothing has some wonderful new patterns offered on Pixiefaire I love this Rodeo Cow Girl Pattern  new and offered at $5.99
As well Doll Tag Clothing is now offering some really cute patterns for the 14 inch H4H dolls! Click here for the pattern listing.
I would like to thank Leise for all her support over the years of my blog and for all her amazing work that helps girls world wide to be inspired!
To find out more about South African Girl Dolls please click here  and for more information on all the patterns Doll Tag Clothing offers on Pixiefaire click here.  

Check out South African Girl's Blog By Clicking here.

I am now off to pick up my knitting needles and start some fall sweaters for the dolls in my own doll family!
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  1. Oh what a fun surprise! Karen... you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for patiently knitting my patterns and for enjoying them... It definitely makes all the work twice the fun if it is being shared!

  2. Love this pattern great and have used both AG size and the H4H pattern with lovely results and no frustration! Need to try the sweater pattern next but my knitting is still very very unsteady.

  3. I have a couple of those patterns on my wish list. I will be checking out the South African Girls as well. I spent time in Zimbabwe and visited SA and have dear friends there. It would be wonderful to have a doll from there that could be friends with my AGs.

  4. South African Girl dolls are so very pretty.
    Love the sweater in "I did it!" It looks like one we bought from ArtFusion. Great job; love it!