Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Generation Yellow and Grey Outfit, A "Mixed Review" From Madelon

Today Madelon shares with us one of the new outfits she recently picked up "OG has started to mix colors in the new Spring line. The main color pallet is yellow and beige while the purse and shoes are red and blue."
Madelon was good to point out that the outfit while adorable on the shoes don't really go with the outfit and they don't really fit American Girl Doll Feet.
Madelon and I both love the little red purse!
The hairband is a great accessory as well.
Here the dress is shown on it's own, it is quite simple. Madelon says it has a "silky texture"
Madelon kindly shared a photo of her Our Generation Doll wearing the outfit, notice that the shoes fit much better on the doll it was designed for.

While the dress and accessories may not be everyone's color favorites I really like this outfit and I think it does look better on the American Girl Doll, the sandals are a bit disappointing in their fit for non Our Generation brand dolls but all in all this is a lovely addition to Madelon's Dolls Wardrobe.
Madelon managed to pick up this outfit at Target on sale for $12.99 keep your eyes open for great deals like Madelon's.
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  1. Great review. I haven't seen taht outfit yet. The one that I keep seeing and liking, but not getting is not on the website, but it s a shorts set with lavender shrug and striped shorts.

    Like you pointed out, so many of the sets get passed over by me because I just don't think one of the colors fits right. The bright orange with purple is most disturbing.

    Thank you again for a great review.