Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Craft Along With Me 2014- Tie Dye Your Summer! Doll Items!

For This Month's Craft Along With Me I hope you will join me in taking Tie-Dye To the Next level with your doll clothes!
I had so much fun dying dolly items and items for myself, from tea towels, napkins and shirts to dolly shirts, night gown's and more!
Using this wonderful kit from www.ilovetocreate.com  and doll items I had on hand like Springfield Dolly Nightie and Great 100% Cotton Doll Shirts from Sophia's & My Dolls Life I made some really fun outfits for my dolls. 
 If you have done Tie Dye before and found it too messy, I can tell you that tulip makes it so easy with this all in one kit! Add water and go! This is the easiest and most fun kit I have every used to dye clothing! You can do it all at once and the project guide inside makes even the most novice of crafter's into crafting super stars!
Don't forget to send me your completed photo of your projects! Also there is a fun way to share your photos and tie dye crafts this summer on instagram simply add #tdys to your photos when you upload them and see all the wonderful tie die items that are being created world wide!
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