Saturday, July 12, 2014

Love For Australian Girl Dolls!

I keep seeing wonderful posts and visitors from my readers in Australia and today I wanted to give a big shout out to them! Australia has their own line of Dolls and I love this line. These dolls are 20 inches tall. I have Emily and she is one of the most loved dolls in our doll family. My niece Beth has claimed her as her favorite and her own!
I posted these photos to my Instagram account earlier this week and you can see by the pictures just how photogenic Emily is!
She has a molded upper body so she looks really cute in sun dresses!

My friend Chris Lucas of has been creating so many wonderful outfits and posting her photos on our facebook group that I so want to add more of these beautiful dolls to our collection!

You can check out all of the Australian Girl Dolls by visiting Australian Girl's Website by clicking here
They do ship these beauties world wide and trust me you will want to bring them all home!
This is a video from my channel of my niece doing Emily's hair. We love how easily you can style this dolls long lush hair!
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