Monday, January 21, 2013

American Girl Birthday Parties ~ Offical AG items that is

Today I wanted to share with you some of my most favorite Official American Girl Birthday items. I hope you will enjoy! 
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One of the first items I ever bought from the American Girl Book Store was this wonderful set, Doll Parties has so much wonderful play potential and is a set I recommend for every 18 inch doll lover to pick up! Offered on the American Girl Website for  $19.95
From Birthday to Valentines to July 4th and Halloween this is a great play set you are sure to love.
Molly's Birthday Set offered at $68 is also a wonderful addition to your doll play collection
This would make a wonderful gift for any doll loving lady! 
Also offered is Molly's Party Dress, which looks great on any 18 inch doll! 

 I love and recommend all of American Girl's line of Books. This one all about Parties is one I own and love! Click here for listing on AG.

One of my most favorite gift ideas has to be the American Girl Magazine, I have a subscription and I love it, it makes a great gift and I look forward to it monthly. To order your own click here
As a bonus! Madelon Shares with us today the photos of her own party set she found....
Madelon shared with me this fold out American Girl Play set she purchased last year

, I wish I had seen this in store or for sale I would have purchased it for sure!
 I love this set but I can not figure out why they would not have made it taller then the dolls!

The hot dogs are my most favorite!

This is how it folds out! How cool!
Madelon found this in the bookstore, I am not sure if is still sold but it looks like a great play set!
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  1. I love all of them! I went to a bookstore and a saw a huge section of American girl books! I screamed and tugged on my mom and said come on. She was like what's wrong!! I said American girl!!!!! It had all of the all American girl books,Doll sets like doll school one,and American girl today books!! But unfortunately all of them were as expensive as American girl! Same exact price!!! So my mom said no! I love American girl dolls so much!!! I make stuff for them everyday!!! I also read doll blogs every day!!!

  2. Karen,Can you do a craft on how to make a AG doll sized sewing set?

  3. I love the fold out party table, it's space saving and really cute and decorative when out! Would it be incredibly tricky to make? Backgrounds set the scene so well don't they? Maxine

  4. Sabrina I love a good find like that too! I will do a sewing set in the future! I loved the fold out table, I would think it would be a bit tricky to make but I would love try. I love the backgrounds and I love my American Doll Rooms as I can dress them up and down for my posts!