Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let's talk Art Sets for Dolls...

We have all now seen the wonderful Art Set of The Girl of the Year Saige's collection, but let us look at some other great sets you can find for your dolls. This older set of Madelons was offered by Batta, who make Our Generation Dolls, years ago.
Madelon shares with us some of her photos of this Batta Art Set.

"My mother purchased this art set made by Battat many years past. She started collecting American Girl/18 inch doll play items 16 years ago when my eldest was a baby.

  The set has many peices, all of which I couldn't find. Shown is the plastic easel which looks like wood, a fabric painting board and a sketch pad."

The artist box holds the paints and brushes


I love this set!

This painting has a groove on the back do it can clip on the easel


 I wonder if they will re release this set?


I put this set together for $3

Last trip into my dollar store you could still find this canvas and easel set offered at $1.25 and a package of pain and paint brushes from the party section 4 for $1.25!

Madelon found these at a Dollar Store! 


Just look at this great find!


Madelon also found this mini painting! 

Doesn't it look amazing!

Keep your eyes out for items you can make into your own doll play art set! More to come on Art Sets  as we find them!
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  1. Can you do a craft for a easel and painting supplies like Saige's?

    Check out Doll Diaries here for this and I will work on the art easel!

  3. I found mini canvasses and a mini easel at I had fun making my own Saige canvas using Sharpie markers and her t-shirt as inspiration.

  4. Hi Char and Karen! Thank you Karen

  5. Thanks for posting. Today I made an apron for my granddaughter (put one on my Etsy site) and she wanted to put paint on her doll's apron to make it more realistic. She is really interested in art and loves the book Saige paints the sky book I won from LJC 12 days of Christmas contest.

  6. So cool Margaret! I love the idea Char, So happy to have such wonderful comments!