Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Christms Gift from my sister and my nieces

This year for Christmas my sister and her husband (and my nieces too) gave me this beautiful tea set that they found in a gift shop during  their annual Camping Trip last summer. They bought the set at, a shop they always top at for ice-cream and  I am so thrilled they did!
I loved this set so much! My nieces did a great job keeping this a secret all those months.
I wanted to do some research on the name on the box. ACE Gift Collection was what the box said and a quick check on line gave me their online shop.
I was surprised to know this is an on line CANADIAN WHOLE SALE COMPANY. Their sets are the perfect size for dolls and I love the quality.
I will keep my eyes out for them in my travels and see if I can track some more down for my collection.

They look adorable on my tea cart from The Queen's Treasures!
I love tea time, tea sets, tea cups and tea parties, I hope you enjoyed today's post and remember to keep your eyes open for tea sets like these on your travels and report back to me!
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  1. These are good quality tea set, I have two purchased 7 and 4 years ago so that my Ganddaughter's could have tea parties with they dolls. Yours is very beautiful

  2. Karen, you are so lucky! I don't think I have ever seen more beautiful butterflies!! I love them so!! I might have to look them up least on line!

  3. Have you ever had much luck finding every day ware (plates cups etc). Its the middle of summer in Australia, I guess I could serve iced tea.