Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to Make Madelons Doll Ear Muffs, hat and fur lined boots!

 Madelon has filled my in box with the most wonderful items she and her daughter have made with clearance priced holiday stockings.
Madelon used a existing hair band to create these "fur" trimmed ear muffs from the top of a fuzzy stocking she got for only  50 cents!

"The headband matches the purple boots that came with the outfit, even though the boots didn't match the outfit, in my opinion. I would have preferred gold boots, but Marie-Grace has gold boots and so does Saige."

 Madelon cut out two circles as her pattern, then out of the fur, she also cut two squares creating a pocket to slide the hair band into, finally her daughter glued it into place with hot glue.

  " AG earmuffs cost ten dollars, so I thought I would try my hand at making my own." Madelon said in her email to me, then with all the left overs she was able to create, a hat, and boot covers!

" I was trying to figure out what to do with the remaining fur from the ultra furry stocking and thought it might make an over the top winter hat. We saw so many hats in the cold in December. Just cut to size."

I still had a sock left from my fifty cent earmuffs project, so I decided to make fake fur boot liners.
The fur had a curve to it from the way it was sewn onto the sock. After opening the Velcro, I folded the piece in half and wrapped it over the top.

 Madelon did a wonderful job creating these wonderful winter accessorizes!
A huge thank you to Madelon and her daughter for sending these photos our way!
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  2. Karen thank you so much for posting this tutorial. Love it.

  3. It was my pleasure! Madelon is so crafty! I am so thrilled she sent it to me to share!

  4. i love the tutorial thank you so much because i've been looking around for an earmuff tutorial and this one was actually helpful!

  5. Love this idea! Great job Madelon! Thanks for posting this Karen!

  6. Great idea!! Very interesting topic. Thank you for this tutorial.. Keep it up.

  7. Great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Where does everyone find the headbands that are sized to fit our AG dolls? Do you make them? If so, how and what do you use? Any help would be appreciated.

  8. is where I order from.