Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Check out Brandy's Dolly Side Table Lamp

Brandy shares with us today how to make a Dolly Side Table  Lamp. Her lamp is darling and a great addition to her doll play collection. I am in awe of her talent and am so glad she lets me share her ideas with all of you.
Here is how she made her lamp.

How to make a side table lamp for your doll room..

Supplies:  Craft finial, base to a round paper mache box, paint, ribbon,
glue, two beads, and a key chain.
I saw a cute little decorative finial at my local Michael's craft store.  I
had no idea what I was going to use it for, but it was only ninety cents.
After I got home I looked it over again and decided it would make a great
lamp base!

For the base, I primed and painted it a warm wood color.  I wanted to pull
out the browns on the accent pillows on the couch and chairs.  I had
initially painted the entire finial brown.  Then, my youngest daughter comes
to me and says, "Hey Mom you painted the light bulb brown."  I had to laugh.
I never thought of using the tip of the finial as a light bulb.  So, I went
back and added some yellow paint to the end to make the bulb...knowing that
the "bulb" would not be seen once the shade was in place.

I thought I was ready to start making the shade when my oldest daughter
looks at the lamp base and says, "How will they turn the lamp on?"  Wow!
How could I forget such pretend details!!  I took a small bead and glued it
to the side of the finial and then cut down a linked key-chain and glued
that to the bead to resemble and lamp-pull.

For the shade I painted the bottom of a circular paper mache box.  I then
took ribbon and glued it around the edges.  On the very top I glued a
painted brown bead.  Once completed I hot glued that to the lamp base.

I think it turned out super cute and best of all I got my daughters'
approval! (You get mine too Brandy!~Karen)

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Thank you Brandy for this amazing craft as usual and for sharing it with us!
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  1. Thanks Karen, this was a fun project!

  2. This is brilliant because we need a few side lamps! great idea! Thanks Brandy and Karen!

  3. Love it, looks like the real thing!

  4. WOW!! I LOVE this so very creative!! All I need to do is try and find the piece that you used as a base of the lamp at my michaels! I can then share this idea with my subscribers on Youtube I am sure they would love it! I will be searching Michaels tomorrow :)

  5. thanks I love saving money