Saturday, January 12, 2013

Let's talk Pets...

Okay I admit it I do not actually have a real pet yet, but I am pushing for a cat... but I am lucky enough thanks to my dear friends Brandy and Lauren, to have been given Chocolate Chip and Coconut. I absolutely love them.

I have also seen so many wonderful stuffed animals that make perfect doll sized pets, Madelon was recently in my home town of Montreal on vacation and she picked up the most adorable little dog for her doll play collection and it is her photos that have inspired today's post.  Tin Tin, named after the movie, is the little white dog in the photo above. I love how this photo of Tin Tin and Pepper's first meeting went.
I think as usual Madelon has found yet another amazing fun find and re-purposed an every day stuffed toy in to a wonderful and beloved Doll play pet!
So this got me to thinking about some posts I have done in the past relating to re purposing your own stuffed animals, dollar store and thrift store finds into wonderful doll play pet sets.
 In August 2011, I created this fun foam pet bed and dog toys and treats for my Doll Diaries post. Click here too see how I created this pet bed and used one of my sons stuffed dogs as a doll play pup!

In March of 2011, I reviewed the American Girl magazine craft and created my own doll sized fish tank. Click here to see how I made it.
Brandy helped create a Vet set for her niece's birthday, Click here to see all the adorable pieces Brandy created to accompany the Payne Street set her family purchased for the birthday girl.
 One of the most visited pages in my blog's history is this wonderful post Brandy did for us on how to make your own version of McKenna's Hamster click here to see how you can make your own.

Back in August I shared a No mess turtle tank pet craft on Daydream Doll Boutique's blog. Click here to see how to make your own using dollar store plastic turtles. 

I have also run across some great American Girl Doll boxed Pets for sale and shipped free on The Book Depository. Offered at around $25 and shipped free to your door this is a great way for those of us not living in the USA to come by these wonderful pets. Click here for listing.
(Check the book depository under American Girl and click on the stationary tab at the right to see their selection of mini dolls too, a great deal and free shipping!)

Saige's new horse will set you back $94 but I have also fallen in love with the ones you can get from Target and Walmart for more then half that price.
Take a look at this set from Target Online you get everything seen here for $59.99 click here to see this set on line

just looking for the horse? You can get her for $34.89...fill your entire stable for the price of one of AG's. Click here for the listing

I purchased this set from Target for my niece Trinity's birthday, she loved it and all the little items that came with it. This way her doll had a horse she could take care of...this horse priced under $20 is available in store or on line  click here for listing.
FYI, they have a few different types as well.. click here for this beauty!

I think it is time I got a real pet of my own and I am so thankful to my friends who made it possible for me to add American Girl Doll pets to my collection.
I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you will share with me your thoughts, comments and photos of your dolls and their pets.
As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. Pets are a big part of doll play- vets, dog/horse shows, pet shops and lots more activities. My daughter sees pets so much of doll play that she not only took her many dolls to Gran's house at Christmas she took all of their dogs as well!

  2. I Karen!!! My name is Sabrina... I have been reading your blog for a long time!! Forget to comment some times. :( Sorry!! I love your ideas and crafts and your crafts on Doll diaries!!

  3. Thank you Maxine and Sabrina! So wonderful to have you both comment! Thank you for taking the time to do so!

  4. I have a puppy named Boomer (retired Springfield Collection dog), and my friend Danny has a collie named Muttley (retired AG Toasty), and in our classroom at school, our class pet is a hamster named Henry (a repurposed wood and fur chipmunk from Africa).

  5. I will comment everyday! I will tell you my fun finds new AG dolls I get and craft ideas! I will try to email you sometimes.

  6. Wonderful Sabrina, nice to have you here!

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  8. Great! Karen I am following you on Pinterest!

  9. Hi Karen, I got Rembrant the dog when I ordered Saige, he is so cute! Just got her Friday night, she is beautiful, her wavy hair is amazing! I also got an Our Generation Horse. I know sometime back you posted a horse blanket to make, can you send me the link. Thanks, Jean