Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome My Newest Doll Cadence, a beautiful Harmony Club Doll!

You know that moment where you just fall in love with a doll, well I had that moment with this HARMONY CLUB DOLL  the second she came out of the box! 
 Cadence is one of Harmony Club Dolls' new line of 18 inch doll friends. 
Her long wavy hair, striking blue eyes and sweet face had me sold the moment I caught sight of her on line.

I have to be honest and tell you that photos just do not do this dolly justice, I can tell you she is going to be featured in a bunch of up coming posts.
My most favorite doll Chrissa, and Cadence are now fast friends.
I absolutely love Cadence's shoes, my favorite color and  style of doll shoes. These are not going to fall off.

Cadence is priced at $70, Harmony Club Dolls very in price from $55-$85. When I asked why the price difference I was told it has to do with the High Quality of the Wigs chosen for each doll.
There are so many wonderful new dolls to love on the Harmony Club Doll Website , above is Harper Rose....
Lyric, offered at $70 has such a wonderful shade of red hair...
I love the length of these new Harmony Club dolls check out, Jasmine  by clicking here.
Don't forget to check out Charlotte

and of course don't forget Harmony Rose!!! I love this blue tap dance outfit! Don't you?

Harmony Club Dolls are more then Dance themed Dolls, these Dolls are well made, well priced and will steal your heart!

Harmony Club Dolls get the Karenmomofthree stamp of approval!   For all around Doll Play Potential, Value and sheer adorableness!

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  1. These are gorgeous dolls! I have Harmony Rose, now Claire, she came in a spring dress and white shoes, looks great in the Ag raspberry glasses. Love the light pink coloring on her toe nails . I was going to get Lyric but I knew Saige would be coming and has similar length and color hair. The girls think these dolls look a little older so, big sisters to AG dolls.Congrats on your new girl Karen!

  2. Congrats on your new doll! I think Lyric is my favorite!

  3. Thanks Jean! I just love her! Glad you do too!

  4. Oh I just got Lyric I loved the doll as soon as I opened the box all that curly red long hair, well I have a habit of looking over a doll when I get it soooooooooo I striped her down her body is well made the fabric used is better than I expected ( I had a few dolls this size that the body fabric was thin). nice thick and soft, well then I looked at her joints they were tight and well made ( some dolls are floppy and the joins loose)she stands on her own without a stand which is a plus, I see her getting new clothes really offten.
    I can say I am a proud new mommy of a Harmony club doll!!!!

  5. She's a beautiful doll Karen! I have to admit I am partial to the ones with long wavy hair.

  6. She is so much more beautiful in person! Her hair is lovely and she looks just like my niece with the same name! LOVE HER!

  7. she is so pretty Karen! I have been stalking that website for a while trying to decide which doll I want the most... its a hard choice! congrats on your newest addition :)

  8. Love Her TOO Karen! She is really pretty