Wednesday, January 23, 2013

National Measure your Feet Day.... Spotlight on Springfield doll shoes...

Okay I admit it today's post is a bit of a stretch but today's doll shoes cover feet and fit dolls feet that measure  3.25" X 1.5"  the average size of 18 inch doll feet.
The above shoes are new from Springfield Doll Collection, they are adorable and for me Springfield Doll outfits and accessories are my go to Birthday Party, Party Favor, Advent Calender Staple! Reasonably priced, well made and always available at my local Micheal's the Craft Store, I always keep a stash of Springfield Doll Shoes!
I also find that these doll shoes fit all my 18 inch dolls from American Girl to Maplelea and all my other dolls as well.
In my own life I am not a shoe person but when it comes to doll play you can say I am obsessed! 
How cute is this pair? Honestly my favorite!

I would love to get my hands on these next trip into Michael's they would go with everything! Click here to see them in the Springfield Doll Online Store.
Absolutely adorable! These Moccasins are a must have for my Advent Calenders next year! I may stock pile these!
My niece Laura loves these shoes and has already placed them on the Dolly Christmas Wish list for next year, who would not love sparkly red shoes for themselves and their dolls.
With the fun trend of having 18 inch boy dolls these black and white tennis shoes are a great item to add to your doll play collection! Click here for online listing. 

These black shoes are by far my most important purchase. They were the first Springfield Accessory I ever bought, I still have them and use them in many of my doll photos and they go with everything. Still sold today more then 6 years later and offered on line by clicking here.

With shoes as cute as these for less then a cup of coffee how can you can afford to add these to your daughters doll play collection, splurge for your adult doll collection and pick up for each and every dolly gift giving occasion! 
These Strappy Sandals are on my spring/summer list as well....think I will head to Micheal's now.
Make sure to measure your own feet today and rest assured that when you buy Springfield Doll Shoes for your 18 inch dolls you will have the perfect fit!
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  1. I love the Spring field doll shoes they fit all the dolls! In Canada we don't have too many options for AG accessories, with the 40% coupon at Micheals, the shoes are such a great deal! The only ones I haven't seen or have, lol, are the moccasins, on the look out for sure! The last time they had Spring field items on sale 40% off I stocked up on shoes to give along with outfits to the girls, can't resist! Yes, the fuzzy black boots go with so many outfits! Jean

  2. We have the black/white tennies! My daughter wants to put rhinestones on them.
    I think the moccasins are ADORABLE!! I think that needs to be on my list

  3. I have the silver pair and they are one of my favorites, I also have the black and white sneakers, and I have black satin shoes that have a ribbon ankle strap from Springfield. I have more Springfield shoes than any other kind for my dolls.