Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brandy's PB&J

Brandy always impresses me with her work, and she sent me these photos of the peanut butter sandwiches she made her girls.

Her daughter  Jemma asked if she could make her dolls "lunch."

Brandy said "She wanted me to make them a "MommyPB&J."  She is so cute.  I had no idea I had a special secret PB&J recipe."

As you can imagine both girls were delighted with the results.
"Who knew that white and tan foam paper and some brown and purple felt could make a dolly sized
"Mommy PB&J??!!

I think her sandwiches turned out wonderfully and I love how they look set up for lunch!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian,
                 I can sing really good but I don't feel like I do. I used to write songs almost every day! but now I rarely write any, and whenever my best friend asks me if i have written any songs lately I have no idea what to say! I don't want to lie and say that I have!
               Please help,

Dear Bailey, 
I think I know what is going on here. You are feeling a little bit of self doubt. If other people tell you you are a good singer and they are your friends or family then they are not likely to be lying to you.
It is not important to  be the worlds best singer but  it is important to do what you love and if singing and song writing are something you love and are good at then you should keep your head high!
Not writing songs every day is not a bad thing, sometimes we need time to take a creative break and re charge our batteries and sometimes we just need to wait for the right inspiration. So when your friend asks you if you have "written any songs lately" you can hold your head up and tell her the the truth, you have nothing to be ashamed of! 
"Sing like no one is listening" and "Write even if you think no one will like it!"
Keep your head up and sing when you feel moved to!
Your Friend, 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My newest 18 inch doll, Grace a My London Girl Doll

Recently my sister Pumpy, gave me a present. Her friend was traveling in the UK and my sister had a doll from My London Girl, shipped to her to bring home for me. I was shocked!

When I opened the box I was thrilled to see she had chosen Grace, let's face it she has some pretty cool hair!
Laura loved playing with Grace! This doll's hair is so soft! I love the outfits that My London Girl Dolls come in! The runners are my favorite part.
Grace shown here with My London Girl Olivia and My doll Bella who is from Sears Canada, marketed in the USA as Gali Girls who is modeling a I love MLG shirt my other sister Bre-Anne brought me when she was in the Store in January!
Grace now brings my Doll Collection to an even 12  dolls. So much fun.
Shown here Right to Left are  Emily (Australian Girl )Samantha (AG)  Abby (AG) Jillian (AG), Saila (Maplelea Doll ) Chrissa (AG), Olivia (Springfield Dolls) Madison (Springfield Dolls) Grace (My London Girl) Olivia (My London Girl) and Bella (Sears/Gali Girl/My London Girl)

I think I am going to need a bigger doll room!

Thank you to my sister Pumpy and her Friend Emma for bringing Grace back here to me in Canada.
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sleeping bags! What fun to make!

My Swap group recently had a sleeping bag swap and it was inspired by some fantastic free tutorials.
I have not attempted a sleeping bag with a zipper yet but I love how easy these were to make and even a new sewer can make a sleeping bag to be proud of.

I used the tutorial from
I am so thrilled with how it turned out and I hope my partner will be as well! I made mine a bit longer and wider then the tutorial and am happy with the result!

If you are planning to make your own dolly sleeping bags for camping or sleep overs I recommend  Tutorial   Click here for website and Tutorial

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

JHome Studio's Etsy shop something for everyone!

 Every now and then I find an Etsy shop that amazes me and when I clicked on JhomeStudio's Etsy Shop and found their Pretend Farm Fence I instantly fell in love with it! It has so much play potential!

" This Pretend Farm Fence works great with the American Girl doll horse, as well as all other fun farm animals. The fence comes with hinges to help fold in for easy storage. Each fence is hand painted and sealed. Each panel is 28.5 long X 12" tall. The arch is 25.5 tall 7.5 wide. The fence has endless possibilities"  Click Here for the Listing

The next item I fell in love with is their Doll bed with Trundle/Storage drawer. Click here for the listing
 Needless to say I as I looked through the shop I was thrilled with what I found. I just love this Doll Dresser/Vanity I love the way they have stained it! Click here for the listing.

I was thrilled when the shop owners agreed to let me do a brief interview to go with my posting of their shop.
 I asked them to share a bit about their business and Doll background, here is what they shared with me...
 "We are a famliy run little business. It is just me and my husband. We have a sweet little daughter, and she loves her dolls, so we started making this furniture for her"
I wondered how long it would take to create a bed like the one shown in the photo above ...
  "Our doll bed does not take long, a few hours from start to finish."
I also wanted to know what their favorite item in their shop is....
 " Right now my favorite item is the little dog houses. The cute little red one could also be used a play barn. I like the rustic old look. I love the little scallops on the roof."
 Click here for the listing for the Dog house listing.
I loved their Doll Armorie click here for the listing. I wanted to know what else is planned for this Etsy shop....
  "We are coming up with some new doll furniture, bunk beds, some chairs to go with the vanity, a dresser, and a whole matching bedroom collection. So a bed, dresser, closet, vainty and chair. I am also in the works of opening a childrens etsy shop, where I will be moving all of the furniture. There will be doll quilts, and many other fun items for kids. The new shop is
I love to know the personal side of the family business and I ask shop owners to share a bit about their lives and back grounds with our readers....

  "I love to craft. I learned to hand-sew and embroidery when I was just eight from my wonderful grandma. I also learned to sew barbie clothes, and doll clothes too. I have been sewing, drawing, painting, and creating ever since. I love crafting, and cooking. I love my family, they are the greatest gifts I have been given."

Jhome Studio's Etsy Shop   has a great give away this time for the Grown up readers on my blog.
So parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Friends this contest is just for you. 
The give away from May 27 to June 30th is for the Key Hook - Wooden Wall Organizer - Wood Shelf - Wood Sconce - Mason Jar Sconce shown in the photo above. 
So enter today by emailing me at .Please email your Name and mailing address to me at before June 30th for your chance to win! Winner drawn by using and this contest is open to US residents only at this time.

So visit Jhome Studio's Etsy Shop today! Click here to be redirected to their Etsy shop

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Re purpose a baby dress from your dollar store

For today's post I wanted to show you the dress I made by re purposing a baby dress from my local Dollar Store.

This dress was $1.25 (though the ones I got last year at the 99cent store in CA were a better deal). Now I created tie straps on my dress by cutting the straps in half but it is up to you. I find it easier to get on and off the doll this way.
Put your dress on your doll inside out and pin as shown, you can pin closer to your dolls body then I did.

 With only two straight lines of sewing on my machine I was able to create this summer dress for my doll in under 2 minutes.
I created a sash belt with a scrap book slider (I sell in my Etsy shop if you are looking for some, click here for the link) on to some vintage blue lace seam binding I got at a yard sale. I just threaded the lace through slider and slid it into the middle then placed it on my doll and tied a big bow in the back
This was an easy and fun way to create a dress for my doll in under 2 minutes for under $2!
 Here it is in light purple.

I hope you will look and see what you can find at your local dollar stores and create for your own dolls.
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer fun doll play furniture from Madi Grace Designs!

The warm weather is upon us and it is time to take doll play outdoors! I am so happy to show you the new furniture from Madi Grace Designs Etsy Shop
this set is adorable with the stripes! You can customize the color with the shop owner/creators by messaging their Etsy shop.

Also knew this spring is the addition of their Bakery Set,and Bakers shelf
That are just breath taking! This is on my must have list!
I love the dolly aprons offered that go perfectly with the new themed doll play sets
The hearts on this apron are the perfect sized print for doll aprons!
Their new bistro set table and chairs is also a great addition to their collection.

Visit Madi Grace Designs today by clicking here

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wooden Furniture for the 6 inch dolls!

I was so excited to find more fun for our 6 inch dolls with the discovery of A Crafter's Nook Etsy Shop 
I love my mini American Girl Dolls and I am sure you will agree that these fun and affordable historical dolls deserve a lot more attention. 
So if you are looking for the perfect handmade wooden doll bed or bunks this shop has you covered!
From single bed to triple bunks you can give your dolls the same comfort our 18 inch dolls have at bed time!
Single beds start at $9.99 and these beds are stack-able which so you can add to your collection of doll beds with each doll you add to your collection.
Triple bunk offered at $29.97

Double offered at $19.98

I love finding doll play fun handmade with love on Etsy. If you would like to check out A Crafter's Nook, check out their Etsy shop today. They offer something for everyone and every doll.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Jillian

Dear Jillian,
I really want to get a Facebook account,I am 11 and my friends have had accounts since they were 8, but my parents won't let me. Do you have a Facebook account? My parents are worried about cyber bulling.
Not on Facebook

Dear Not on Facebook,
 I know that many girls are feeling the same way you are right now. I do not have my own Facebook account either. Having a social media account like Facebook, is a lot like having a window in to your personal life.When you have a social media account people can access your information, feelings and see photos and read things you may write for many years to come. How you think and what you share on social media sites now will likely remain on the internet for years to come and follow you in to adulthood. I know in our house we have a rule that only our parents can be on Facebook until we are older. We are allowed email and let our parents monitor the email we have coming in.
It is important to know that while I do want to have my own Facebook page some day, I have to wait. I am showing my parents how responsible I can be with my email account and hope to show them that I am trust worthy. I too worry about cyber bulling, I know I do not want anyone to experience cyber bulling.
Just know you are not alone with out social media and that one day you will get your chance!
Love Not on Facebook either,
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two FREE patterns for your Mini dolls from Creations By Dee Vee and a Sleeping bag Tutorial from Karenmomofthree from Doll Diaries

A wonderful lady, Doll lover and Etsy shop owner Denise of Creations by Dee Vee has created two fun patterns for those of us with the 6 inch dolls.
Here vest and wrap skirt pattern can be down loaded from my Doll Diaries Post from May 12th by clicking here

If you missed my craft for May 12th on Doll Diaries I showed how to make a simple sleeping bag and pillow for the 6 inch dolls
Click here for the instructions for the sleeping bag I created

Here for the VEST for the 6inch dolls
and Here for the WRAP SKIRT

Thank you to Denise for creating these patterns for my readers. Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and check out her wonderful PDF patterns for furniture for our 6 inch dolls!
Click here for Creations by Dee Vee's Etsy Shop and her fun furniture pattern for the dolls

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mini Me Dolly Diva's Fun Dolly Spring Fashion reveiw

Mini Me Dolly Diva's Etsy shop offers some very fun and fashionable outfits and accessories for our dolls and I loved this shirt that Dacia came up with.

Her Barbie wants me to be me shirt is one of the most popular shirts especially on her Facebook Fan Page it has even been featured on Doll Diaries

I ordered this one for a friend of mine for her birthday and if you are reading this Miss Lauren M you and I need to get together for Birthday Tea so I can get it to you!
Mini Me Dolly Diva has a really fun Etsy shop and her outfits are some of my most favorites! I love her I am a Dolly Diva Set Priced at $25

I also love that you can order it in White!
Jillian would love this outfit! How cute is this shirt with the frog! This set includes the Cargo pants and hair bow for  $28
Check out Mini Me Dolly Diva's Etsy shop and her Facebook page and become a fan today!

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