Friday, August 31, 2012

Madelon's Fun Finds- Dolly Notebooks

Madelon found these adorable Mini books at her local dollar store and they are perfect doll sized books!
Simply remove the Key chain attachment and your dolls can have their own Disney note books.
I love that this photo shows just how to scale these books are.
These wonderful books would make great party favors, loot bag additions, Holiday Cracker prizes and great stocking stuffers!
Be sure to look for these and other dolly fun finds are your dollar stores, party store and bix box discount stores.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Magazine Cover Fun from American Girl

I belong to a few fun online groups and it was through one of these groups I found out you can make your own cover art for your own American Girl Magazine Photo!

Simply by going to The American girl website and clicking here you can upload your own images for your personal use!
My nieces were thrilled to see themselves on the cover.
 This is a wonderful, fun and free feature on The American Girl Website that I am so thrilled with!
I hope you will have as much fun playing with this as I did! Just remember to click the blue link to get started creating your own.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Regency Fashions on Etsy

With the release of the newest American Girl Historical Doll Caroline Abbot, we are starting to see a surge of wonderful time period fashions showing up on Etsy.
Today I wanted to showcase some of my Etsy favorites with all of you. The above Ivory gown from Made Especially For you By Jane Ellen Etsy shop is a great place to start. This handmade Frock is offered at a respectable $22 and can be viewed by clicking here
For a more contemporary spin on Regency Fashions head on over to The Edwardian Girl, offering some beautifully crafted Regency and Edwardian Fashions for your doll. Click here for Shop listing.
This exquisite crisp white taffeta gown with pink accents is offered by Ashely of Sewed Her Mind's Etsy shop for $26 Click here for shop listing.
Over at Designed for Doll's Etsy shop this stunning gold and cream dress caught my eye. Offered at $22.95 this would make a stunning addition to your historical doll wardrobe. Click here for shop and listing.
There are so many wonderful items listed in her shop I had to share this listing with you as well. This Spencer Jacket and hat are quite breathtaking! click here for shop listing.
Over at Mother of Nine's Etsy shop (Grandma of 15 as well) both ready made and patterns for Regency Era items are available. Click here for Shop and listing.

I do love the close of the Regency Era and looking at today's fashions I wish more of that elegant style would make it's way back to your wardrobes but for now I hope you have enjoyed my Etsy Favorites today.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brandy's Doll Baby Sitting Doll Play Sets inspired by Doll Diaries Babysitting Club

 Doll Diaries 100 Days of Doll Play has been such a wonderful resource for doll play ideas this summer and On Day 58 Char shared with us the Babysitters Club idea for our dolls.

 Brandy and her daughters have expanded on this idea and found some wonderful additions to her doll play collection.

"The mini Circo Babies from Target (8 inch dolls) make a perfect size infant
doll for 18 inch dolls.  They run $3.39 each.  Jayla picked out a darker
skinned doll to be Addy's baby sister, Esther.  They offer a variety of
dolls.  You could use one as baby Polly for Felicity or baby Phillip for
Marie-Grace.  You could also use them for a pretend babysitting service.
They offer a stroller, highchair & potty set, wash tub, car seat/carrier,
cradle, and additional clothes....all sized for these little dolls.  They
offer both boy and girl outfits.  The prices are very reasonable.  Sets
range from $9-13 each."

"The 'Mini Out & About' offers a very cute doll and carrier set.  Priced at $9.29."

"The 'Mini Feed & Go' offers a feeding chair, potty chair, doll, diaper, and
bib.  The potty makes a flushing sound when the front button is pushed.  The
little potty looks cute next to the larger one my daughters use for the 18
inch dolls.  Priced at $ 12.99."

"I'm sure my daughters will want more of these cute little inexpensive sets.
Happy Playing!" Brandy

I know you will also love this Doll Play Printable from Doll Diaries  to print you own Baby Sitter notes visit Doll Diaries printable by clicking here
Thank you to Brandy and her daughters for sharing with us their photos and ideas!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Monday! Something to do today...

I was trying to find something to write about that would make Monday's better. I thought perhaps a Monday Movie would be a great way to start the week. So today's post is all about the Movies and Popcorn...
The first American Girl Movie I ever watched was about Chrissa, this is mostly because she is my most favorite doll and I loved the message of this movie. As girls go back to school this maybe a good movie for you to watch together and discuss how bulling effects everyone!
It is offered on the American Girl Website for $14.95 click here for the listing.
Other great American Girl Movies to see....

Your local library is also a great resource for borrowing American Girl Movies as well as countless other timeless family fun movies, don't forget to check there on your next library trip.
Keeping with the Movie Monday theme I love this new set for the bitty twins, I only wished it was an 18 inch doll accessory though I am tempted to get it anyway as it is perfect for Dolly Movie Nights!

In 2011 I showed how to make your doll her own Movie Style Popcorn. Click here
to see how you can make your own.
 Brandy showed her version of popcorn in this post here on my blog, click here for Brandy's Popcorn.

A Kuza reader over at Doll Diaries shared her idea for Doll Popcorn with our readers, click here for this easy and clever creation.

Make the most of your Monday and I will see you back here tomorrow.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gramma Francie an Etsy shop with a big heart

I came across this Etsy shop  Gramma Francie and I wanted to share it with you.
Shop owner and designer  Fran Frabotta offers some truly unique and beautiful outfits for 18 inch and American Girl Dolls alike.
What caught my attention was this offer she has in her shop, shown in the photo above. Fran is offering this Springfield Doll and Outfit in her Etsy shop for $39.95 and donating 10% of the sale to St. Judes Children's Hospital. Click here to few this listing for yourself. Actually any purchase made from Fran's Etsy shop benifits St. Judes Children's Hospital!
I have to say I have been enjoying Kaya's Stories this summer and I am in Awe of the outfits offered by Gramma Francie's Etsy shop that would complement any Kaya doll's collection. This beautiful Pink Dress and trim are made from Polyester Suedecloth,  and features hand beading. This set also includes a palyable Pampoose, 5 inch fleece bunting in carrier which will fit on your dolls back and slip on moccasins !
Offered at $32.95 this and all items in Gramma Francie's Shop have free shipping!
 Fran shared with me a bit about her self....
"I have been sewing for the past 64 years; started sewing for my own dolls when I was 10 years I began designing my own clothes also by hand, until my mother bought me a Singer Portable Sewing Machine when I was 19 years old. I began sewing for the "whole family". I began sewing doll clothes for my three granddaughters; now that they are all grown. I use their dolls as my models and have continued to sew doll clothes to sell and share with others. I have chosen to donate 10% of my total sales each year to "St. Jude's Children's Hospital". I wish to give back for all the blessings I have been given in my own life. Loving what you do is what it is all about! Indian and Hawaiian Outfits are my specialty...they express my creativity!"
In addition to her Kaya inspired collection Gramma Francie offers this beautiful Slovenian Folk Costume for your doll.
This set caught my eye and I love the attention to details. This outfit offered at $59.95 is sure to make a beautiful addition to your collector's wardrobe! Click here for shop listing.
Also offered are fleece sleeping bags
I also liked this patchwork fleece sleeping bag. Click here for shop listing

I hope you will stop by this wonderful Etsy shop and see the wonderful items offered by Gramma Francie's Etsy shop.
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Sneaker Pattern from MicheDesigns

I love it when there are new shoe patterns, I think doll shoes are so much fun. That being said my dolls have allot more shoes then I do.
The new sneakers pattern is offered on the Liberty Jane Pattern site  for $3.99
Meg tells me 
 "This is a really fun pattern...very little sewing but focuses more on cutting and gluing. There are so many fun prints and colors you can choose from to make a pair for every outfit. Plus when you purchase the pattern, it comes with a bonus pattern to make leg warmers in both stretchy and furry fabrics...perfect for fall!"
I had the good fortune of interviewing Meg the creative force behind MicheDesigns last September and enjoy following her work through her Etsy shop and her You Tube Channel

You can find MicheDesigns Patterns on The Liberty Jane Pattern website and just like all the patterns I buy from Liberty Jane there are step by step instructions and photos to help you create your own doll play items.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Madelon's Fun Find- Doll Carpet!

Madelon sent in this wonderful fun find a dollar store place mat that makes a great doll carpet!
Place one under your dolly table for a realistic looking dining room carpet.
Madelon also scored this great Our Generation Doll Table for under $25 at Target ( I am so jealous! We do not yet have Target in Canada, I must look for this on my next trip down!)
Madelon loves that the border of the place mat  and how matches the center design, I could not agree more!
 I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you are inspired to use what you may have on hand or take a look at the dollar store on your next trip in for a doll carpet like Madelon did.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let's Go Bowling!

I have always loved bowling. My mother used to bowl in a league and we would go watch, my mother even won a few trophies!
When I was looking on the American Girl Website and saw this outfit I was reminded of how much I used to love bowling.
The set includes one ball and three pins, the pants, a printed bowling shirt, hairbands and charm and these adorable shoes! 
This set is offered by American Girl for $34 click here for listing on American Girl's Website 

Seeing this outfit I was reminded of a post I did not long ago on this great set I got at my dollar store.
This set is great for our dolls and was priced at $1.25.
With the help of a clear elastic dolls can even hold the balls.
To read the post I wrote about the set please click here

In February 2011 I shared a photo of the bowling set and other dollar store gems I found at my local dollar store. Click here to read that post.

Char over at Doll Diaries created this fantastic Doll Play Printable. Click here for a link to the post and printable on the Doll Diaries website. 

Don't forget to check out your local bowling lanes, or your Wii Sports game and get together with your friends for an afternoon of fun. Better yet host a blowing party for girls and their dolls and these sets make great take home gifts!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tennis outfits for your doll and Today in History Althea Gibson's contrubition to Women's Sport

On this day in 1950 Althea Gibson became the first African American woman to compete in international tennis.

 Today I wanted to share some great tennis outfits that you can make for your doll and share abit of Tennis history with all of you....

In 1957 Althea became the first African American woman to win Wimbledon. She won again in 1958. 

 In 1971, Althea Gibson was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

In 1975, she was appointed the New Jersey state commissioner of athletics. In addition to her Successful Tennis career she was also e the first African American woman to join the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour, in 1964  Her best finish on the tour was a tie for second after a three-way playoff at the 1970 Len Immke Buick Open. Gibson retired from professional golf at the end of the 1978 season.

 For those of you who knit I love this pattern offered on the Liberty Jane Website offered at $3.99
Edan Ava offers this fun 1970's inspired Tennis Dress pattern also on the Liberty Jane Website at $3.99

Over on Etsy you can find some wonderful tennis inspired outfits for your dolls like this one from My Girl Clothing this set offered at $18 can be viewed by clicking here
over at You Beautiful Doll you can purchase this fun Tennis set offered at $18.50. Click here for shop listing.
American Girl Also offers this stunning Grey and Yellow tennis outfit for your dolls for $34. Click here for American Girl's Listing.
I love the visor that Springfield Doll Collection offers you can pick it up on line or in craft stores under $5 a great doll play gem! Click here for on line store listing
Don't forget Springfield Doll's fun tennis shoes! Also a great find online or in store and these make great stocking stuffers! Click here for shop listing.

If you have a Journey Girl check out their Tennis outfit priced under $20 on line. Click here for shop listing. As Journey Girls are differently shaped this outfit many not fit your other 18 inch dolls but it is sure cute!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and that you feel inspired by the Althea Gibson's contributions to Womens Tennis and Women in sport.

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