Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome To Emerald The Latest Addition To The Dolls House, Doll Collection!

The Dolls House Dolls have a new Doll in their collection. Emerald is the latest in an already impressive and pretty doll line in the UK. 

What makes Emerald so much different then the other dolls in The Dolls House Collection you may ask? Well you can order the length of hair you wish for her to have.

Additionally you can also pick your dolls Eye Color! You can customize your Emerald Dolls hair length and eyes, something I have not found in other doll companies! Customizations can be very expensive and The Dolls House Doll Emerald is priced at £59.99
Click here to meet her!

 I have Ruby, A doll from The Dolls House,  who is one of the newer dolls in my collection and she is one of my favorites, her long hair and curls make her a favorite and she is so easy to play with and love. 
Check out all the fun The Dolls House Dolls have to offer by clicking any of the highlighted words in this post or by clicking here.  

You can also find The Dolls House on Facebook and Like them by clicking here 
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Madelon's Fun Summer Seat Find!

As you know I love getting email from Madelon! She always sends me dolly fun find gold! Today's fun find is no different.
These chairs are actually meant to hold Napkins! Madelon paid less then $4 and found them at a Hallmark store in New Jersey. These are by far the most fun Summer Seats I have seen. Priced at a non allowance busting price these doll chairs add character and fun to your doll play collection.
Keep your eyes out at your local Hallmark or anywhere fun kitchen items are sold.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazing Doll Sized Pinatas By Friendly Frog's Pinatas!

My friend Teanna is a Pinata Artist who runs a great business through her Facebook fan page called Friendly Frog's Pinata's
Her work is so much fun, part of the reason why this busy mom started creating pinata's in the first place.
Teanna makes customer requests reality and parties so personal. I love this Red Bird, Angry Bird pinata.
Teanna got started making pinata's 2 years ago. Her son wanted a pinata for his 8th birthday and Teanna didn't have the funds to buy a commercial one, so she made her first Angry Bird Pinata. Then when her daughter wanted one for her birthday a month later, she made another, and another and another and well you get the idea...

" One of the neighbor kids saw me making it and told her mom. She called me to see if I could make them one and it took off them there."

 Doll sized Pinata's range from $10-$15 plus shipping. Regular sizes ones range from $30 and up, plus shipping. Teanna made me this pinata as a doll swap in one of my groups. I just love it! Click here to read the post.

Teanna's Motto is "I can make anything"
Check out her Facebook Fan and Business Page by Clicking Here
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Cecile!

Today is Cecile's birthday!
Cecile is one of my most treasured mini dolls! I got min from The Book Depository for $22.79
you can purchase her on the American Girl Website for $24 by Clicking Here

The Haunted Opera is another wonderful Mystery featuring Cecile and offered on American Girl's website  for $6.95  or The Book Depository including shipping for $6.62

I hope you will join me in wishing Cecile a very Happy Birthday!
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Old 6 Inch American Girl Dolls Vs New

Madelon and I were talking recently about the original 6 inch American Girl Dolls and she kindly shared some photos with me of her 6 inch dolls.
The original 6 inch dolls had eyes that were glass. Today's dolls eyes have been painted on just like a Barbie Doll's
I am curious what everyone thinks about the differences in the dolls features. I would love to hear your comments!
In this photo you can see that the hair is much different in style and color. I wonder if the original dolls hair is rooted or a wig?
Here they are from behind. The newer doll seems to have more highlights to her hair.
I would love to know what you think, are the Original ones better? Do you like the way the new dolls look?
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Today is Samantha's Birthday. Even though she is retired you can bring home Mini Samantha to enjoy. She is listed on the American Girl Site for $24 Click here for Listing.

My favorite in all the Samantha Mysteries is by far Clue in The Castle Tower! I highly recommend picking up and reading the American Girl Mystery Series and I loved this book. Click here for listing on the American Girl website or Click here for the listing on The Book Depository.

Be sure to pick up and read Happy Birthday Samantha! By Clicking Here for The Book Depository Listing .
I hope you will join me in wishing Samantha a very Happy Birthday!
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Come See What Is New At Miniare Miniatures Etsy shop

One of my favorite doll food Etsy shops Miniare Miniatures has some delightful new additions offered this spring for our dolls. 
This Red, White and Blue Cookie tray is perfect especially heading into the Memorial Day Weekend. 
This set of 7 cookies is offered at $12 Click here for shop and listing.  
 How about two scoops of ice cream for your dolls to enjoy. This realistic looking set is offered at $5.50

I just love this refreshing set of Lemon and Cherry Cupcakes! So sweet and something I would make and eat myself. Set offered at $6.00 Click here for shop and listing.
The above photos are just a few of the wonderful items offered in Miniare Miniatures Etsy Shop. I am a customer of this shop and the quality is top notch!
If you are looking to add to your doll play food collection be sure to check out Miniare Miniatures, it is Karen Mom of Three approved!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Madelon Makes Wonderful Up Cycled Hair Band for her Dolls

Madelon sent in these photos and such a great idea for an Up Cycled Hair Band.
Made from the strap of a gift bag!
Madelon Slipped the bag handles out of the bag and twisted the ends as shown in the photo above, place the ribbon on your dolls head then twist then ends behind your dolls hair.
What a truly fun way to reduce reuse and recycle! Thanks Madelon!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Etsy Finds for American Girl Doll Books, Jewelery and American Girl Inspired Bookmarks

Crazy Girls Creation's Etsy Shop has some wonderful AG inspired hand made items!

So as many of you know I love to shop and window shop on Etsy. I have stumbled upon some fun Summer Reading inspired shops and thought I would share them with you.
Crazy Girls Collection has some adorable book marks and gift tags for the American Girl Doll Lover and Reader! Click here to visit their shop.
Bugs N Tails is offering some of my favorite Molly Books from the 1980's! Six books offered at $24 Click here for shop and listing.
Etsy Shop What's Vintage also has a few 1980's American Girl Books for sale. Click here for Shop and listing.
Oh Baby Vintage By Jill has also got some great 1980's AG books and some great items from when I was growing up. Click here for this fun shop.
In one of the coolest Etsy Finds is this American Book Inspired bracelet

The American Girls Party Book is one I would love to own! Click here to see the listing in Reading Well's EtsyShop

There are more then 14 pages on Etsy of American Girl inspired book crafts as well as Vintage finds. Be sure to check out Etsy and keep your own eyes open for vintage American Girl Books at your local thrift stores, yard and church sales and more!
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