Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspired Your Heart With More Doll Size Art!

Madelon shared with us now more of her wonderful photos and a great dolly fun find for Inspire Your Heart with Art Day. "Our doll enjoys Inspire Your Heart With Art Day by Looking at her art book, American Impressionism."~Madelon

"I think this outdoor sculpture really says inspire your heart with art!"~ Madelon
( This is a photo from the fine art museum in Montreal, Quebec where Madelon recently visited.)
Doesn't he look like a little doll! I hope you readers will be inspired today!
 (Karen loves this one!)

Willard Metcalfe painted the wintry scene Cornish Hills

Childe Hassam, one of Madelon's favorite artists, painted The Union Jack, April Morn, 1918 and Allies Day, May 1917

"I love the painting Icebound on the left and End of Winter on the right, both painted by John Twachtman"-Madelon

 Gustave Caillebotte painted this rainy scene.

These images kindly shared with us today by Madelon from her Doll Sized Book American Impressionism . Thank you Madelon for these photos and for inspiring us with all your fun finds!
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Today is Inspire Your Heart With Art day!

According to the most fun site called The Ultimate Holiday Site from Hallmark today is Inspire your Heart with Art day! What a great year for this when you consider American Girl's Doll of the Year Saige.
Click here to see the listing on American

I love Saige's Painting Set offered on American priced at $48 while this is a great doll play set, you can create your own doll play art set at a fraction of the cost.
In March of 2011, I showcased this doll sized play set I put together from items you can find at your local dollar store!
The Art Easel was $1.25 at my local dollar store, while the paint set came in a package of 4 from the party loot bag section of the same store.
You can also print to card stock some wonderful masterpieces from the Art world just by typing into Google images the names of some of the worlds  most talented and beloved artists.
As I live in the West Coast of Canada, growing up we learned about Canada's most famous artists. This one above is from a well known Canadian Artist, Emily Carr, you can find out more about her work by clicking here
From Van Gogh 

to Picasso and the thousands of wonderful artists around the world, you are sure to find art to inspire your own heart today and for years to come. So pick up a book, type in to Google and expand your knowledge of Art today on this Inspire your Heart with Art Day. Don't forget to read Saige's stories as well!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Wonderful Valentine idea for a child or family missing a loved one...

I have had the pleasure of writing about this company before and I wanted to share again with you Daddy Dolls website.
Daddy Doll's company creates dolls for children and families who have loved ones in the military, I can not tell you how much these dolls mean to families of deployed loved ones but looking at the smiling faces of these families with their Daddy Dolls does it better then any words ever could.
Daddy Dolls are not just for Military families. If you are separated from a loved one such as a grandparent, favorite Aunt or Uncle these dolls are a great gift.
One of the nicest things about Daddy Dolls is the range of sizes. You can order a small 12 inch doll, a larger 17 inch Daddy Doll or a very large Hug-a- Hero Big Daddy Doll!
What about the cost you may be wondering....dolls start under $25. I also love that you can purchase a Daddy Doll for a Military family. You can donate through Operation Hug A Hero by clicking here.
Families who receive help through this wonderful organization must meet the following criteria...  

  1. Families of fallen heroes
  2. A family with a community services referral (e.g. Chaplain, Family Services Coordinator, School Counselor, etc.)
  3. Children with special needs registered with the EFM program
  4. Household income
  5. Number and age of children in household
  6. Date of deployment
  7. Length of deployment

If you know a family you would like to refer you can do so by clicking here
How much do I love this photo? Here a deployed Daddy has his own hug a hero dolls, his boys, who got to have Thanksgiving Dinner with Dad while he was in Afghanistan.
There are so many moving photos in the Gallery on the Daddy Dolls Website, that you need to check it out for yourself. Click here to view these heart warming photos.

Daddy Dolls are "Recommended by Child Psychologists, Our Original Daddy Dolls™ and Hug-A-Hero™ dolls, which feature our Brave Mommies or Distant Loved Ones have helped thousands of children cope with the stresses of separation. Whether you are deployed with the military, traveling for business, or a grandparent living across the country, our Daddy Dolls™ and Hug-A-Hero™ dolls will keep you close to their hearts and just a cuddle away."
 Daddy Dolls take 1-3 weeks to be made and arrive. Making them a wonderful Valentine Gift for anyone missing a loved one.
There are so many wonderful images of children with their Daddy Dolls, possibly the most moving are of the new born babies who have not yet personally met their Daddy.
If you would like to order your own Daddy Doll or if you would like to Donate a Daddy Doll to a family in need, Please visit Daddy Doll's Website by clicking here .

I would love to see photos of your Daddy Dolls as well if you happen to already have or order one. 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's National Puzzle Day! Another Madelon Fun Find!

Today is National Puzzle Day and Madelon is sharing a wonderful Fun Find! Madelon got this fun Puzzel game for dolls for only $1!
Madelon used a clear elastic so her doll could hold the puzzle!
 Keep your eyes out for fun finds like Madelon's for your doll! Enjoy Puzzle day!
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Brandy's Quick and Easy Hand Held Microphone Craft

Want a Doll Sized Hand Held Microphone that is easy to make? Brandy has come up with a great one!

All items I already had at home.  I took the cap of a Glad Plug-In and glued
ribbon to outside.  I then filled end with a small Styrofoam ball.

Quick and easy!~ Brandy

What a fun and easy party craft this could be! Save up the tops from your plug ins and ask your friend to save them for you and you have an easy and inexpensive party craft for your music and doll loving friends.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Karen's Etsy Favorite Handpainted Dolly and Me Tea Set's

 In November of 2011 I first shared this wonderful Etsy shop HollySlay featuring hand painted dolly and me tea sets. I keep coming back to this shop time and again just to see her whimsical sets and I knew it was time to share her shop with all of you again.
I also asked Holly to share a bit about her shop with us today.

"We have two daughters who ADORE American Girl dolls. My oldest (8 years old) has 5 American Girl dolls and a Bitty Baby and my youngest (4 years old) has a much-loved Bitty Baby. Of course, they love lots of other dolls, too. With two daughters, dolls, princesses and tea parties are the main event all the time!!"

"My shop has been such a fun way to share my love of painting, tea parties, birthday parties as well as provide an extra income for my family. It's really been a blessing to our family financially! "

"My shop is something I can do from home (I also have a part time job outside the home while my girls are in school), while the girls play. My daughters love being a part of my shop, helping with color choices and sometimes painting their own items alongside me."

"I love hearing from my precious customers about their birthday and tea parties featuring my tea cups (and seeing their photos)! It's so exciting to see the tea cups I painted just for them in use at their special events! It's truly an honor to be a part of their parties and it still amazes and delights me to think about how many little girls and their dolls have one of my personalized tea cups, just like the ones my own daughters have and use!"
 I personally was drawn to this shop for the simple fact that I love and seem to be addicted to tea cups and sets. I love this listing for $25 that included two tea cups one for Mommy and Daughter, I understand that Holly can make a set to match the doll sized one and for me this is so appealing!

I wanted to know what the turn around time was on these wonderful cups....

"My turn around time is about 3-4 weeks, although I work very hard to keep it under 3 weeks. And I'm happy to do rush orders, too, as long as I have the materials in stock. I ship all the orders via USPS and most of the time using priority mail, to ensure safe delivery."

"All my child & adult sized tea cups and tea sets are individually handmade here in rural Mississippi by a lady about 30 miles from me. She pours them liquid clay into molds, lets it dry, and kiln fires it into bisque. I purchase them in bisque, paint them with food-safe professional paints, glaze them in a 2-step process and then fire them again in my own kiln."

I also wanted to know if these were food safe, for me it is important to have fully functioning tea sets!

"I use only food-safe and lead-free paints and glazes, so all my items are perfectly safe for actual use (although I do recommend hand washing since they're fragile!)."

"Since all my items are custom hand painted when the orders are placed (I don't keep any pre-painted items in stock), I'm happy to customize them any way my customers would like -- colors, design, personalization, etc. I can match bedroom colors, party decorations/invitations, theme, etc. Really, the sky is the limit as far as design!"

A huge thank you to Holly for having this shop and for sharing with us today. I know that 24/7 there is always a tea party happening and with cups like these made all the more sweeter!
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's National Chocolate Cake Day!! Jessie Raye has what you need!

If ever there was a holiday I could get excited about it has to be this one!!!!
                                CHOCOLATE CAKE IS MY FAVORITE!
So then how to make this holiday dolly related......Enter Jessie Raye's Etsy Shop
Jessie Raye has some of the most fantastic Dolly Chocolate Cake I have ever seen. So when I looked at the calender and saw this day approaching it was her shop I had to go to first. When I think Dolly Cake or Cupcakes Jessie Raye is my Etsy First Stop.
Chocolate Dolly delights offered in Jessie Raye's Shop  start at $4.49.

Off to enjoy some Chocolate Cake for myself! Have a great day!
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