Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween From All of Us here is our Halloween Parade!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog. We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. Today Jessica T is sharing the Witches Outfit she sewed for a Swap she recently did!
I am a big fan of the Hat! I also love that the Long Sleeve T-shirt can be worn with jeans!
 What a fun outfit Jessica T! Thank you for sharing with us today.

Madelon's doll  Gabriela is the bride of Frankenstein! 
 I love this look!
Ivy is a special doll to me and I love how the build a bear costume looks on her!
Cute as can be right down to her toes!
pulling out the vintage Cabbage Patch costumes for Melody! Love how cute she looks in this!

MaryEllen is in the My Life As Mermaid costume!
She even has candy in her bucket!
Madelon got this My Life as Fiesta Set and used the candies from it!
Look for it in your stores!
Infant wear into Doll Costumes with this one A Great madelon fun find! Love the wings!
Sweet as can be!
We hope you enjoyed our Halloween Parade and that you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!
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Monday, October 30, 2017

Holiday Madness Monday Week 5

Today I am sharing a video tutorial on something I think every doll lover should have and would love to have this holiday season. My friend in the Dolly World Denna created this years ago and it is still one of my favorite tutorials to share.
I think this is a brilliant idea and you can easily make it for your doll lover or with them.

Click here for the video and happy creating! 
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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cabbage Patch Dolls Sunday Spotlight Finally- Sew A Halloween Costume For Your Dolls with Rosie

Today is the last day in our two month Sunday Spotlight on Cabbage Patch Dolls. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Today we are spotlighting Rosie Sewing Patterns which offer wonderful Cabbage Patch Doll Patterns and the best part is you get the patterns and videos on how to  sew for your special dolls. Click here for the Witches Costume. 

Rosie also has a pumpkin costume pattern to check out! Click here to view it. 

Click here for the pattern for Ballerina costumes for your Cabbage Patch dolls! 
I want to thank you so much for joining us for the last two months for our Cabbage Patch Kid Spotlight Series.  We would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email us a t karenmowen@gmail.com

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blessedly Stressed Saturday with Jenny...

I gave up on sewing a few days ago when I broke three needles in a row and the machine keep on jamming
.  I decided to go out and visit the chickens instead of work.  Remember we live in the village, chickens are sort of against the village code.  There is that pesky rule about having "farm animals".  However, these guys are our pets.  And I, personally, find the neighboring dogs louder that my six chickens and there is that one rooster.  He does crow a lot but It is beyond hysterical.  Did I mention they also just free range just in our backyard? 

Anyway, Abby did end up losing her phone for a good part of the week because of her biology grade.  On a brighter note she place top 3 in her division for XC and made it into the All-Stars.  I am beyond proud of her achievements as a freshman.  Lauren is not walking yet, she has taken literally a step.  I love my Friday mornings with Lauren.  Again, we were able to run around to a bunch of places, Joannes being my favorite.  If you haven't seen it you must go.  They are carrying a new fun cactus print - it is beyond adorable.  I am going to use it for a bed set for the ETSY shop.  I stocked up on the fabric today.  I am also beginning to make blankets for welcome gifts for Project Stork Inc., the non-profit I have started.  I held my first board meeting this past week, which was a huge piece in finalizing all the legal paperwork.  Let me tell you the IRS makes it very difficult to help people. LOL

This week I have been very busy constructing the kids Halloween costumes.  I finished the Lorax for Natty and I am just starting the vending machine costume for Nathan.  Ambitious for just days away.  I hope to make some progress over the weekend.  However, Saturday is pumpkin carving and Sunday is we are going to a play based on the book Bunnicula.  The kids are excited.  Lauren will stay with Grandpa and they will probably just both nap. 

We have had the yucky colds cycle through our crafting home this past week.  Tis the season.  We are having rather inconsistent temperatures in WNY for this time of year.  Oh my first Target Christmas gifts arrived today.  I did it, I bought the new Spin Master Luvabella Doll.  She was too adorable to pass up.  You honestly can not find them ANYWHERE.  If you want one, RUN, find one FAST!  Natty also loves Rapunzel so I grabbed a play dough Rapunzel toy.  We love our dolls and play dough.

Something amazing has started to happen in the mid mornings.  The little girls are PLAYING, like real play, with their baby dolls.  The older girls were never really big "toy players" , more imagination.  They certainly had loads of toys, but they were never interested in them.  So this is exciting stuff for sure!  I also got them the Step 2 baby nursery playset.  Can you tell someone is excited they like baby dolls!  Friends stay safe, try something new, and help someone out today. 

Thank you Jenny! To see what Jenny is up to do check her  Rita Pita Boutique and Etsy shop!
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Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Decor for Less, A Madelon's Fun FInd!

Time to shop the sales at Michael's! Madelon shares with us some really fun decor you can find doll sized at Michaels!
The closer we get to Halloween the deeper the discounts!

These ornaments while meant for a Halloween tree would also make fun Halloween doll table decor and 18 inch dollhouse sized Decorations!
Check the stores for items like these and help your dolls Holiday Decor collection grow for a fraction of the price.
Thank you Madelon for these fun finds, we would love to hear from all of you so please leave us a comment here or email us at karenmowen@gmail.com 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tea Time Fabric Panel's Etsy Shop Kits Keep Getting Better and Better!

This is why Tea Time Fabric Panels is one of my most favorite sites! These kits help you sew the most perfect outfits for your dolls giving you the satisfaction of completing a professional looking outfit for your dolls and they are so much fun!
New in stock and ready to ship kits are cute as can be!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Madelon's Practically Perfect in Everyway Zulily outfit...

Today Madleon shares with us a "Bathing Costume" suit she bought on Zully which doubles as the most perfect Mary Poppins Type Costume!

Love the parasol don't you?

Perfect fit!
Dolls can hold the parasol easily!

This is how it arrived! Lovely Zulily find! Things are always changing on the site but keep your eyes out for great doll finds like this one.
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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sewing My First Outfit for Curvy Barbie

This summer I bought myself one of the new curvy Barbie's and I have been sitting her looking at her for a few months and realized that she has not once had a change of clothes.  I was watching videos by the amazin My Froggy Stuff and she had a tutorial for how to make Joggers and thought I would give it a try using a t-shirt I had on hand.
I was really pleased with how easy this was to do and it was even easy to sew. Some people hate sewing jersey but it is really easy if you go slow and the results were exactly what I hoped for, easy on and off clothes that my nieces or friend Angela could put on and take off the doll. 
I got so excited that I also made a top out of the scraps and as you can see in the top photo I made a long Maxi skirt for her as well. I am so thankful that My Froggy Stuff has so many amazing tutorials to help doll lovers of all ages get more out of doll play. 

You can find My Froggy Stuff Video Tutorial by clicking here. 
That was actually the first time I got the sewing machine out in a really long time. It was fun to make something so quick and have such great results.
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Madeon's Terrific Tuesday Fun Finds! More Advent Calendars To Love

My word Madelon has been busy finding us some of the most wonderful Advent Calendars of the season! My niece PB would love to have this one! We love Paw Patrol in this house, she would be beside herself with this one.
I have long loved Lego Calendar's this one is a great one, I love the snow blower!

My niece Hannah and her brother Ethan would love this one for sure. BB8 with a Santa hat! Love it!

This crazy has not hit my house thankfully but I imagine a few friends will have this one this year, exclusive to Target and so much fun!
Lego Friends has also got one specially designed for outdoor lego themed fun, snowboarding pup!
This one is interesting, a pencil top advent calendar with DC comic book heros...
This one is also very cool, you can create your own ornaments for the holiday with this advent calendar kit! 

So many wonderful ones to choose from, I still love the Barbie one from last week! What would you choose? 
Thank you Madelon for sharing these Advent Calendars with all of us! Keep your eyes out at the big box stores for these!
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