Saturday, January 31, 2015

Today I ask you to share this photo, talk about it and make your own.

Today I am going to ask you all to THINK. Share this photo talk about it with those you love who comment and share things on line. It was brought to my attention that some of the most wonderful people I know in the Dolly World have been subject to on line bullying that is so horrible that they are considering leaving the Dolly World all together. Bullying on line is not new, nor is it likely to go way but we can teach people to THINK! Share this photo on line or make your own!
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You Need To See This! Lee & Pearl Has A Great Free Pattern For Newsletter Subscribers!

Here at Karen Mom of Three's Craft blog we love Lee & Pearl patterns and today in my in box Lee & Pearl Sent A Great Gift, this Free Pattern for a Bonjour Paris Mini Wardrobe for 18 inch dolls. Along with there wonderful email news letters Lee & Pearl have fantastic patterns and offers exclusively for their subscribers and it is FREE.
 If you are not signed up yet for their news letter visit their site by clicking here and sign up today!  YOU HAVE TO ACT FAST AS This link for the free pattern from last year as well will only be active through this Monday, February 2, 2015!
Thank you Lee & Pearl! 
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Tear Up This Book By American Girl Publishing A Great Boredom Buster

Boredom Busting items like this one from Tear Up this Book by American Girl Publishing are a great resource to keep on hand for those snow days, car trips, vacations, birthday party gifts and more.  This pre-teen journal is a fun way to pass the time and get away from that all consuming  screen time we are all guilty of. This is a fun activity book that girls will love. I ordered mine from The Book Depository with free shipping and keep a few on hand for last minute gifts. Priced just under $9.64 US (12.07 CND) this book is a great accompaniment with a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant! Click here to learn more about this great activity book.
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Madelon's Brilliant Blue Bitty Baby Outfit On her 18 inch dolls.

If I had to pick to favorites  from the doll of the year collections these to would be my top two favorites! I am so thrilled that Madelon sent me a photo of them together for today's post! Don't they look like they could be sisters?
Today's post from Madelon is a stunning look at how you can use Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin Outfits with your 18 inch dolls!
"The tights lengthen the look!"
I love the scoop neck!
I love this photo!
"These shoes are simple but they fit" and I love the color!
Thank you Madelon for showing us a great example of using bitty twin outfits on the 18 inch dolls!
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Friday, January 30, 2015

3 Great Books I Think Inky Would Approve!

Today I am sharing books I think that Inky would approve. I am always inspired by our Dolly Neighbor Visitors Inky and Colette and their adventures. They are animal lovers and great travelers here are some titles I think you will enjoy.
 100 Facts about Endangered Animals is a great way for kids to learn about the larger world around them and the struggle that these animals face for survival. Click here to learn more about this book.
Inky loves Red Panda's! This book is a great introduction to the world of the Red Panda! These are the smallest Panda's in the world! Learn about this book and these adorable animals by clicking here.

Inky also loves learning about Space! This is a fun book to help kids learn about Space! I have a few of these Time For Kids books and we love them! Click here to find out more!
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A Dolly Neighbor Visit With Colette and Super Inky!

Today I have another special Dolly Neighbor visiting and sharing with us today! Colette and Super Inky! 

  Can you tell me how you and Inky first met?  

 When did you decide to take Inky traveling with you?

 Do you only take her traveling with you for work or pleasure as well?

What are some of your most favorite places you have taken Inky in the last 9 years?

Do you have a favorite Inky story?

How has Inky Impacted or Changed your life?

 Where can my readers learn more about Inky and your adventures?
"I keep a blog for Inky at  I also have an Instagram account where I post photos of Inky and her friends; the username is @inkymarina. "

Thank you both so much for joining us today! Now it is your turn to share your store with us! Email me at 
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tea With Thea and Crafts With Aunty Day! A Review of The Sunshine Shoppe Supply Doll and Girl Kits!

Today is my special "Tea With Thea Day", I don't get them weekly anymore as my sister is home on maternity leave but today Miss Thea has graced me with her presence. Today was the perfect day for a tea party and making a doll and girl neck lace with a great kit from  Sunshine Shoppe Supply!
I was asked to review one of these fun kits and I chose the Princess Rose set to make with my niece, she loves the Princess theme and I love the colors in this kit! 
This kit was well thought out and the only thing I needed to make it work were a pair of pliers and a pair of scissors! Thea and I are thrilled with how easy this kit was to make and how elegant the outcome was! Dolly and Thea are very happy!

These Doll and Girl kits would make great gifts for the doll lover in your life and would be a great take home craft for any party you host.
There are 14 different sets to choose on Sunshine Shoppe Supply's Website click here to view them all. Thank you Sunshine Shoppe for sending this kit for Thea and I to make and review!
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Mini Samantha is On Sale At The Book Depository!

Mini Samantha is on sale at the Book Depository. I ordered her as a gift for my niece Laura this Christmas and she loved her! Now is a great time to bring Samantha home for Valentines day! Click here to order Samantha on The Book Depository $16.77 US or ($21.00 CND) with free shipping!
Mini Dolls have so much play potential and can travel easily to sleep overs as well as play dates!
There are becoming more and more options for clothing and shoes for mini dolls which makes me thrilled!
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Madelon Shares With Us Her Tips For Incorperating Every Day Items in Doll Play To Create The Perfect Doll Bedroom Scene!

 Today Madelon shares with us how she spruces up her doll room for Grace!

"I need an easy put up/take down room setting for the dolls, so I wanted to re-purpose what I already had. During Saige's reign, our Pottery Barn Kids moved its location in the mall. I was able to but carpet rug swatches which were regularly $20 for around $2! I bought a bunch but hadn't used them before. I love how they add a new look to your room."
 "This is a beautiful wool rug.  To make it more then just a throw rug by a few!"

Madelon's Tip..Check your local rug store for samples they are going to discard!

"Add your own pieces" Using what Madelon Already had at home she puts Grace's Room Together!

Use what you have and don't worry about perfect matching! Madelon purchased these jewelry boxes years ago and look how well they work in the space as low tables or even shabby chic dresser stacked on each other !

See how well the room is coming together!
"Michaels has some wonderful "Springtime in Paris" items. That is where the Eiffel Tower wall hanging came from."

 Madelon's Paris Print From Michael's with her Coupon was only $5! Madelon hung it on her foam board backdrop!
Grace seems to love it!

She can even store some of her things in her dresser!
Function and Fashion!
Another Paris themed fun find from Micheal's!
Time to add a little sparkle with sparkly treats!
A little glass dish....

"Just cut up part of the strand for eye- catching candy"

Fill the bowl....
Dolly treats!
Perfectly sized!
A huge Thank you to Madelon today for sharing with us how she put together her doll Grace's Room! I just love how it all came together! Try some of the tips Madelon shares with us and create great room displays and playsets with everyday items for your dolls!
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