Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Behind The Scenes Look At Antique Doll Restoration

 Meeting people in the dolly world has been an amazing part of having this blog and one of the perks of these meetings is coming to learn about and see how antique dolls are preserved for the next generation of doll lovers.

When I was a young teen I worked at a corner store in my neighborhood while the family attended church. 
The best part of my job was when it was slow I could read the beautiful doll magazines. I loved looking at the china dolls and reading about doll events and auctions. Funny how somethings stick with you.
Through my blog I have met Angel Poet and she has been an enormous support and sharing her beautiful doll collection with me in photos. Today she is allowing me to share with you  some of her recent restoration photos.  
She has also agreed to shared a bit about what it is like to restore dolls, not just every day dolls, antique dolls!
Tell me about how you got started restoring dolls.

"How I got started was a need to fix my dolls when I got less than perfect dolls that were a great deal and work,  so I set out to figure out how they were put together. Though failure and trials I learned, when putting the Antiques back together the one thing to remember is NOT to restring them to tight they are very fragile!"

"You can and will bust the only thing in side. The only thing holding the strings is an dowel rod the bodies can turn to powder in your hands."

 "I love the faces and workman ship, how they came to be. What is of putting to many is that they are hard to string without destroying them. One string just to tight and you can destroy an whole doll it's not just that they are worth $1000.00 of dollars it just that they are priceless to me."

"I really don't know how old these are but I would say these are the oldest dolls I have ever worked on. The easiest doll I have worked on is a Dollikin when they are restrung you can put a little more tension on them . These Antiques took me a total of 2 days to restring because of having to be so gentle with them. I usually string a doll in a couple or hours."

" Antiques like these it's best left up to some one that knows what they are doing." 
 I am in complete awe of Angel's work and dedication to preserving antique dolls. I agree that restorations like these of antique dolls are best left to the professionals but wow can you imagine having this talent?
I get anxious when the thought restoring a vinyl American Girl doll crosses my mind. I am so thrilled that Angel has allowed me to share this behind the scenes look  with all of you today. I am just in awe.
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Papyrus Halloween Treat Bag Fun Find!

I was with Deena (Beena and Deena) recently at the Chapters Store down town that houses the American Girl Store and we found and split a package of these doll sized Treat bags!
These were priced at $5.95 and you get 6 in the bag, three of each design.
Be sure to keep your eyes open for small treat bags like these for your own Halloween Doll Play collection!
I am getting so excited about Halloween Aren't You?
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pj Party Photos!

So many of you have kindly send in your Dolly Pj' Photos and I am sharing some of them with you here today.

I love sharing my own photos from my Doll Instagram Account as well as reader photos. Here are some of the wonderful photos I received.
I love how many dolls are in this photo!
All lined up!
 Loving the morning hair!
 Love this home made bed!
Too cute with the bunny!
 Lovely knit set!
Check out All the Springfield Pj's Shown here and on my Instagram Account on line in the SpringField Collection On Line Store by clicking here.
My Springfield Doll Olivia Thanks you all for participating and To Springfield Dolls for Sending Us The Pj's for Prizes! Congrats to Donna and Gienna who were prize winners! More Fun Springfield Doll Collection contests coming up soon!
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free Knitting Pattern For Back To School From Red Heart

                                                     Red Heart Dolls Day School Pattern!

Just in time for back to school a fun pattern from Red Heart Yarns for a pair of leg warmers and a dolly back pack are just what the knitting doctor ordered!
 This free pattern can be viewed by clicking here.
I love working with Red Heart Yarn and there are some really great free patterns on their website.
Click here to see the patterns and explore for yourself! Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Dolls from beginner like me to advanced you can make these too!
I can not wait to try this pattern!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Madelon's Mini Doll Fun Finds!

Madelon has sent in some really cute ideas and fun finds but I love this one of Kit who is channeling her inner Julianne Hough in this Dance outfit that is actually a set of mini clothes from Funville.
 Loving the DANCE on the pant leg!
Mini Saige Gets in on the action with this Coral and Lace Dress!
Check out the tie dye inspired sun dress! Perfect on Saige!
Madelon also found some little Moxie Girlz Dolls at Target and they make great little sisters or friends for teh 6 inch dolls!
A great deal at $2.99!
Be sure to keep your eyes out for fun finds like these at Target for your own dolls!
Thank you to Madelon for these wonderful fun finds!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Love For Retro, New From Our Generation, A Madelon Fun Find!

Madelon has brought to my attention that Our Generation has launched a "new" line of Retro Dolls! Offered around $22 at Target Here is a photo of Rose!
She has a sweet face and Red and White Polka Dot Dress and Hair Bow! Super cute design!

Be sure to check out the Retro Line at your Target Store! Let us know what you think! Is this Our Generation's Answer to the Beforever line American Girl is Launching this week?
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Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas! 4 months to Go Get Your Crafting On!

Many of you are cursing me right now I bet but this is a reminder that with only 4 months left until Christmas Day it's time to start crafting!
I am a huge fan of handmade, commercial free Holiday's that is if you can do it. Today I am sharing some of my favorite patterns and ideas from around the Dolly World that I hope get you excited and motivated to join the handmade movement. The above pattern is a Free pattern from Lilac Lane and Melissa Stramel. It is a lovely holiday dress and would look great in any color.
Click here for pattern tutorial

For those of you talented enough to crochet there are some lovely tutorials out there and this one would make a great stocking stuffer for the doll lover in your life! From DomisticBlissSquared Blog check out this tutorial for a Bow Scarf for Dolly and Me!

If you knit or crochet do yourself a favor and sign up for Ravelry! Honestly so many wonderful free patterns! I wish I could make these! Check out Hazel Rose Spencer's Pattern for doll Mittens by clicking here
You will need a hat and scarf to go with! Check out Janet Longaphie's Pattern by clicking here

Attempting Aloha has a wonderful set of plans for an 18 inch upholstered doll bed! Come take a look by clicking here!

I hope that you have been more motivated then irritated by my upcoming  holiday reminder! 
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Tea with Mini Me Dolly Diva's Etsy Shop

Dacia has been very busy over at Mini Me Dolly Diva's Getting her dolls ready for tea and today I am sharing some of my favorite new items from her shop.

New are the Regency Era Dresses and my favorite addition to her shop has to be her table linens!
Casual Elegance for your dolls round table for tea time or every time is one of Dacia's new specialty items in her shop. Embroidered table cloths and napkins make dolly tea time that much more special!
More then just Regency Dresses and Tea time fun Mini Me Dolly Diva's has something for every doll lover!

 One of my favorite items in her shop is the Halloween Table Linen set! I love this time of year and this would be perfect in my own collection. This is on the top of my wish list!
Her wonderful embroidered outfits and graphic t-shirts are her best sellers!
Mini Me Dolly Diva's is my go to shop for custom orders as well. For $12 Dacia does custom graphic t-shirts...can not wait to share my latest order with you soon! Until then check out her shop by clicking here.
Let her know I sent you!
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