Monday, April 30, 2012

Adorable Hangers for our Dolls from Sew Crafty Sharon's Etsy Shop

I recently received the most adorable handmade doll hanger from Sharon Grand of Sharon's Etsy Shop Sew Crafty Sharon.
Sharon is a wonderful lady who I have kept in contact with through my blog and she has been kind enough send me one of her hangers to review.

Sharon makes her fabric covered hangers with a Velcro closer at the bottom, she calls "AG I've got a secret hanger". Sharon creates a special place to keep accessories for each of your dolls outfits. Necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and more fit perfectly inside!

In addition to her hangers Sharon offers one of a kind outfits for her customers and often creates her designs from up cycled  material, which is something I think more people should do!
From Quilts to Trendy outfits like this one shown below
I loved the party dress with bling

Sharon has a great sense of dolly fashion!
I am so thankful to Sharon for sending me my own "AG I've got a secret hanger" and she also found me the most adorable doll sized domino's from her trips to the resale shops in her area! What fun!
Check out Sharon's Etsy Shop by clicking here

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Devine Doll Designs Etsy shop and family adventure

I love Tea time, tea parties and more so I was drawn to Devine Doll Designs Etsy shop 
This family run Etsy shop offers some wonderful doll sized delights as well as items made by mother daughter team. Who were inspired to launch their own shop.
 I always love to know which dolls people have and what they name them, Cherra, Mom and Shop owner shared the names of their dolls with me.
"We have JLY #39 who we named Reece and Marie-Grace who we renamed Holly."

As Doll lovers this mother daughter team told me what motivates them to create.

"What motivates us to create is to offer creative, never-done-before items that will enhance play and displays."

"We love creating the wood items, clay food, and clothes."

 I love that doll play brings mothers and daughters together and that Etsy provides a place for family entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.
To visit Devine Dolly Designs Etsy shop please click here

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

AJ's Fantastic Furniture!

Every now and again I am lucky enough to get emails from my readers who take ideas seen here on my blog and make them even better. AJ contacted me and sent me photos of how she made her daughters couches and beds. I am so thrilled to share the photos with all of you today!

AJ tells me that she took ideas from my blog on how to make a couch and a bed and "I added foam to my cardboard boxes after they were duct taped and then I “upholstered” them with scrap material and a glue gun. Then added the final pillows and “tufted” them with a button. I also made a doll bed for my youngest out of a basket and wire garden fencing as well as added her pick of bedding."
AJ is a fantastic crafter who shares her ideas with other moms in her area, giving them the confidence they need to create doll play items for their daughters! I love Moms who do this!

"Another thing I wanted to share is that I sew but most of my friends do not so I showed them how to create dollar tree doll clothes with a hot glue gun!  We have Star Mail that goes out monthly for her friends with craft ideas, puzzles, activities etc…"

 I always want to know and share with others the types of Dolls other doll lovers have and I am thrilled that AJ agreed to share these fantastic photos of her beautiful Daughters and their dolls. 

" I received Samantha when I was ten years old and my oldest currently has 2 madame Alexander dolls she is adopted from central Asia and is 100% involved in her dolls with her friends.. She will be receiving an AG doll for her birthday. I enjoy making crafts and sewing. I just finished making 6 doll sleeping bags for every friend coming to our end of the school year sleepover."

" My youngest currently has an inexpensive  18 inch doll (she is just 3) and loves it all since her sissy does"

I am so thankful to all the Moms, Grandmothers, Aunts and Doll lovers who read my blog and to all of you who create and share your time and creativity with others. Thank you AJ for sharing your wonderful crafts and photos with us today. 

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Decobloc the perfect Mothers day gift and craft!

I recently discovered a fantastic reusable craft glass block that I received from Quality Glass Block and I love this product. With mothers day just around the corner I made my Decobloc into a gift that keeps on giving. Here is how I did it.
You will need
-1 Decobloc from Quality Glass Block click here for their website
-Scrapbook paper
-1 velum sticker with a saying you adore, Mine says ("Forever" on it)
-Glass pebbles
-1 battery operated tea light
-Matching ribbon

Step 1 measure and cut your scrapbook paper to fit inside the block. The removable lid on the  

Decobloc makes slipping the paper in very easy!

Step 2 place your velum sticker on the front where ever you like, I placed mine in the center

Step 3 add your glass pebbles

Step 4 add your battery operated light
* You can also add a light source that plugs in with Decobloc's versatile lid tops you can easily feed the cord through the lid on it's side and then the cord into the wall outlet. You would have to turn your block on it's side if you were using pebbles like I did.

Step 5 place the lid on your Decobloc and wrap your ribbon around, tie a bow or knot as you wish and your Decobloc is ready to give and  enjoy!

I love that you can change your Decobloc time and time again, make a family tradition of changing your Decobloc with the seasons, holidays or even just for rainy days.

Other ideas for your bloc
- Print a family photo in black and white on transparency paper and create a glass bloc frame
-Decobloc makes a wonderful vase
- Decobloc makes a great time capsule
- Print out bible verses, quotes or sayings that make you smile and fill your jar with love!

Here are some links to some wonderful blogs that use Quality Glass Block's Decobloc to create wonderful additions to any room

Thank you to Quality Glass Block for sending me this wonderful product to review. To visit Quality Glass Block please visit their website by clicking here

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A line full of love Swap I

In March I had a swap in my swap group called a line full of love. Each of us had to make our partner's doll a dress, pants, shorts, socks, a skirt and a shirt. Attach it to a line like a clothes line, I used a cream yarn and I attached the clothes with doll sized sparkling pink clothes pegs and I have also included a small laundry bin, which I found at the dollar store in a set of 4 for $1.25
I had so much fun setting up a line full of love that I had to stage and play with it!
I sent to one of my favorite partners to receive from I hope her granddaughter will be thrilled!
I also love my American Doll Room. Inside and out it has so much play potential!
My partner sent me

I LOVED what my partner sent, underwear, hair clip, scarf,dress, socks, shorts, skirt, t-shirt with the cutest Elephant on it and Capri's!  My partner totally spoiled me!

Laura one of my nieces with My London Girl Olivia in some of the items my partner sent!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My birthday gift from my 4 year old neice Laura

My very crafty niece Laura made my birthday gift. She asked her mom for a craft tube and made my Doll Chrissa (Her favorite) a Pool noodle in my favorite color purple.
What a very thoughtful and useful gift as you can see. She was thrilled to set this up and play today while visiting me.
What a fun addition to our doll play pool party set! Remember to check your dollar stores for a small blow up pool for your dolls. Such fun!
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Happy Birthday to Me! A surprise package I recieved!

Today is my birthday. It is also my twin nieces Cadence and Hannah's birthday. 
Last week I received a surprise package from my friend "Skippy's Mom" a lady in my Swap-bot Swap group.
She sent me so many lovely surprises.
The outfit in the photo Chrissa is wearing above just blew my mind!
It has the Happy Birthday print on the front but is fully reversible!
With out the Dress the outfit has even more doll play potential

This amazing package even contained 11 bathing suits for all my dolls
This wonderful lady's package went on and on.....Jillian even got a new outfit!
I love, love,love the shirt and the shorts even have Frogs on them!!!!
Even more to open with the last outfit in the box being the Tea Swap outfit from our swap-group
I am so truly blessed with wonderful family, friends, blog followers, and Nieces to share my birthday joy with ...
Thank you all for sharing in my on line birthday and to my friend Carol "Skippy's Mom" for constantly making my day with her Surprise Dolly Mail

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ask Jillian, Week 6

Dear Jillian, 
 My friends are aloud to walk to the Corner store after school and get a treat, but my mom has never let me go with them.
How do I convince her to let me go with them sometime? 
Feeling left out.

Dear Left out,
Sometimes, it is hard to see your friends do something you want to do when you are not allowed. Mom's usually know what is best, however if you really feel you are old enough to go with your friends. It is time to have a talk with your mom. Find out what her concerns are about you going to the store with your friends. It may be important to let your mom know why you feel so strongly about going with your friends.
Sounds to me like you just need to talk this one out! It is always important to see both sides of the story before you make a decision together. It's always a good idea to talk to your parents in a calm manner. Make a list of why you think you should be aloud to go, and remember to present your case with out getting upset. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A great printable for Doll lovers from Doll Diaries

Over at Doll Diaries the Amazing Char has come up with a great printable for us doll lovers.
She and her daughters were brainstorming about ideas for printable ideas for their readers and I love what they have come up with.
This fun printable sheet has a great way to keep track of your doll collection, dolls likes and dislikes and even has a place for a photo or drawing of your dolls.
This printable is great in so many ways, it can be done as a writing assignment, organizational tool, scrap book page, party idea and I think it has inspired a great *lap book idea! More on that to come in an up coming post.
click here to see the post and link to Doll Diaries and the "About me" page.

I am a big believer in the importance of Doll play and learning through play and this printable is a great tool in encouraging Doll Play, Imaginative play and is just plain fun! I also love that it is Free!

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*What is a lap book you may wonder click here to find out

Monday, April 23, 2012

Color her world Purple swap outfits from my swap bot group

Our Swap bot group does a color swap once a month and Purple is my favorite color, so I loved this swap!
I made my partner a purple tea dress with foam sandals, a Pearl and Purple bead bracelet, and matching flower hair band. I also sent my partner Purple and green hair elastics as well.
I loved making this dress and even shared it on a post on Doll Diaries
To read my Doll Diaries post from March 30th click here

I was so thrilled that my partner who sent to me was my partner Sewcrazy!  I loved the simple and fun dress she made me, the details may be hard to see but she hand sewed so many tiny purple buttons on my dress. It must have taken her hours!

I love getting Dolly Mail and sending it too, this was extra special from me as I knew what was coming would be my favorite color!!!
I look forward to our monthly color swaps and all the doll clothes swaps we do. Connecting with other Doll lovers all over the world is another thing that makes me so happy, I am thrilled when I get a comment, email or package sent my way.
Thank you to each and everyone of you who come back to my blog time after time and to anyone who has ever sent me a comment or email, it really keeps me wanting to write and share this wonderful doll journey with all of you.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day! Brandy's Great Find!

Brandy found a great dollar store find.  It is an Earth ball!  Here is how Brandy made a great doll sized GLOBE!

"I thought I would use it to make a globe for my girls.  It will make a cute addition for
the teacher's desk!  I made a base out of a painted wood disc.  Then I hot
clued a communion cup.  I just rested the ball on top.  That way the girls
can pick it up and get a good look.  Fitting craft since this coming Sunday
is Earth Day!"

Thank you Brandy for sharing this with us.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am so excited! A great new pattern with step by step photos for Sherpa Boots by Stacy and Stella and pixeldust designs!

I am so thrilled with the latest pattern from Stacy and Stella, pixeldust designs! I have wanted to make boots for my dolls for so long and now with this great pattern and step by step photos I can!
This pattern is available on Etsy and at Liberty Jane and priced at $3.99
 What I love most about patterns available through Liberty Jane and her designers like Stacy and Stella are the step by step photos that help give a visual aid and confidence to beginning seamstresses every where.

Keryn of Pixeldust designs and the mastermind behind Stacy and Stella Designs for your dolls, has given me permission to award this pattern to one of my lucky readers!

To enter to win your own copy of this PDF Pattern to make your own doll sized Sherpa boots please visit Keryn's Etsy shop pixeldust design by clicking here then let me know which pattern is your favorite by emailing me at and in the subject line of your email type pixeldust design. You must have your parents permission first if you are under 18. Contest runs until May 6th. Winner will be announced May 7th.

Thank you to Keryn for this wonderful pattern and prize! Please visit her Etsy shop  and check out her patterns, or you can also visit Liberty Jane and see more wonderful patterns you can down load, print and sew for your doll today.
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