Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Spotlight on a Historical Pattern Designer on Etsy

 I was so thrilled to find Eve of Keepers Dolly Duds Etsy shop and even more thrilled when she agreed to share a bit about her process of pattern development and her journey to selling her designs.
The new historical dolls Marie-Grace and Cecil have inspired many wonderful fashions and this wonderful pattern makes it easy for you to create some wonderful historical dresses for your own dolls.

I wondered how Eve came to sell her patterns and she was kind enough to answer some questions and share a bit about her process.
"My patterns were a long time coming. I had many ask me over the years to sell my designs as patterns, but because they were only bits of paper drawn and cut from trial and error, that I thought only I could understand and be able to use, I didn't consider selling my patterns to be an option. I happened to meet Shari Fuller from Thimbles and Acorns though a purchase I made from her on Etsy. I told her I admired how she was able to develop her patterns into a sale-able product. That conversation resulted in a collaboration of my designs and her talent to develop these bits of paper I called my patterns into a quality, user friendly and marketable pattern. Ultimately my first ever KeeperDollyDuds Design Pattern for 18" Dolls was released on March 1st 2012."
Loving the American Girl Historical Dolls as I do I wondered if Eve had a favorite Era herself....

"I can't say I have a favorite era. It seems when ideas run out for one era, I can change my focus to another era and fresh ideas pop into my head. This is how I keep myself inspired and prevent "designer's block" or boredom. "
I always find it interesting to know which dolls people have and I was surprised to learn that Eve has 13 dolls: Molly, Emily, Samantha, Nellie,Kit, Ruthie, Felicity,Elizabeth, Addy,Julie, Kirsten, Cecile, and Marie-Grace
As a "new to sewing person" myself, I always love to hear the advice of  seasoned seamstresses and asked Eve to share some of her advice for those of you just starting out on your sewing adventures.
"If I were to give advice to girls just learning to sew it would be to start with simple items.Use your imagination to make them your own by adding different trims, embellishments, add pieces and play with colors and fabrics. The results can be dramatic even on the easiest of patterns. But be warned... you'll be wanting to start a new sewing project just as soon as your done!"

Since opening her shop Eve has had more then 118 sales! If you would like to take a look at her pattern currently for sale please visit her shop by clicking here The photos shown in this post are from Eve's sold section of her shop, which is so worth looking through to admire her talent.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

An Enchanting Contest from Amy of Lemonhead103's Etsy shop

Amy of Lemonhead103's Etsy shop has created this wonderful and enchanting set to be awarded to one of our readers!

One lucky winner will receive This handmade tiara and wand to add to their doll play collection.
To enter to win you must first have your parents permission to enter, you must visit Amy's shop by clicking here  then emailing me and letting me know you visited her shop and what you liked most about it.  Please email me at this contest will run from today until April 15th.
A huge thank you to Amy for this enchanting prize! Please visit her shop and email me today!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring and Easter fun for your dolls from A Bee Line

Bee of A Bee Line Etsy shop is offering wonderful Springtime fashions and Easter fun in her shop for your dolls!
From fun Doll sized Easter Baskets and Pails to fun Spring Fashions, A Bee line is a busy Etsy shop.
I love how cute these look with the dolls!
These small pails make great doll party favors as well. At $6.00's these hand made doll accessories are sure to please your party guests.
I love that Bee creates doll clothes for sale in her shop from Liberty Jane Patterns and that she is a Liberty Jane Partner.
This three piece set is offered at $25.00
I love Bee's designs and I think you will too, come take a look at her shop by clicking here

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ask Jillian Wednesday, week 2-All About Me

What fun I have been getting lots of questions about myself  so here is some information about me!

I like to write, I am left handed,
I love to climb trees
 I love the outdoors. I like to hunt for Garden Gnomes and fairies. We have quite a few in our Garden.
I am a great swimmer and live near the Pacific Ocean, we live 10 minutes from Ambleside beach in West Vancouver, the sea wall is so great to walk along.
 Brownies are my favorite after school snack.
My favorite colors is Red
I have and love my freckles and if you have them you should too!

I love going to Science World, it is our science center, here in Vancouver. I am going to be a scientist when I grow up! That or a race car driver....
I have no pets....but would love a frog.

 I love getting mail and email! You can email me questions to 
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Etsy shop is open and a New Dolly Mail Service is avalible!

I just recently re opened my Etsy shop and am so happy with the feed back I am getting. My aim is to share my love of sewing and crafting with as many people as possible.
In my shop I now offer a range of fun Doll items. The Tea dresses in my shop are all offered at $12 and include a charm bracelet, fun foam sandals as well as shipping.
I also have doll pizza in 4 flavors...Peperoni, Ham and Pineapple, Cheese and Veggie
2 slices of your favorite kind sent to you for $2 including shipping to North American Addresses.
The truth is I love Dolly Mail and having an Etsy shop lets me send Dolly Mail to those who also love getting fun things in the mail.
My niece Laura is always here when my mail man brings me packages and envelopes of items for the dolls and my blog, so when she was here  last week she told me how much she loved "My Dolly Mail" and that gave me the idea to add small inexpensive items to my shop that fit easily into a letter and let others enjoy Dolly Mail too!

I have had postcards in my Etsy shop for a while now and I thought it would be fun to be  The Post Master of Dolly Mail, offering to send post cards with your messages to whom ever you choose. The cost of this service is $2 including shipping. I currently have 3 postcard styles in my shop with 3 more on the way in the next week. If you would like to send Dolly Mail to someone in your life, I would be happy to help.
While this service  includes postage within North America, I do have an option for International, which is only 50 cents more.

I also now have some doll jewelery available, all made by me, which fits easily in envelopes for Dolly Mail surprises, however I do not recommend them for children under 5 years old. 

If you are having a Doll Themed Birthday party and would like help with the party favors and loot bags, let me know I would be happy to put something together for you.

I look forward to adding more fun items to my Dolly Mail section of my shop and hope that you will consider sending out some Dolly Mail to someone in your life. If you wish to visit my Etsy shop please click here
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hat's off to this fantastic Hat Designer for American Girl Dolls on Etsy!

 Thanks to Dacia of Mini Me Dolly Diva for introducing me to Linda of Cape Cod Curiosities
Linda makes the most beautiful hats for American Girl dolls that I have ever seen.

 They are so beautifully made and photographed that I wrote to Linda and asked her if I could share with you her wonderful creations.
Linda was kind enough to share with me a bit about herself, her shop and her motivation behind, Cape Cod Curiosities ...

"I started creating for American Girl Dolls probably for the same reason many of us did - Grandchildren. I thought it would be fun to sew some clothes for the girls and it got a little out of hand. I am of the generation that grew up wearing hats and millinery hats for the AM Girls just didn't seem to be found anywhere. I decided to fill the gap with my Etsy Shop." says Linda

"I am actually a textile artist and decorative painter so fabrics and color have always been a part of my life. Inspiration for my hats comes from anywhere I happen to see a hat. My favorites are the old Harpers sketches and paintings I find in antique shops. I try to keep in mind that the AM Girls are only ten years old so some of the trimmings have to be toned down. No Gibson Girls!"

I wanted to know how long it takes to make one of her beautiful creations...."
All of my hats are hand sewn - from wiring the buckram to adding the finishing flourishes. I really never timed myself, but if I had to guess, from concept to finishing; it probably would be about eight loving hours. "

I always am curious as to how many and which dolls Etsy shop owners have....
"I have one hard working doll, Julie, who I named "Sunshine" and she can usually be found in my studio in various stages of dress or undress - but wearing a hat of course." Says Linda

"I have a web site where some of my other textiles and painted works are shown. It includes design ideas and techniques for many mediums. It is the site of my first "Shop". is the url. I welcome you to check it out."

"I would like to thank  my son for suggesting I market on Etsy and my husband for encouraging me."

Thank you Linda for sharing with us, your beautiful creations! Please visit Linda's shop by clicking here
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catherine of Englands New Spring line!

One of my most favorite things about Spring has to be when shops unveil their Spring fashions!
Catherine of England's classic and timeless styles make her shop a must for doll lovers.
 Catherine created these adorable Easter dresses I know you will just love!
I love the Easter skirt on this dress, it reminds me of dresses we wore growing up!
The bright yellow  and pink accents really make this dress stand out!

Each of her dresses are so beautifully hand crafted and professionally finished. 
I love the colors and pattern's that Catherine combines to make these beautiful dresses perfect for all doll lovers of any age!
In addition to her doll clothes line Catherine has added some wonderful handmade purses, tote bags, Kleenex covers and bookmarks
I love this polka dot and flower with Pockets!!! What a great design!
 I think one of the nicest thing you can give some one as a party favor would be handmade Kleenex covers, these are some of my favorite on Etsy and wonderful made. I know they would be so well received, at your next tea party!

I hope you will take time to visit Catherine's Etsy Shop you can do so by clicking here 

Catherine has kindly donated this dress to be a prize for one of my readers so if you would like to enter to win send an email to me at with EASTER DRESS IN THE SUBJECT LINE! The winner will be drawn by RANDOM.ORG on Sunday April 1st, 2012
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