Monday, September 30, 2013

Camelot's Treasures Is Having A Design Inspiration Challenge

My friends over at Camelot's Treasures have a very fun and unique contest going on!
"It's pretty easy.  You compile a bunch of pictures/images of outfits that you would like to see on your doll and ONE lucky winner will win an outfit that they "created" featured as the December 2013 Outfit of the Month"
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Dolls For A Cause Auction Now Open To Bidding!

I wanted to let you all know that the Dolls for a Cause Auction I WILL SURVIVE is now open to bidding on Ebay 

Our first auction went live via ebay last night. Bidding is at just $41. It is 100% for charity and I hope you all bid what you can afford to donate and then be very excited for whoever may win this amazing collection.  To visit our Ebay auction please click here.
If you can help us out by spreading the word we would truly appreciate it!

 Here is a complete list of who has donated to make this and the bedtime collection that will be going up for auction next week possible.

Dacia Hostetter- Mini Me Dolly Diva's


Bee Jacobs- A BeeLine

Annette Boos

Karen Owen- Karenmomofthree


Cinnamon Miles-


Sandra Brown- 123 Mulberry Street


Amy Bray - Lemonhead 103


Maurita Barefield- Nanas Doll Closet

Holly Linhan_ NewYorkDollDesigns

Martha- C M Handcrafted Treasures

Gale Sicard- All Dolled Up
I am so very pleased to be included in this amazing group of doll lovers and designers. Thank you for taking the time today to read my blog and visit our Charity Auction by clicking here
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Madelon's Marvelous Mini Monday Find!

Madelon has been instrumental in sharing ideas for both the 18 inch dolls and the mini dolls and I want to thank her publicly for her wonderful contributions! Today she shares with us her photos of Cecile wearing re purposed Mermaid outfit!
 " I found this Barbie mermaid costume in my stash and wanted to see how the bottom half worked as a costume for mini Cecile."
"It even easily does up with Velcro at the back!"

"Cecile Makes a Fish Friend!"
This outfit is a perfect fit!
I love the sparkly material, it brings out her eyes!
Remember to take a look in your own barbie clothes bins, at yard and tag sales, at thrift stores and church sales for second hand items that make great mini doll play items!
Thank you Madelon for today's photos and ideas.
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Visit To Madi Grace Designs Etsy Shop

Window shopping in my Pj's here on this early Sunday Morning I thought I would share my favorite furniture shop on Etsy with all of you.
Shops like Madi Grace Designs get  so many requests this time of year for the up coming holiday season and if you are hoping to get quality handmade furniture and accessories this season, Order EARLY!
Madi Grace Designs offer handmade furniture, bedding, doll clothes and more.
 I love this doll play set just for the dogs! 
This pampered pet bed is one of 10 pet related listings in this versatile shop!

As many of you know I am a huge mini doll fan and the mini doll bed priced under $20 is on the top of my list of favorites! Click here for listing.
This deluxe Sweet Shop Cafe/Bakery is by far the coolest set offered on Etsy for American Girl Dolls Currently. Offered as a set or sold individually what doll lover could resist this wonderful set?
This rotating clothing rack for dolls would make a great doll play shop as well as a wonderful doll storage solution. I love that there is a space on the bottom for shoes!
There are more then 123 items listed in Madi Grace Designs shop and I know you will love it as much as I do, stop over and check it out for yourself! Remember to order early for the holiday season from any of you favorite shops you will be glad you did!
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Looking For Great Items for Boy Dolls?

I love 123 Mulberry Street Patterns and if you have a boy doll you know that it is not always easy to find things made for your boy doll. Here is a wonderful pattern for cargo shorts and pants for your boy (or girl) doll offered on the Pixiefaire website here, or on Etsy by clicking here.
Mini Me Dolly Divas has some of my most favorite shirts for the boy dolls. Take a look at this one!
The Beach Shack by Captain Syd has some fun boy shirts in her Etsy Shop, Click here to see her shop and listings.
Sew Fun Doll Clothes has a great selection of items for boy dolls. Click here for shop and listings.
Linda s Doll Closet has some fun pj's for boys!
Click here for shop and listings.

If you are looking to bring an 18 inch boy doll home may I recommend HARMONY CLUB DOLLS. There is a shortage of 18 inch boy dolls on the market and you can pre order one through Harmony Club Dolls who have a very limited supply!
Offered at $82 there is only a small amount of these dolls arriving in time for the holiday season so pre order today and get a price brake as well as free shipping! Click here to view the Boy dolls and accessories on Harmony Club Dolls

I hope you will share your great finds for boy dolls with me so I can pass on the information to our readers. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at