Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Princess Dresses, My Girl Doll Clothing Has My Etsy Favorites!

My Niece Thea is a huge fan of Sophia the First one of Disney's latest young princess and as I am a huge doll fan I love that Etsy Designers have brought the Disney Princess look to our 18 inch dolls.
My Girl Doll Clothing Co has this wonderful handmade gown and is offering it in their shop for $40.00 includes Gown, headband with tiara, purple necklace, and purple shoes. Click here for shop and listing.
My favorite princess has to be Snow White. I loved this story growing up and am thrilled with the look of this wonderful outfit offered by My Girl Doll Clothing. The gown comes with the gown,hair ribbon and apple.Offered at $30, shoes sold separately.  

 A close second in my favorite Disney Princesses has to be Cinderella and this is a lovely example of My Girl Doll Clothing Co's adaptation, what I love is that the pearl earrings are attached to the dolly hair band included in this set. Click here for listing. 

 Also offered is Poor Cinderella this is such a fun set! "Poor Cinderella has to scrub floors while her stepsisters play games! This outfit is fashioned after the Disney movie. The apron comes off, and ties in back. The kerchief has an elastic back. The dress closes in back with hook and loop. This set includes a pail and rag."

 How can you not love Belle! Her dress is by far one of the most pretty of all the Princess gowns, this adaptation is a sparkly stunner! Click here for shop and listing. 
If you are a fan of Princesses and 18 inch dolls check out one of my favorite Etsy shops My Girl Doll Clothing Co. by clicking here 
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Come See What Is New In Camelot's Treasures Etsy Shop For Spring!

I love Camelot's Treasures Etsy Shop's  New Spring Items!

I love this outfit of the month! This is April's Diamond 3pcs outfit of the month! I love it! The colors and Capri pants are so cute!  Click here to view listing!

I love the made to order Blue Jean Jacket! It would go great with all your Spring fashions and is a must have in your Spring Dolly Wardrobe. Priced very well for a custom item, offered at $24.99 click here to learn more about this listing.

A great hat for Spring offered in so many wonderful colors is the Crochet Beanie with Brim if you are like me and not able to crochet yet, pick up one of these wonderful hats for yourself and one to put away as a gift! Combining shipping is a great thing with Etsy shops!

Fun Patterned Spring Skirts and leggings are a great way to expand your Spring Dolly Wardrobe, priced under $10 these hand made in the USA doll clothes are truly unique and special

Check out Camelot's Treasures on line by clicking here
On Facebook for sneak peeks and deals by clicking here
and in store on line by clicking here
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hearts For Hearts Lover? Here Are Some Patterns and Items You Should Check Out!

The 14 inch doll craze is sweeping the blog here at Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog and I am getting requests to share some patterns for these lovely dolls. Jessica T shares her wonderful tips today with us!
What 14 inch doll I am talking about that is so popular is the Hearts For Hearts Dolls. 
The above photo is for a wonderful pattern offered by our friends at BeachBabyDoll In their Pattern Boutique! This $3.99 pattern will give you the pieces to create a Peasant Blouse and Nightgown for all your 14 inch dolls. Click here for Pattern Boutique.
Jessica T "Saw this groovy girls dress at Target (they have a bunch of new stuff for them) and thought it might fit Tipi and it does!"   What a great find!

Jessica Also found this Free Pattern for the 14 inch dolls! Get ready for Halloween! Click here for link to free pattern from Jennie Bagrowski please remember that this is a free pattern and not for distribution outside of personal use!

To learn more about Hearts For Hearts Dolls (14 inch dolls) please click here
Thank you to Jessica T for all these wonderful funfinds for 14 inch dolls!
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Sunday, April 27, 2014


We are so busy getting ready for Camp Doll Diaries and one of the things I am so excited about this year is the Etsy shop Camp Exclusives!

I have just gotten my camp hoody and I love it!
There is a full range of Camp Gear on line! From Hoodies to zippies!
Camp t-shirts and more!
Want to make your own Camp Gear? Also offered is a three pack of iron on transfers!
Tote bag and more!
Be sure to check out the Doll Diaries Etsy store for all your Camp Doll Diaries Gear! Camp is starting soon and we are looking forward to sharing our doll play ideas with you!
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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me ( And My Nieces Hannah and Cadence) Let's Celebrate With A Free Pattern Find!

Today is my birthday (Which I also share with my nieces Hannah and Cadence), Lace 'N Whimsy's Pattern that I found on Ravelry and Again later on their blog is the perfect way to celebrate!

I loved my Cabbage Patch kids which I got as a birthday gift when I was a young girl. Today I share the link to the Free pattern and Great Blog with you!
My sisters and I holding my cabbage patch dolls on my 9th birthday after the party!

So if you love Cabbage Patch Kids and 18 inch dolls as much as I do please check out Lace 'N Whimsy by clicking here. or the Ravelry...
Now I really need to learn to crochet!
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Coming Soon To McDonalds! Isabelle American Girl Happy Meal Toys!

One of the ladies in a doll group I belong to shared this photo in our group, this is from the bottom of her niece's happy meal box from Mcdonalds!
Looks like there will be some fun new Happy Meal Toys in the box coming soon! I do not know if this will be a USA only promotion but on Mcdonalds US Website I see several little American Girl Dolls you are going to want to add to your collection!
Thank you to Lupe for the first photo!
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Party Invites! My Etsy Favorites

Well my birthday is tomorrow, actually it is also my twin nieces birthday tomorrow as well, we share the day, which I think is really cool. So in honor of our Birthday I thought it would be fun to share some party invites you can order on line from Etsy! The above is one that caught my eye from Smash Cake and Co, what I like about these is you can order them as a printable or they will print them for you. Click here for shop and listing.
Also stunning is this invite by 2 Sweet Teas! Click here for shop and listing. When ordered you also have the choice of printed or Jpeg versions.
Dots and Gingham has one that I love because of the colors and the tea cups of course! This is a printable version that is fun and would be perfect for a younger doll lover or well let's face it me. Click here for listing.
I think this is a great invite as well from Sugar Tot Designs! This one is offered as a 5X7 printable and can be ordered and viewed by clicking here.
This bright and patriotic invite from The Silly Nilly Studio also caught my eye, this is a downloadable invite and their is also the option to have it professionally printed  at time of purchase. Check out the Silly Nilly Etsy Shop by Clicking here.

Party Planing is my favorite part of birthdays and I love a great birthday invite! There are so many wonderful options on line and on Etsy you can check out! Be sure to share your favorites with me.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Knit A Beautiful Sweater For Your Dolls With this Free Pattern From Kathleen Taylor! Thanks To Jessica T for the Tip!

So Jessica T is in charge of finding me fun and fantastic patterns, doll play ideas and tips from around the Dolly World Websites and today she shares with us a recent find for a beautiful Dolly Sweater! This Free pattern comes to us from designer Kathleen Taylor who shared it on her blog Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams blog in 2010.
I am always so excited when someone makes and sends me something homemade and if any of you want to pick up the sticks and head over to my place to show me how to do this I will put the kettle on! I would love to make a sweater like this for my dolls!

Click here to find the full pattern for yourself  and check out Kathleen's wonderful blog.
Thank you Jessica T for this fun find and happy knitting! If you do make this pattern be sure to send us your photos at
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Very Happy Wednesday! That's The Name of the Etsy Shop!

I stumbled onto a very cool Etsy Shop called A Very Happy Wednesday, and knew what I wanted to share with you this Wednesday! Dolly Wands beautifully made and for sale from the UK. 

Offered at about $11.21 US these fun little dolly wants are the perfect accessory for Dolly Wizard Enthusiasts!
There are more then 20 of these beautifully made and packaged Dolly Wands and I am just in love with this idea! 
 I loved Harry Potter and the series of books, and I love how the designer has in incorporated these in to her doll play and her shop!
Click here to visit A Very Happy Wednesday and let the wand choose you! These doll wands ship world wide for about $6 US.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Molly!

Molly receives a birthday hug from her friend, Emily!  Thank you to Madelon for sending this in!
Check out Molly's Birthday Story from your local library or you can order it with free shipping from The Book Depository. 
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