Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Karen's Island Adventure Update #2

A few days ago we landed on Kona, this is a very different island then Oahu! Still on the look out for dolly treasures and here is what I have found so far. At the Longs Drug Store I found these small Phone Chairs which are perfect for my Mini Ivy who also made the trip.
Priced under $4 and available in so many wonderful colors. I chose red as it is the official color of Kona.
A perfect fit for Mini Ivy! I only wish I could bring some home in my size! Ivy is wishing she had a summer wardrobe too, I must start sewing her some when I get home!
Today we drove up to Hilo and I found these four books in a Sally's Store. They were a dollar each and I could not leave them even though I had Kirsten's Promise. The ride was 3 hours in the van back to our rental house, so I was very happy to have these to read in the van. I read Samantha, Addy and Kaya's books and just loved them.
I took this near the Captain Cook Memorial site April 28, 2013

I have only had one dolly sighting here and it was a mom carrying her three daughters dolls through the farmers market. I did not feel comfortable asking her to pose for a photo as we were all very hot and sweaty that day. I hope tomorrow will bring me more fun Island Fun Finds.
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Madelon's Fun Finds For Mini Dolls!

Today Madelon shares with us her fun finds for the mini dolls. Doll Furniture that I know for a fact you can get in both the USA and Canada. I saw these at the dollar store last week near my home.
Each for the doll pieces shown can be found in your local dollar store!
Table, mirrored table and Dresser shown above priced under $1.50 here in Canada.
I believe these pieces are offered for 99 cents to $1.50 depending where you shop in the USA.
Here you see the table makes a great coffee or tea table for the minis!
The mirrored one makes a great tray table!
Keep your eyes out for more wonderful every day items you can re purpose into doll play items for not just your 18 inch dolls but your mini dolls as well!
Thank you Madelon for these fun photos and for this great fun find.
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Spotlight Review Of Madelon's Doll Boutique Purchase.

Madelon recently purchased one of my favorite things that American Girl Offers. Their book and kit sets are among my favorite gifts to give and receive. Today Madelon kindly shares with us some of the photos of what is included in this Boutique book.
Click here for American Girl's Listing.

Offered on line and in store for $21.99 this book includes some truly fun items to create your own Doll Boutique Play Set.
Doll money...
Business cards ...
Store signs and more.
I love these kinds of sets that let you build your own adventure.
For those of you not able to get into the store or who do not wish to pay huge shipping fees. The Book Depository is also offering the book and kit for $20.89 (shipping included) and you can order be clicking here.

Thank you Madelon for sharing your photos with us today and for reminding me to add this set to my wishlist!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Are You Sewing This Spring?

I get emails all the time on new patterns being offered through out the web and I thought I would share some of my new favorites (from the Liberty Jane Pattern website) and ask you to comment on what you are sewing for Spring.  I am a huge fan of patterns by 123 Mulberry Street offered on the Liberty Jane Pattern Site.
One of my personal new favorites is the new Trendy Maxi Skirt. I love wearing skirts like this myself and this is on my pattern purchase list! Click here for listing on Liberty Jane's pattern website.

The Summer Twirl Dress from 123 Mulberry Street is also on my must purchase list. I had a dress like this once as a young girl and loved to twirl it! I can not wait to see this on my dolls! Click here for listing on Liberty Jane's Pattern Website.

Our friends over at Doll Tag Clothing have also come up with a fantastic new Spring Dress called the Carousal, This one looks fantastic and a must have for Spring! Click here for the Dress pattern listed on Liberty Jane's Pattern Website. 
I am also so thrilled to see the new short pattern from Doll Tag Clothing.  This pattern has arrived in time for us to make all our dolls the must have shorts of summer! Click here for the Sporty Shorts pattern on the Liberty Jane Pattern Website.

I would love to know what you are sewing these days, what your favorite patterns are, where you find your patterns and if you have a favorite pattern designer. For me I love the way PDF Patterns are created with step by step instructions when offered through Liberty Jane.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

American Doll Rooms

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about my American Doll Rooms. I have three American Doll Rooms and I absolutely love them. They are one of my most prized possessions in my collection and one of the most used.
The photo above is of the Blue Historical Room. These Flip, Play, Fold and Carry doll rooms feature both an inside room and out door play scene.
Not only do I use the doll rooms for doll play I also use them in most of my Doll Photo here on my blog, in my Writing on Doll Diaries and my writing on Daydream Doll Boutique 

  My nieces all love to have the doll rooms out and spend hours playing with and reconfiguring the rooms.
I have to say these are so versatile and a great investment in doll play.
So if you are looking to add a new level of play for your girls and their dolls or really would love a doll house but do no have the space visit the American Doll Room by clicking here
Rooms start at just under $90 and are well worth the investment.

To see more photos of the doll rooms visit American Doll Rooms on Facebook by clicking here
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Friday, April 26, 2013

My Birthday Lunch and Gift from My Mother in Law

Today My sister in law treated me to a birthday lunch at Oahu's Oldest Hotels, Moana Surfrider, for Afternoon Tea. My mother in law gave me a surprise gift of an outfit made by Blue Turtle Collections! I was so surprised!
 Ivy had to go Dance the Hula on the Beach behind the Hotel .

If you ever get the chance to visit this historical hotel in Waikiki I highly recommend it! It was such a wonderful lunch and a wonderful afternoon, watching the surfers on the beach and enjoying my tea while listening to live Hawaiian Music.
This was such a wonderful birthday. Thank you all for your well wishes here and on my Facebook page today!
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A Birthday Gift I Got In The Mail

My nieces Hannah and Cadence a few year back at "our" birthday party
Today is my birthday! It is also my twin nieces birthdays as well, the three of us are sharing the day in different countries today! So I would like to wish them a Happy Birthday from the Great State of Hawaii!

I wanted to share with you a special gift I got in the mail for my birthday.  My friend Keryn who lives and designs doll clothes in New Zealand knit me this wonderful sweater for my dolls.
Keryn, not only made me this sweater as a gift for my birthday she also is the mastermind behind the popular Stacy and Stella Patterns and is a pattern designer. Her patterns sell on the Liberty Jane Website and are ones I just love!
You can make this wonderful Holiday Sweater  for your dolls in any color. I love that she made mine in blue!!!
You can even make a matching Hat and Scarf! Also avalible on the Liberty Jane Pattern Website!

I feel truly blessed and special to receive such a wonderful handmade gift from so far away! Thank you Keryn for making my birthday extra special!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Etsy Spotlight on a New Pattern Desinger, Welcome Marinda Creations!

I recently discovered the wonderful new patterns by Marinda Creations. 
These wonderful patterns are shown on South African Girl Dolls and fit most 18 inch dolls beautifully.

This cute summer nightie is on my pattern must have list. Offered at  $3.80 these PDF patterns are a great investment! Start sewing now for the Holidays or Birthday Gifts!
Also offered are Knit patterns for 18 inch dolls and smaller dolls such as Corole dolls, Groovy Girl and so many more.
Stop by and take a look at the fun patterns offered in Marinda Creations Etsy shop today! Clich here to visit her Etsy shop
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Madelon's Tributed to Lilly Pulitzer, Sticky Notes that Make Great Doll Play Items

"Recently one of my favorite designers passed awa. Lilly Pulitzer was an American design icon. Here our doll shows us the Stuck on You sticky pad which I purchased for $2.99." Says Madelon

"These notes are perfect for "Dolls To Write On" They come in "must do" size, "flags", "don't forget size" and "list" size. I love the nautical theme."
This set makes a great Dolly Stationary Set!

To learn more about Lilly Pulitzer Please and her life's work click here
Thank you Madelon for today's post and your wonderful ideas!
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