Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ballet Inspired Outifts For Dolls My Etsy Favorites

Doughditties Makes Wonderful 6 inch doll outfits, click here for shop and listing.
So many wonderful Ballet Outfits for all the dolls on Etsy. My nieces Laura and Thea, love to dance and always dress the dolls for Ballet Class. Today I am sharing some of my Etsy Favorites.
Doughditties Etsy shop I have featured in the past and I am a big fan of her work. I purchased these outfits and love them. Six inch dollies have so much play potential especially when paired with fun outfits like these! Click here for shop and listing. 

A great Etsy find is this pattern from my friends at Doll Tag Designs. Who have this fun Wrap Sweater and Ballet Slipper pattern offered on the Liberty Jane Etsy Pattern Site! 
This is a great summer project and offered at $3.99
Precious Patterns Etsy Shop Offers this instant download for a ballet outfit pattern for 18 inch dolls also offered at $3.99 click here for shop and listing.

Looking for ready made Ballet Fun, take a look at this stunning outfit by It's Sew Susan! Click here for shop and listing.
Dew Drop Dreams 2012 offers this classic pink outfit for your 18 inch doll, Click here for shop and listing.
Hugs and Stitches does custom made work and looking at her photos what little girl or doll would not want one of these tutus! Click here for shop and listing.
Dolly sized and Daughter Sized Perfection from TutusbyLu's Etsy Shop. Click here to see this fun Cupcake Set!
There are so many wonderful ballet sets for dolls and girls alike on Etsy, come take a look and find your favorites today!
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Readers Tips on Mini Doll Finds!

Today I am sharing with you some of the Mini Doll Tips I have gotten from our wonderful readers. One of our readers Jessica shared a great tip for those of us with mini dolls.

"A lot of the my little pony food items work for the mini dolls (and barbies).   The cart, mirror and crown are also my little pony.   The tray comes off the cart for serving."
"My daughter insisted that the pony serve the princess her tea in bed."
 Annika another of our wonderful readers shared her Etsy Shop finds. I was so impressed with the items in this shop as an adult collector and someone who loves and uses my Old Country Roses China on a daily basis!
This Australian Etsy shop A Lavender Dilly, offers adult doll collectors some wonderful mini finds. From Cutlery to Dishes and even digital downloads so your dolls can begin their adventure as soon as possible!
What a fun mini doll set this would be to have! Click here to visit A Lavender Dilly's Etsy Shop
By now I am sure you have heard that Molly is being retired. Now is a great time to get your own Molly Mini, offered on both Amazon  and  American Girl , 
Molly is a wonderful doll and I am so sad to see her leaving. Bring a miniature doll home while you can as I understand that the 18 inch Molly and her collection are selling out fast.  Tuck her away for the up coming holiday season she fits great in an advent calender or stocking!
A big thank you to you the wonderful readers who make me want to keep writing and sharing my love of dolls. I would love to share more of your tips and finds with our readers so keep the wonderful emails coming!
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Maria Has A New Home!

Lubna, our May Springfield Doll Prize Winner kindly sent me these photos of Maria's arrival!

 Lubna, entered our contest in May and shared with us that her favorite Springfield Outfit was the Blazer and Dress outfit and with her answer she was entered into our draw for Maria and her Polo and Bermuda's outfit.
 Luba said "She caaammmmeee!! The first thing that came to my mind when I opened her was, she's so soft!"
That is one of the things I love about Springfield as well is they are really a great hug-able best friend doll! 
I want to thank Springfield Doll Collection for sponsoring this wonderful give away and to Lubna for sending these photos of Maria settling in with her new doll sisters! 
Check out Springfield Doll Collection on line and see the wonderful Dolls, accessories, furniture and outfits they offer to fit your 18 inch dolls by clicking here. Remember to rate your Springfield Doll Collection items on line as well!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Read Along with Me Summer Reading Club, Mystery Book Recommendation

Have you ever had a book grab you and take you back in time or to a place you have every dreamed of? For me one of the American Girl Mystery books that stands out for this very reason is the third book in the Samantha Series, Clue in the Castle Tower 
The Samantha Series is by far my most favorite perhaps because her stories and her time period is one I have always been interested in. The books in the series are very well written and the history section in the back of these books is very engaging. 
If you get a chance to pick up any of the mystery series you will see exactly what I mean!
Pick up a copy at your local library, book store or on line with American Girl  or if you do not live in the USA like myself and would like to read these books try The Book Depository and bring a little Mystery to your summer!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Check Out Gigi's Doll Creations Blog and her 18 inch Boy Tutorial!

Have you ever wanted a boy doll to add to your collection? My friend over at Gigi's Doll Creations Blog has done just that and she has put step by step photos of her dolls journey.  Using an Our Generation Doll Gigi has created a really great boy to add to her doll family!

I feel that there is so much play potential for girls and boys alike to have best friend dolls just like them and Gigi's Tutorial gives you a step by step transformation.
These boy doll transformations are becoming more popular and if you are looking to create one for your own doll family or a doll lover you know check out Gigi's Doll Creations Blog by clicking here and start your journey today! Check out and Follow Gigi's Blog by clicking here!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patriotic Etsy Finds

Whoa it's Me Canada Day Dress Click here for shop and listing
There are so many wonderful patriotic finds on Etsy for our dolls no matter where you live. With Both Canada day and July 4th Holiday Celebrations upon us today I want to share with you some of my Etsy Favorites.
Starting with Canada day as it is July 1st, celebration of Canada's Birthday and this year Canada will celebrate it's 146th Birthday! The above outfit from one of my most favorite Canadian Etsy Shops Whoa it's Me is

Proud To Be Canadian is the name of this outfit offered by Creations by Nana Lori

Also offered in Creations by Nana Lori's shop Click here for shop and listing.
 On to July 4th and Independence day fashions.
 For Girl Dolls...

Another favorite shop of mine is Sew Fun Doll Clothes and I love what they are doing for both Girl and Boy Clothes. I think this is such a great outfit don't you?
Click here for shop and listing.
Diamond Dolly Boutique Sparkles with this stunning outfit for July 4th! Click here for shop and listing.
Sweet Pea Kidz Etsy Shop has both the Bitty's and the 18 inch dolls covered with these fun outfits! Click here for shop and listing.
Sassy Doll Creations has this fun Tutu outfit I absolutely love! Click here for shop and listing.
Finally My favorite has to be Mini Me Dolly Diva's4 piece Outfit a must see! Click here for shop and listing.

Where ever you are this Summer Holiday Season I hope you enjoy time with your families and that you remember to include your dolls in the festivities! Dress them up in your Patriotic Colors and Enjoy all the season has to offer!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Mini Monday With Madelon and her Mini Ivy, Let's Take A Virtual Vacation Atlantic City!

One of the things I love about the Mini's is how easy it is to pop them in your bag and travel with them. Madelon shares with us today her recent trip with her mini's.
"Mini-Ivy visits the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. This pier has great history for New Jersey.,I have attached a link if you want to see it. I was too young to watch the horse dive from the pier but I have seen pictures."

As many of you know this is an area that was heavy damaged just a few months ago and look how fantastic it looks now!

With so much history to the Peer Madelon even shared a link for those of us who can only travel by internet to find out more about this amazing historical site! Click here to find out more.

Thank You Madelon and Mini Ivy for taking us on your trip! We would love to hear more about your own trips with your Mini Dolls, Feel free to share with us your stories and your photos and we will post them here on our blog for others to take Virtual Vacations and learn a bit more about this amazing world we live in!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Visit With Sweet Peas Bows N More Etsy Shop

Today I am pleased to share with you a recent interview with Sweet Peas Bows N More Etsy Shop.
Sweet Peas Bows N More makes and sells adorable items for girls and their dolls.
How did you get started making items for 18 inch dolls?

"I live near Atlanta where there is an American Girl Doll store in the North Point mall. We did a weekend getaway at the Mariott up the road from the mall. This Mariott specializes in tourist groups who are visiting the store. (Such as giving all the girls pink robes and doing spa days). I was talking with some of the moms there and we had discussed how expensive the outfits are. This is where I decided that I could create cute little outfits and sell them for a reasonable price."

Which Dolls Do you have?

" I have one American Girl Doll, Josefine. She is kept put up until one day I hope to have a little girl. I have three other 18" Dolls for modeling purposes. I have two of the My Life Dolls from Walmart. The Ballerina & The Cowgirl. I also have one that I picked up from Joannes."

How long does each item take you to make?

 "Depending on what I am creating, most outfits take anywhere from 2-4 hrs to complete the entire set."

What is your favorite thing to make for dolls?

"I love making skirts and shirt sets that come complete with hair bows and purses."

What inspires you to create?
"I love working with people and creating cute girly items."

What would you like my readers to know about yourself, your shop, your family etc?
"I am a stay at home Mommy of two and believe it or not they are both little boys. I take pride in everything I create. My items are reasonably priced not because they are cheap or lacking quality but because I am not doing this to make a fortune doing it. I am doing this because I love what I do and just want to make a little to help ends meet."

 Thank you To Sweet Peas Bows for sharing with us about her shop!
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