Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Day of February Leap year! 29 Dolls To Celebrate Leap day with !

"Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
All the rest have thirty-one
Save February, she alone
Hath eight days and a score
Til leap year gives her one day more."

So today I thought I would share with you my favorite 29 dolls, starting with Chrissa of course.

Number 2 on my list and next on my list to purchase has to be Ivy, with the exception of her met outfit, she has to be my next favorite doll.
  Samantha is my third favorite doll and a doll I have two of! 
 4th place has to be Rebecca. Really this doll is beautiful, my niece Trinity has her and I am quite jealous! Rebecca and her story are wonderful.

5th place I have to say I love Kit, and hope to one day add her to my doll family
 In 6th place this just like you doll is one of my all time favorite dolls
 in 7th place Ceclie is also a very beautiful doll who I think has the most beautiful face and is a doll that any doll lover would be thrilled with.

In 8th place  Emily, she is an adorable red head for sure.
 In 9th place Maplelea's Doll Saila (is a doll I own and love)

 In 10th and 11th Place are the Red heads Jenna from Maplelea and Olivia from Springfield Collection
 In 12th place I love Madison from Springfield Dolls

My London Dolls captured my heart earlier this year and I have to say that in 13th  Amy and her auburn hair make her an obvious choice. 
 In 14th place another wonderful My London Girl doll Olivia
In 15th place Gali girls red head doll with her long and lovely red hair.

 The wonderful 20 inch dolls of Australian Girl Dolls have to be my next 5 favorite! They are incredibly made and simply beautiful.

The next 4  have to be the journey girls, I love their faces, and though their eyes do not open and close the way American Girl,Maplelea and Springfield Dolls do, these dolls are wonderful and very fashionable dolls you can find at Toys R Us in both Canada and the USA.

 So that puts as at number 25 the Our Generation girl dolls from Target are also in my top 29
 Next up are the Madame Alexander dolls, Haley, Shelia and Chloe, bringing our list almost to a close. 
Batta dolls like the one shown above are some of my most favorite dolls to rescue. They are wonderful dolls who were really a head of their time.
 I hope you have enjoyed today's list of favorite dolls. It is really hard to put my favorites in a particular order. 
I hope you enjoy your leap year day!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30% off at The Queen's Treasury!!

I love The Queen's Treasures , their quality doll play items, furniture and tea sets are what sets them part from other doll play companies!

Today I got an email with a coupon code I just had to share with you.  For 30% off your order use the code LOYAL30 
The tea sets like the one shown here are so well made and the closest to real fine china for dolls I have ever found. I love my set and I think you would too!
Check out The Queen's Treasures today and don't forget to use your coupon  LOYAL30

Add there quality doll play items to your collection today!
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Cowboy boots for your dolls from Corey Creations Etsy shop

Back in November I purchased some really cute Pink Cowboy boots made by Corey Creation Etsy Shops.

These adorable boots arrived and ended up on my dolls right away.

 They are very roomy and fit my American Girl Dolls,

 Maplelea Doll and even my Australian Girl doll.
 I paid $7.99 for the boots and they are a great addition to my doll play wardobe and they fit the three different sized feet of my dolls.
Corey's Creations has a great selection of reasonably priced and well made doll clothes in their etsy shop.
Like these pj's offered at $17.99
And this adorable embroidered dress, shall, boots and hairband in my favorite colors offered at  $18.99

I hope you will stop by and check out Corey Creations Etsy shop by clicking here
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Doll Clothes By Peg

Continued from yesterday I am sharing with you a great Etsy shop called Doll Clothes By Peg.  Peg
offers a great sellection of clothes for both 18 inch doll and Bitty Twins too!
Her great selection and reasonable prices have made her shop a great success.

With outfits ranging in price from $2.49 to $24 there is something for every budget and taste!
Now if you read yesterdays post you know that I have purchased from Peg before. She makes quality items and they are really affordable.
 I love this set that includes a girl size and doll size shirt.

If you are looking for great boy outfits for your doll play collection you have to check out her outfits I love this one
or how about this

I also love Trains and Thomas the Tank Engine has a special place in my heart so I loved this set.

Peg used to make her living with Teddy Bears but tells me that
"My customers started to ask if I had matching outfits for their American Girl Dolls which I had never heard about. Well, I checked it out and soon the doll clothes were paying the bills and I gleefully haven't stuffed a single teddy bear since! "

I really have enjoyed sharing her shop with you today and if you liked what you have seen here take a look at her shop  Doll clothes by Peg
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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well today I am very happy because my favorite sport starts up again today officially and I get to share with you an outfit I purchased back in October from a great Etsy shop that makes wonderful clothes for American Girl Dolls and has lots of outfits for 18 inch Boy Dolls!
offers beautifully made outfits very affordable prices. But more about the outfit I purchased.
Back in October I found Peg's shop through one of my circle contacts on Etsy. I have been looking for a NASCAR outfit for my dolls for such a long time and really loved this one. These are the photos of the outfit before I purchased it. 
I love the simple design of the shirt and pants and the NASCAR sign on the front is exactly what I have been looking for for more then 2 years.

Peg's shop offers some amazing outfits perfect for American Girl dolls and 18 inch Boy dolls but more about her shop in tomorrows post.

So if you are new to my blog you may not know that I love NASCAR it is my favorite sport. If you are not a NASCAR fan and can not understand why I love this sport as much as I do and are shaking your head at me right now, I have to tell you give it a chance.
7 years ago I started to watch NASCAR and I was hooked, I love that there is always so much going on,it is true that if you miss a lap you miss allot. I have been a passenger in a stock car twice, and loved every minute of it....First in Daytona and later in Las Vegas.
 This is a photo of me in Daytona just before I took my first Stock Car ride in July 2008.
Here I am  a year later in 2009 in Las Vegas for my second ride.

This is me "trying" out for the Speed Stage in Texas but it is a green screen and they put you in Daytona. In 2010 My husband took me to the Races in Texas. It was such a great experience. I loved it. There is something amazing going on at these races and you have to be there to feel the energy and experience it first hand. Now I do not drink or smoke, consider myself not a red neck and take offense to  those who believe this is a sport for one group of people. Their are family grandstands at allot of the tracks that you can bring your family too and enjoy the race drink and smoke free.
I also love that more girls and ladies are involved in motor sports from Kart racing to Cup you will find girls and ladies involved in all aspects of racing. I personally love the science behind this sport and the role the pit crews play in this sport.
This year Danica Patrick is going to compete in cup part time with Stewart Hass Racing. I was not the biggest fan of Danica when she started in Nationwide however I am happy to see her competing lap after lap and gaining ground for future female racers.
When I was in Texas I was thrilled to see the families that all came out, everyone with their own driver, Dad's and Mom's holding hands with their daughters who where holding their American Girl dolls all enjoying the race weekend.
I promise back to more doll fun tomorrow but for now I have race coverage to watch ...
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Great books to read! Check your local Goodwill!

I know that many of you out there have E readers of some kind. Even my husband and children have the Kobo and the Ipad to read. I am not sure I can wrap my head around a world with out books. I like the idea of space and uncluttered homes but I have an inherited desire to read and acquire books.
Growing up my mother was more then an avid reader. In fact my mother would have piles of books every where in our house. I was not a good reader. In fact I did not actually read and understand a book until I was in my 20's. I have dyslexia. I am thrilled to have found a love of books even though it was late coming!

I recently went with my sister Bre-Anne to every open thrift store we could find between the Canada/US boarder and the American Girl Doll store in Seattle. We stopped at about 8 thrift stores and I was so happy to have spent only $20 and come home with so many wonderful American Girl titles.
I paid no more then 79 cents per book and was thrilled with my find.
I now have about 25 books on my must read list and between my writing and and my list (now I even have an on line American Girl Mystery book club )  
I try to find opportunity to read daily!

If you like to read and are interested in collecting American girl doll check your local Goodwill, and if you are finished with your books and want to pass them on, consider donating them to your local library or your local Goodwill or thrift store! Like me who ever finds your book will be thrilled!
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Spotlight on Marie-Grace and my niece Hannah

Ever since the release of the new historical dolls Marie-Grace and Cecile my niece Hannah has wanted Marie-Grace.

In January when we visited the Seattle Store her wish came true as she finally got her  doll in the "pretty pink dress".
It can not be easily explained what draws girls to certain dolls but I think that this doll looks allot like my niece.

Hannah waited anxiously for her to be handed to her.
Their first Dance! Hannah was over the moon!
I love this photo as we waited for our lunch, the bistro is a fantastic experience!
Marie-Grace is a beautiful doll, I thought before we had picked her up that I she had a very generic face, but upon further inspection she is truly a different mold then I had thought! She is adorable, and Hannah loves her very much!
Here she is the morning after! I thought it was fun to include Mckenna's morning after photo  when I did a spotlight on Hannah's Twin Sister Cadence's doll, so here is Marie-Grace. Of the two dolls, Marie-Grace has a nicer wig. I am not sure if it will be easier to maintain but she seems to have more hair then Mckenna.

I can not wait to read through Marie-Grace's story, which Hannah kindly left for me to read. I promise to share my book reviews as soon as I get through them! I have 27 books in my must read pile at the moment and only 2 are not AG books!
I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you have any photos of your Marie-Grace that you would like to share please email me at
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