Thursday, July 20, 2017

Adorable Etsy Finds- Water Sport & Safety!

Today's dolly Adorable Etsy Finds all have to do with Water Sports and Safety!
How cute is this life jacket from My Girl Clothing Co? This listing is the inspiration for today's adorable Etsy Finds! Click here for shop and listing.
Read Creations has a step by step Guide to making a dolly Catamaran! Click here for the Etsy Shop listing in the PixieFaire Etsy Shop.
Our friends over at Lemon Bay Doll Company have one of the most beautiful listings for dolls on Etsy! This handcrafted wooden sailboat is one on my dream list for sure! Check it out by clicking here.
you can also make your dolls a sweet sailors cap from a great kit from Tea Time Fabric Panels! Click here to see this kit listing.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Get Your Craft On With Brandy- Dolly Lemonade Stand

Today we get our craft on with Brandy's fun dolly Lemonade Stand!  Summer is the perfect time for lemonade stands!
Brandy created this supper fun doll sized lemonade stand you have to see! This super cute stand is easy to do and is a great summer playset! Click here for Brandy's Tutorial! 

Get Your Craft On! With inspiration from Brandy and her Happy Home...
Thank you Brandy for this fun tutorial and for always inspiring me!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hitting the books with Karen- Hitty Her First Hundred Years...

Our selected Dolly Book for this week is the Hitty Her First Hundred Years  by Rachel Field....
Hitty Her First Hundred Years is one I have to buy for my niece who I know is going to love this one!
Hitty is a very special doll who belongs to Phoebe. Phoebe is proud of her beautiful doll and brings Hitty everywhere she goes. This is thrilling for Hitty, who finds herself involved in the most wonderful adventures both on land and at sea. She meets many people and makes new friends.This is the story of the first hundred years of Hitty's life. And that's only the beginning for a doll as special as Hitty.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

"Do what you love, love what you do, have no regrets."  Currently, this quote rings very true in my life.  I know that I am lucky, as many people have to wake up early and head off to work, leaving their children in the care of another person and locking their house behind them for hours each day.  While my life is different because I love what I do and do what I love.  I guess I owe a lot of that to my husband for believing in me and telling me to jump and of course noticing that "I was happy." I guess too, Kate is the reason I am able to be here, right now, doing this.  If it wasn't for her love of dolls, my work life would be looking much different.  Kate has brought me much inspiration this past fall, to create and become passionate about what I do.

Kaitlyn always looks forward to receiving her American Girl Doll catalogue in the mail.  She has saved them for years, they have become reference material for her and when she earns and saves enough money she can make her wish list come true.  She currently has an order ready, the nice thing is we are able to get a healthy discount because we "know a friend of a friend" that works for AG dolls.  Her order has a few new outfits, some Tenney accessories' and her golden retriever.  I did just notice last night, Target has a new OG pet line, includes a bird, ferret, hamster, and some other fun critters.  If it was me, I would purchase two or three of these unique little guys, opposed to dropping three times as much on the other brand.  I am really not brand loyal - I just like any of the pieces that are uniquely different.

This week has been full of little family adventures, with Abby off in the Dominican Republic we have focused on some little kid trips that tap into learning and exploring.  From playgrounds to zoo trips.  I have really noticed that it doesn't take much to make a two year old smile and become overly excited.  It has also become for clear that Natalie just doesn't stop talking.  In the back of the van she is either talking complete nonsense or remixing classic nursery rhymes to benefit everyone's' laughter.  Sometimes completely inappropriate, but the giggles can't be hid - she is truly the family comedian.

Take time to love what you do, do what you love, and have no regrets.  Even if you can't make it your entire lifestyle, take the necessary steps to get there slowly...

Thank you Jenny for sharing your Mommy Moment with us today! Learn more about Jenny and what she is working on by visiting the Rita Pita Boutique on Etsy by clicking here.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Yarn Craft Spectacular Suggested Dolly Fun! Crochet a Cover Up and Two Piece Bathing Suit!

Welcome back to our Sunday Yarn Craft Spectacular! This week we have found you a very timely and fun crochet cover up and two piece swimsuit from!

Every doll could use a stylish wrap! Check out the pattern by clicking here.

and click here for this sweet summer swim suit pattern! 

Thank you abc-knitting-patterns for making such inspiring patterns to share! 
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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jessica T's Saturday Sewing Suggestions! Week 4 Dresses!

"Pillowcase dresses are a wonderful beginner pattern and this one from Skip to my looks so cute!"
Pillowcase style dresses are wonderful addition to you doll wardrobe and they are easy to make! They do not use too much fabric and do not take long!
Thank you Jessica T for this wonderful suggestion and thank you to Skip To My for this great tutorial. 
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Madelon's Fantastic Friday Finds!-Huge Savings On Lori Ballet Studio!

Madelon found us a great deal this week, check out the savings on the tag for the Lori ballet studio! Half price at her Target! Such a deal!
Hard to resist at this price!
So much to love about this playset!

A special savings on the dolls too, time to pick up and put away for the upcoming holiday season!
Thank you Madelon for sharing this amazing find with all of us!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Adorable Etsy Finds- Steampunk Inspired

This week as you may know I have been promoting an upcoming book and series that I have been reading called Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge. I have been so inspired and have had so many Steampunk craft ideas going through my head that this week I wanted to invite you all to the up coming book party on Facebook on July 26th and share some Etsy favorites that are also steam punk inspired. But first here is your party invitation....

I am co-hosting this wonderful and fun interactive event and I have some fun craft tutorials and games you are not going to want to miss! I hope to see you there! Click here to learn more. 
I have shared this wonderful Tea Time Fabric Panel before and was reminded of this easy and fast way to add a little steampunk excitement to your doll wardrobe!
If you are not into sewing your own outfit take a look at this sweet ready made outfit from Cozy Country Quilt Etsy Shop. Click here for shop and listing.
Perhaps you would like to add a ready to ship Steampunk Inspired doll with outfit to your doll family! Check out Rika's Needle and Thread Etsy Shop. I was so impressed with their work and their details! Click here for this Etsy Shop! 
If you are looking for an outfit for a boy doll you have to check out  The Nutty Needle Etsy Shop and this Steampunk inspired look! Click here for shop and listing.

Thank you for joining us here today and I would love it if you could join us at the online Facebook Party on the 26th of June, just stop by and join in the fun! 
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Get Your Craft On With Brandy A Bathroom For Your Wellie Wishers!

Today we are getting our craft on with Brandy and creating a super cute Wellie Wishers Bathroom! 
We love the Wellie Wishers and This super cute and easy playset is one you may wish to make and put away for the upcoming gift giving holiday.

This fun and creative inspired by,  the wellie wisher line will have you getting your craft on for sure!
Thank you Brandy for such a fun and inspired craft! Find the tutorial on Brandy's Happy Home by clicking here.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hitting the books with Karen The Lonely Doll Series by Dare Wright

This weeks book series is the Lonely Doll and the first is called The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright. Once you see the covers of these books you will see why they are so popular with doll lovers!

Once there was a little doll. Her name was Edith. She lived in a nice house and had everything she needed except someone to play with. She was lonely! Then one morning Edith looked into the garden and there stood two bears!

You can find the Lonely Doll on The Book Depository by clicking here

Holiday for Edith and The Bears...

Edith, the doll featured in Dare Wright's best-selling "The Lonely Doll" book series, together with her friends, Mr. Bear and Little Bear, leave their city home for a vacation on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Their summer is spent playing on pristine beaches, discovering the seaside wildlife, getting acquainted with wild ponies, and imagining adventures on the high seas. Little Bear ignores Mr. Bear's warning never to go on a boat without him, and he and Edith soon find themselves drifting dangerously out to sea. Luckily Mr. Bear comes to their rescue, and the two learn a valuable lesson before their vacation ends.

The Doll and The Kitten....
Edith, the doll featured in Dare Wright's best-selling "The Lonely Doll" book series, together with her friends, Mr. Bear and Little Bear, spend a summer vacation on a farm in the mountains of upstate New York. They explore the nooks and crannies of a very large barn, and find the barnyard and hillsides an irresistible playground. It is not long before Edith falls in love with an adorable calf. Mr. Bear, however, will not give Edith permission to bring the calf back to their home in New York City. Edith then tries convincing him to let her keep a newborn colt or a baby lamb, but Mr. Bear will have nothing to do with the adoption of a large farm animal to keep them company in their apartment in New York City. When Edith discovers a tiny kitten living in the hayloft, she's certain that she has found the perfect pet, and waits for the right moment to ask Mr. Bear if she can keep it. But before that happens, the kitten gets stuck on the highest beam in the barn. Edith's plan to rescue the kitten by having Little Bear hoist her up in a basket goes awry when they both end up dangling over the straw. Mr. Bear comes to their rescue, lowering Little Bear gently, and making sure that Edith and the kitten get safely down in the basket. He agrees that Edith can keep her kitten, and the vacation ends happily.

Edith and the Duckling....
It was springtime on a farm in the hills and Edith and Little Bear were thrilled to see the ducks and geese floating on the pond. They were waiting as patiently as they knew how, for a mother duck's eggs to hatch. They visited the nest every day. One day, though, when they checked the nest, they found the mother was gone. Mr. Bear knew that something must have happened to her and she would not be back. So it was up to Edith and the Bears to try to hatch the eggs. Carefully, they moved the nest to the house, kept the eggs warm, and sure enough, one little duckling was born. How Edith and the Bears care for the duckling until it grows big enough to care for itself is an enchanting experience for all.

The Lonely Doll Learns A Lesson....
Edith ("The Lonely Doll") brings a kitten back from the country, and her friend Little Bear feels very left out as Edith focuses all of her attention on her cuddly new playmate. It's only when Edith is confined to her bed with the measles, that she begins to realize how much she misses Little Bear's companionship. Little Bear sneaks in for a visit that turns into a disaster when he tries to cut Edith's tangled hair. When Little Bear gets the measles, too, Edith uses her savings to buy him a puppy. Much to Mr. Bear's delight, the two agree to share their pets and harmony is restored.

These are just some of the amazing books in The Lonely Doll Series Find them all by clicking here. 

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Monday, July 10, 2017

*Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

Kate always graciously shares her dolls with me.  She dresses them and prepares them for photos.  Sometimes, for days at a time, they hangout in my office.  I always place them off to the side and away from the window.  If you have a more expensive doll, no matter the brand, you will most definitely want to steer clear of direct sunlight for long periods of time.  When I was out thrift shopping with my best friend over the weekend I found a doll, similar to American Girl Dolls, and the vinyl "skin" actually appeared to melt and take on this deformed look.  There is really no undoing that damage.  So, while we are in the summer heat, here are a few heat tips:  do not keep your doll in full sunlight for hours at a time, keep your doll out of hot cars, and if you have your doll around the pool, make sure to keep the body and eyes dry.

  Doll eyes can actually get ruined when exposed to too much water and will change the color and overall appearance.  This has made me more aware of where I place Kate's doll, when she is not "working."  On a parenting side note, we have been working with potty training Natalie.  Incorporating the doll her is a great idea.  Started out fantastic, sat right down, went potty, slapped her undies on and within the hour she peed four times.  Once in the foyer, once on the stairs, once in the kitchen, and in the garden.  Mine you, we placed her on the potty every fifteen minutes.  On another parenting side note, Kaitlyn is having a huge friend/ bonfire/ game party tonight.  One of her friends are going to spend the night, now Kate is entering the 6th grade and will play periodically with her dolls, but not where she pulls everything out.  Does anyone else see this?  Where the play is more focused on the dressing and brushing opposed to "house" play.  I would have literally hurt someone to have the setup she has, and I make her anything she wants, then it saddens me when she doesn't play with it?  Thank goodness I have two more small girls coming up. 

 I am excited for the new piece I will start crafting today for my shop.  I am going to make a sewing/ craft table for a doll.  I can't wait to put it together.  Also, I just finished a huge custom project that has been in the works for over a month, with 50 joint emails back and forth, I am glad I am putting it to a close.  It is a really neat process to see someone's vision through words only and make it come to life.  Keep creating memories and special moments with your children through play and exploration...
Thank you Jenny! Learn more about Jenny and her work in her Etsy Shop the Rita Pita Boutique by clicking here.
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