Friday, June 1, 2018

Dear readers...

Dear Readers,
It is with much thought and deliberation that at this time I have decided I will not be publishing here daily anymore. I have written this daily blog for almost 8 years and while my love of dolls and belief in the importance of doll play has not waivered, at this time I am being pulled and find I am needing to focus my attention elsewhere.

The past 7 years have been amazing, all of you who have visited this blog gave me a huge amount of unbelievable feedback, support and loyalty. My crew of writers Madelon, Brandy, Jessica T, Jenny, Nikki are some of the most creative and amazing doll lovers and crafter I have had the pleasure of meeting. 
Working at Doll Diaries for 5 years was a dream come true and I gained so much knowledge and appreciation for what it takes to run a successful website. What I learned and gained from my team at Doll Diaries, I will take with me always.
Char, Brandy, Madelon, Laura, Diane, and Anna thank you for always inspiring me.

To my sponsors and those who have advertised with me over the years I wish to thank you as well for that relationship.

Personally I am still busy writing, playing and reading and sipping tea. Thinking of you all often and grateful for everyone of you who has stopped by to read, learn and contribute.

I may from time to time pop on and publish something here I think you fellow doll lovers may be interested in but for now I will sign off and wish you all well.
Thank you all for everything and remember to Keep Calm and Play With Dolls.

All my love and thanks,