Jessica joins the Karen Mom of Three blog team with her doll play tips and on line finds! You can find Jessica T's tips here or by searching Jessica T in our Search Engine.

Jessica lives in the Chicago area and has a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful daughters. She work full time as a software engineer and when she has time she love to read, sew and do craft projects. Jessica also has her own blog called Just Because Crafts, Crafty Ideas by Jessica

Check out some of Jessica T's Tips here:

How to sew a great reversible skirt!   Click here

Great pattern for a Dress tutorial

Jessica sent Karen a link to the tutorial for how to crochet a Scarf of a Thousand Chains which Karen Mom of Three used to create the Scarf of Hundreds of Chains

Check out Jessica's Photo and Target Holiday Tips by clicking here
Jessica's Tip for a wonderful pattern to create doll beds was featured here

Jessica shared a fun tip for us to print doll sized no mess Gingerbread houses! Click here to see her find!
Jessica found this fantastic free pattern for us from 

Jessica T shares her finds for another doll carrier! Click here for the free pattern and tutorial for more info


  1. I tried clicking on the doll carrier for the pattern and it won't load.

  2. Hello, I can get the pattern site to load, it is a purchase pattern I believe it is $8 let me know if you are stuck.