Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's that time of year again!
 So what have you planned this New Years Eve? Are you some one who loves to stay up late?
 I wish I could say that New Years Eve is a favorite of mine but as some one who values sleep I am not one for the midnight parties.
I do like however celebrating New Years at 9pm as a family affair. We used to make a special desert and serve it to our children and have ginger ale in special glasses to celebrate the Ball dropping in Time Square, as we live in the West Coast and are 3 hours behind New York, I really enjoyed spending the time with my children.

I have a great dollar store gem I picked up which is a dolls sized bottle of Champagne Bubbles, I am not one for Champagne myself and do not recommend it for those under age but I do like the little bubble bottles!

On Doll Diaries I hope you will check out my New Years Pizza party craft.
I hope you have a truly enjoyable evening and a very Happy New Year!
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Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the best time of the year to stock up on Holiday themed Doll play items!

This is a great time to pick up some wonderful holiday items that can easily be re- purposed for doll play. I wanted a sleigh and at $30 this was a bit steep but the 70% off at Michael's the craft store makes this a really affordable doll play option. You will notice that Samantha doesn't quite fit inside but I will make a pillow to fill the gap, I think my nieces will love this!

Even with my Batta horse you can see how this will be a great doll play item, add left over holiday ribbon for the reins and you have a great doll play item under $10!
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12 New Years Resolutions from Karenmomofthree for 2012

Well it is that time of year again and while I do not normally make personal resolutions but this has been such an extraordinary year and I think that requires extraordinary New Year plan. So for the next year here are some of my goals

1) To learn how to crochet. I want to be able to make doll clothes using this time honored tradition and share my adventure with you.

2) I would like to learn to knit more then a straight row and learn to know what to do next.

3) I would like to make some Youtube videos to share more of my work with you,( I need to get over the fear I have of my voice on video)

4) I would like to continue to post daily and share with you all the wonderful people I meet, things I find and shops I come across as well as a craft or too.

5) I would like to be able to share photos of my creative space with you all with out spending three months cleaning it to take one photo and then have it be the disaster it is the next minute. If you are a personal organizer contact me with your suggestions and ideas!

6) I would like to sew through all the patterns I have purchased from Liberty Jane and share my journey with you.

7) Continue to have great contests and Give Away's.A huge thank you to the wonderful Etsy shop artisans that have donated their designs!

8)I would love to post more from my readers so if you have a photo, story idea or craft you would like to share please send me an email at

9) I would like to go on more doll adventures, have some meet and greets and more craft parties.

10) I would like to add to my doll collection (money, time and opportunity permitting of course) I am looking for a doll that is of Asian Descent to add to my collection, so that I can represent as many girls as I can through my doll photography and posts. As well I would love to add some bitty twins to my collection so if you happen upon these second hand and are able to let me know I would love to purchase some from you!

11) I would like to feature more doll play ideas and items for Bitty Baby, and Bitty Twins...see above if you can help me out that would be great

12) I would love to keep finding ways to help you enjoy your dolls and find ways to help you grow with your dolls through my craft ideas and blog posts.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Queen`s Treasures Tea sets and beautiful Drop Leaf Wooden Tea Cart

I am so excited to share with you what I got in the mail yesterday.
This fall with the help of Doll Diaries I discovered the wonderful website and store called The Queen`s Treasures.
The Queen`s Treasures offers a beautiful selection of heirloom quality furniture and accessories for American Girl and other 15-18 inch dolls.
I was so taken by the items offered by The Queen`s Treasures that my wish list of items I would like to have from this shop (not just for my dolls but also the wonderful items they offer for Tea parties and events)  that my list rivaled that of my children's Christmas list combined.
I also love that the items offered at The Queen`s Tresures are very affordable, the quality is exceptional and I love the fact that the items are part of a collection but also stand out on their own.
I fell in love with the Drop Leaf Wooden Tea Cart for American Girl dolls.
One of my very first memories is of a Plastic Tea Cart I received when I was about 3years old. I got it as a gift for Christmas from my Great Grandmother. I remember how much I loved it and I still think about it today more then 34 years later.  I also remember that as it was plastic and made in the 1970`s and it did not last very long. This tea cart on the other hand is so well made, that I see many hours of doll play a head of me with my nieces and their dolls.When it is not being used for doll play, I still love how it looks on my shelf!
I was so thrilled when I opened the box and felt the weight of the real wood. It was so easy to put together,  had it together in under 3 minutes, with out help.
Once it was together I had to get out my Antique Rose Porcelain Mini Doll Tea Set, I had previously ordered from The Queen`s Treasures. 
 I have been collecting Old Country Roses Patterned dishes since I was about 15 years old. I have always loved this pattern and when I saw the Antique Rose Mini Porcelain Tea set, I new I had to have it for my dolls.
In my house, I have adult sized tea cups and saucers, demitasse sized for my nieces and now I have the Doll Sized tea cup and saucer that I think is a great match.

I love tea parties and the act of drinking tea is something I enjoy in my tea cups and saucers daily.
I recommend taking out the good china daily and enjoying a cup of tea for your self, it is the perfect way to spend a ``Me moment`` for yourself.
I also think it is important to help pass on the tradition of the tea parties by allowing your children to use your good china, if you are not comfortable letting them use your own, I recommend the wonderful sets that The Queen`s Treasures has to offer, not just in Doll Size , they also offer Child size and Adult size sets as well

I love the child sized  and adult sized gift wrapped tea cup and saucer sets offered by The Queen`s Treasures they make excellent gifts and party favors. 
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UPDATE There is a great coupon offer for the Tea Cart!  
is offering %15 off use coupon code  from their Facebook page
FBAGTC to receive 15% off of the Tea Cart

Hoilday Photos from some of our readers

Today I would like to show you some photos from some of our readers that have been sent in this holiday season, I hope you will continue to send me your photos! I huge thank you to all who emailed me their photos.
You can email me photos, story ideas and craft ideas at


Brandy sent me some wonderful Holiday photos of her dolls getting ready for the holidays!
 My niece Laura's doll Tiana in the outfit from one of her visits to see me.
Natalie from Doll Diaries sent this wonderful photo! Thanks Natalie and Char!
 Sent in by Christina, I love how much they look a like!
Thank you to all who sent in photos and shared with us!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Inspiring organization for the new year! A guest post by Brandy

Brandy sent me a very inspiring post and I could not wait to share it with you.  Here is how Brandy has found a way to optimize her doll play space and collection. I hope you will enjoy.

"I wanted to show a great way to organize an AG doll collection.  I LOVE the
"Itso"  storage collection from Target.  The possibilities are endless.  I
like the fact that you can see in the plastic bins.  I chose a neutral
colored fabric bin because there is already enough color going on in the
room with all of the toys."

  "On each bin I use a label...I use a picture and
words.  This works great for me because I have one child who is old enough
to read and another who is not.  The bin labels work great because they are
the only ones I have found that actually stick and stay on plastic and
fabric.  They are found at:

"This is a must pass on.  Seriously, great products!"

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A little black dress swap I did on Swap-bot just in time for New Years Eve!

Recently I held a Little Black Dress swap on the craft and mail swapping site I belong to called Swap-bot . For this swap we each made our partner a black dress for an 18 inch doll  and mailed it to our computer assigned partners. The partner I received from was the Fabulous NikiG who has been a contributing writer on this blog. The partner I sent to was somewhere in Pennsylvania. The above photo is what NikiG made for my doll. I love it, She made a black an almost strapless sheath style tie dress with an Animal print Shrug and matching hairband.
I love it's sophisticated look.
For my partner I made a dress from a pattern I created. I loved it and hated to part with it but I know my partners granddaughter loved it.
I made it with a belt and sent an all black shrug an extra accessory.

I had so much fun making the outfit for my partners doll and continue to enjoy  swapping outfits with other doll clothes crafters on Swap-bot . I also loved the anticipation of receiving the dress my partner made for my doll. NikiG did such a great job, I wonder if she will part with the pattern?

If you are over 18 and wish to join swap-bot it is a free mail and craft swapping site. If you are looking to send and receive some fun items through the mail click here . If you are already a member and wish to join my swap group send me a message. I am also Karenmomofthree on Swap-bot so I am pretty easy to find.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy last night of Hanukkah!

As the sun sets I wish you all a very happy holiday season and for those of you who celebrate Hanukkah  I hope you have had a wonderful holiday, I also hope you have enjoyed my Hanukkah Photos.
Photo Credits:
Background American Doll Room
Bedding by Bellas Inspirations Etsy Shop
Bed, Hanukkah Set, Mini doll by American Girl
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Marjorie's amazing wooden doll room gift...the gift that keeps on giving

One of our readers Marjorie, sent me an email with photos of the wonderful gift she gave her granddaughters for Christmas. She made 3 out of her 4 granddaughters doll rooms that take my breath away!
Marjorie tells me that she was inspired to make these rooms from my February 2011 post about my cardboard doll rooms. Marjorie made hers out of wood.

Two of Marjorie's granddaughters love horses and she made this wonderful living room for them.
I love all the attention to detail.
Marjorie tells me she has been keeping her eye out at yard sales, thrift stores and craft stores for ideas and items mentioned her on my blog.  Note the Christmas Cookies in the kitchen on the table are the fun foam ones I mentioned here early in December.

I know that her doll rooms are going to bring her granddaughters many wonderful hours of quality doll play as well as wonderful holiday memories. These are truly rooms that are gifts that keep on giving I hope you have felt inspired by her work as much as I have, the gift of inspiration is amazing!
I am so happy that Marjorie sent these photos to me and has allowed me to share them with all of you.
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Thank you all for helping make my blog a great doll play resource!

Make your doll her own Kinara for Kwanza

To make your dolls their own Kinara you will need pony beads  or wooden beads,
pipe cleaners that are green, black and red as well as a small amount of yellow paper or felt.
As well you will need scissors, craft glue or hot glue and a ruler.
Step 1- cut your pipe cleaners to 2 inches long you will need three green, one black and three red.
Step 2- glue 7 beads together to create your "candle holder" let dry
Step 3- add a dab of glue to the inside of each bead and insert the pipe cleaners as shown in the above photo
Step 4- cut out small flames for your pipe cleaner candles and attach them to your pipe cleaners with a dab of glue. Let dry and enjoy with your doll for Kwanzaa .

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy 7th Night of Hanukkah

Photo Credit;
Background American Doll Room
Chrissa's shirt Liberty Jane Pattern
Square Chair by Doll Tag Desgins
Mini Doll and Hanukkah set by American Girl
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Happy Kwanzaa! A bit about Kwanzaa and how Make your Doll her own Unity Cup.

 Happy Kwanzaa.  Kwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates African-American culture. Kwanzaa lasts for seven days; it starts today December 26th and ends on New Year's Day.
 Kwanzaa began in 1966 by Maulena Karenga, an African-American Scholar and activist/
The word "Kwanzaa" means "first fruits" in Swahili.

Kwanzaa celebrates seven principles ("Nguzo Saba" in Swahili), including:
  • Unity (umoja), signified by the gathering of family, friends, and community
  • Faith (imani)
  • Purpose (nia)
  • Collective work and responsibility (ujima) - the commitment to the high ideals of the African community
  • Cooperative economics (ujamaa)
  • Self-determination (kujichagulia)
  • Creativity (kuumba) 
A feast on December 31st is enjoyed by family and friends to commemorate and celebrate family and the history of Africa. 

Families that celebrate Kwanzaa decorate their homes  for the feast with a seven candle holder called a "Kinara", a straw place mat called a "Mkeka, a variety of fruit "Mazao", an ear of corn for each child in the home called "Vibunzi" , a Unity Cup called a "Kikombe cha umoja" as well as a small modest gift for children called "zawaadi"

The candle colors for  the "Kinara" are three green, one black, three red. Each Candle represents  one of the seven principals. I have made a "Kinara"  and "Kikombe" for my dolls to share in this holiday this year. Tomorrows post will show how I made the Kinara. 

A wonderful website with crafts for Kwanzaa is  as well as

Here is how I made my Unity Cup or Kikombe.

To make your own Unity cup from supplies you may have at home for your dolls!
  You will need: 

An egg cup (my dollar store sells 4 for $1.25 or you may have one at home you can use)
Craft Glue or a Glue Gun
Gem Embellishments or gem stickers would also work
 If Kwanzaa is a holiday you celebrate I wish you and your family a very Happy Kwanzaa. 
For today's photos:
Back ground from : American Doll Room
African Fabric from Liese of Doll Tag Designs
Plastic Doll food from my local dollar store
Crafts by Karenmomofthree
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