Sunday, July 31, 2011

Horse or Pony fun for the 6 inch dolls a Dollar Store Gem!

On my USA adventures I found these adorable flocked horses or ponies at Dollarama. For only $1 you can give your 6 inch dolls a horse of their own.
They are so adorable with my 6 inch doll Rebecca. They come with a brush that the dolls can hold if you use a small plastic elastic.

Dollarama had so many to choose from, I loved these soft horses and hope you will too.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Small Silver plated coasters make excllent elegant doll table wear

I have really been lucky this yard sale season finding these elegant small sliver plated coasters 4 for $1. They make great doll table wear, dressing up any table as doll sized plate chargers or simply as elegant serving wear. Perfect for any tea party and photo op.
I love the size of the coasters, large enough for dinner wear or a serving platter for a doll feast!
Invite your best doll friends over and impress them with your elegant table wear  using your own re-purposed doll dinnerware.
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Doll Sized Glass Wear, Re purpose some from your own from yard sale finds

At a recent yard sale I found some amazing shot glasses that  are perfect for doll sized glass wear. The ones I found are all hand painted and make a great addition to any doll play collection.
I found several different hand painted glass wear at this yard sale and  thought they would make a great addition to my doll play collection.

The small peach ones in the lower left hand corner are a personal favorite, they remind me of glasses my great grandmother Rumbsy had in Montreal when I was growing up.

So keep your eye out when you are at a yard sale for items like these that can be used for doll play and remember to check your own collections at home. Sometimes the best shopping trips are in your own cupboards collecting dust.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Re-purpose a patio planter/candle holder into a dolls summer chair, a yard sale Gem

I found this adorable planter/candle holder at a yard sale recently and it is perfect for our 18 inch dolls.
When you remove the frog candle and small pot the doll can sit in the chair and you have a doll sized planter to go with it.
Now when I removed the pot there is a round hole in the chair that I will cover with a hand made cushion.
Look for these types of chair planters at yard sales and end of season sales.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show me your doll play spaces! Photo contest #3!

Okay everyone here is  photo another contest #3. This time I would love to see your doll play spaces. So take a picture of your doll play space,storage, doll room and send it to me at . I will post the photo entries on the blog post revealing the winner. This is a quick contest open to anyone of any age. You can be in the photo or just take a photo of your play space. The winner will be selected by random draw on August 17th. The winner will receive Doll  size pajama bottoms and tank top set with slippers hand made by me. That means if you would like to enter the draw to win the prize you must be able to send me a mailing address for your prize if you win. Please ask your parents for permission first if you are under 18.
Example of the type of Pajama Set Style to be won may not be this exact pair
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make a doll sized board game from a fruit snack box

My sister in law bought my boys these fruit snacks while she was on a day trip to Washington State. On the back of the box was two cut out sudoko puzzles that are perfect for cutting out and re-purposing for a doll sized board game.
The best part about the game is that you can play it on your own or use it as a doll play item.
Store your game in a zip lock bag when you are not using it so you do not loose the pieces.
Check the back of your cereal boxes and fruit snack boxes for doll sized board games. You never know what every day items you can find to turn into doll play items.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

The perfect doll side Laundry Basket/Hamper! A party store Gem

I was so excited to find this at my local party store for only $1. They had it in Blue, Red, Green and Orange. I loved it instantly and thought it would make the perfect doll play laundry basket/hamper. It also doubles as great doll room doll play storage all for only $1.
You could easily personalize this  laundry hamper with stickers or iron on transfers with your dolls name or simply the word laundry. These would make a great addition to any doll play collection and even make a great loot bag craft or item  for a sleep over party.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make your own doll scrap book this time using card stock and imagination

Make your own doll scrap book using card stock and imagination

. I was so excited by the dollar store gem scrap book that I wanted to try to make my own slightly larger but still doll sized scrap book to keep my doll sized photography in.
I really like photographing dolls. They are always adorable, seldom move when placed and are great photography subjects.

Once I have a photo I love  I use a photo editing software. I use I use it's free service to enhance and crop my photos to give them a more polished look.
I also upload and print my photos at both walmart and my grocery store. My grocery store has a service that allows me to upload my photos and print WALLET SIZED pictures which fit perfectly in my scrapbook!
You can also take your camera card into these type of locations and edit and print your own doll size photos in store. My grocery store charges 39 to print wallets and I get 4 photos on each print for that price. I take them home and cut them up to use.

  The best part is having the extra photos I can trade with friends or use in crafts later on.

Here is how I made my scrapbook and how you can make your own using cardstock, glue and ribbon.
First I got out my card stock which I bought on sale at Micheal's the craft store, I took 10 prices of multi colored paper and measured from the horizontal edge up the vertical 4 inches and then cut the paper, getting 2 per piece of paper. Then I folded the paper in half and continued on the remaining pieces alternating the color as I went. Next I glued them together.
While that dried I cut a piece of cardboard from a scrap I had.  Mine however ended up being a little short and I had to trim my pages which was not easy so I recommend finding a piece of scrap cardboard at least 1/2 inch longer then your paper strips.
When the pages were dry I attached more card stock to the the scrap cardboard to give it a nicer look you could use designed scrapbook paper if you would like.
 Next I glued in the pages
Finally when it was dry I decorated the outside
Now it is ready to decorate doll style using stickers and wallet sized photos!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jackies Heart and Soul's Etsy shop a Canadian Company!


As a Canadian, who Doll enthusiast in an American Girl doll world, it is often harder to find stylish and quality made doll clothes close to home. However I found out about Jackie's Heart and Soul's Etsy shop on Facebook from the Liberty Jane page. I sent a message to Jackie to find out more about her when she posted an comment on the Liberty Jane Page on Canada day offering a Canada Day sale. I had to check it out. 

What I found was quality made doll clothes at very reasonable prices. Jackie has sewn and taught sewing for more then 40 years and this really impressed me. With that much sewing knowledge you know you are going to get a well made product. Jackies's shop called Jackie's Heart and Soul is well named as you can see by the photos each doll outfit includes Jackie's heart and soul.Making doll clothes is a passion of hers and I think when you see her clothing items you can easily tell this!

I loved this Cat in the Hat inspired outfit in her shop priced at $15 and very reasonable shipping prices make this outfit so appealing!

My nieces often complain they never have enough underwear for their dolls  with this offering from Jackie's shop I think even they would be satisfied.

priced at only $10 

Each pair is made from either 100% cotton or a polyester and cotton with a bit of lycra. Each is trimmed with fold over lingerie elastic.

looking a head to fall I love this cozy two piece suit for American Girl dolls priced at  $15.
This year American Girl Doll of the year Kanani has inspired so many doll clothes designers to come up with Hawaiian inspired patterns Jackie's shop embraces this trend offering an adorable selection of these tropical inspired outfits.
I asked Jackie how she got sewing and she shared with me a bit of her history and love of the dolls here is what she shared...
  " My husband and I never had any children.  I started sewing when I was around 8 for Barbie so that is going back many years.  My aunt made me a little sewing kit for my Barbie doll with precut simple outfits and that was it- I was hooked.  She lived in Buffalo New York so when we would visit she took me to Joanne fabrics.  I still have my first Barbie doll patterns that she helped me purchase that were well used in my crafting days.  Since we did not have a sewing machine I would sit by the hour in the basement and 'create' doll clothes by hand. I inherited my grandmother's machine when she died when I was 13.  I started to make my own clothes and was interested in all crafts and was always trying something new.  I have a love of quilting as well.  My grandfather's sisters had a quilt room and when grandpa took me to visit when I was a little girl I was mesmerized by all the neat things and the beautiful quilts they made and told my mom I want to do that someday.  Sometimes I think sewing was in my genes from both sides of the family.
From when I was in grade 4 as a child,I always wanted to be a Family Studies ( Home Economics ) teacher.  I put myself through school by working at a fabric shop, doing seamstress work and babysitting.  My first assignment was teaching Math and English to Grade 7 and my rotary subject was Family Studies - my dream job. I was hired to integrate boys into the Family Studies program - did they like cooking - I don't recall any signing up for sewing at that time.  I did that for 12 years, then a new initiative was started called Creative Arts.  Family Studies, Art and Industrial Arts ( Shop ) were housed together and all girls and boys took all 3 subjects - the classes were integrated.  We had a blast.  In my section we of course cooked - we did some sewing - boxer shorts were popular - and a babysitting course was all part of it.  Then budget cuts came along and I was moved to the Junior Grades where I taught Grade 4 my last 10 years of teaching - I loved that age group as well.  I taught all the subjects except French and Music.  Art classes were often craft classes.  Teaching Grade 4 is where I discovered the American Girl. Each year my school hosted a craft show and the parent's council talked me into setting up a booth knowing my background - I sold Barbie clothes along with baby items etc. A parent of one of my kids brought in this doll that her daughter was getting for Christmas and asked me if I would make some clothes for her - the doll was Kit.  I had not heard of AG before that time.  That was it - when I retired I would make doll clothes for this doll and sell them.  I had 5 years until I was to retire,but, in the meantime I collected some patterns and constantly checked the AG site.  I started on E-bay in 2005 the fall after I retired and discovered Etsy when fabric store manager told me about it in 2009.  I now have a Bitty Baby - I sew for her sometimes - Jess my first one - Felicity, Molly, Julie and Mia. Right now I am having fun with the Liberty Jane designs.  Her patterns are easy and what the kids like to wear.  I have designed many of my own patterns starting with commercial ones as a base such as Simplicity - I 'tweak them' combine patterns that sort of thing. The last couple of years I made a lot of Julie outfits and they sold exceptionally well - they don't seem to be as popular right now but I still love that era - maybe because of first hand experience!!!!  About 3 years ago I was making lots of Felicity outfits - I still make one here and there as I love those dresses.  I have heard that the new dolls will be the Civil war era and I will probably make some from that era.  I always like to try new things.   I get the majority of my cotton fabric from quilt stores -local and on-line. Since I quilt as well my friend and I say we have become fabric 'snobs'.  The novelty fabrics and some cottons I pick up when I see it on my travels.  I just sell my doll clothes on line.  I stopped doing craft shows when my knees gave out.
I love selling on-line.  I have 'met' and become e-mailing pals with so many great people.  Sewing is my one main hobby that I devote hours and hours of time to every week."
I want to thank Jackie for sharing her store and story with me so I could share it with you.
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Friday, July 22, 2011

A wonderful opportunity for Mothers and Daughters in the USA Emily Rose at home

If you are a doll lover and mom like me who loves 18 inch dolls, all the accessories but not the high prices, then I would love to tell you about a great company called Emily Rose at home. I have been following Emily Rose designs for the last three years and am amazed at the quality and affordability of the outfits that they offer their customers. They now have an at home program that is absolutely brilliant.
Emily Rose at home has designed a program where you can attend home shopping parties, similar to other home parties you may have attended only this one has a wonderful program and product that really does help Mom's and Daughters start out in business together.
Even if you do not want to sell the product but  love the idea of attending a home party with your daughter where the items available including the Madame Alexander Dolls are very affordable and fit into almost any ones budget and allowance this is the home party YOU HAVE TO HOST. Emily Rose at home also offers a 100% money back guaranty! Now you have to love that!
If however you are looking for an exciting home party business experience, Emily Rose at home offers 4 ways you can participate each giving you the opportunity to explore the company and reap the rewards.
The first level is the Fun Club is perfect for any doll lover who would like to have the occasional party just for fun… plus get a discount on Emily Rose products. There is no cost for this level .
There is no initial investment to join the Emily Rose @Home Fun Club. The only requirement for joining is that you host a catalog party with retail sales totaling $300 or above with a consultant in another State. This consultant will become your Fun Coach. By hosting your own party you receive:
  • Fun Club Quick Start Guide (eBook)
  • 3 Emily Rose Outfits of our choice. ($55 approx. retail value)
  • 50% off of first retail order up to $150 total full retail value ($75 retail value)
  • 100 Customer Order Forms ($9 retail value)
  • 100 Hostess Order Forms ($13 retail value)*
The first level is the Fun Club is perfect for any doll lover who would like to have the occasional party just for fun… plus get a discount on Emily Rose products. There is no cost for this level .
 The Fun Club has no startup costs, but it does have a $6.95/month fee after the 1st month. 
    As well you will earn 10% commison from the retail value of the items you sell. 10% off All personal purchases as well as a great hostess gift plan. After the first month there is a small monthly fee in a one year commitment that provides you with coaching, support and your 10% discount and commission on your sales.
    For more information on this great plan visit their fantastic website at Emily Rose@ home
    There are 3 other levels you can choose from when you get started with Emily Rose@home the second level called the Education Club. Where Mother and daughters focus on bonding ,education and sales together. Such a wonderful name and program you get some really great perks with this one and the wish crown bunk bed and 4 Emily Rose outfits and fantastic items at great discount prices.Thus allowing you to build your business and your own doll play collections! The other two programs the Income and Entrepreneur club have some truly remarkable opportunities!

    I personally think signing up would be what I would do if I was living in the USA, the program is not yet available in Canada. I love the way that Emily Rose at home has been set up you can enjoy the great programs and products at every level while learning about bushiness and building your own doll play collection.
    I have met a wonderful mom  who like me loves these dolls (and who is a mom of boys as well) She is now an Emily Rose at home representative and I asked her about her experience here is what she shared with me.
    I wanted to know how Amy found out about Emily Rose at Home I was thrilled to learn that just like me she is an Aunt to doll loving girls and was looking for the wow factor for her nieces birthdays, after searching the American Girl doll website she realized that for her to purchase each of her nieces outfits for her dolls was simply out of her price range.Here is what she had to say.
    "I found ER@home quite by accident. I have two nieces, and the older one at the time had an AG doll. I was working on their birthday presents as they are two years and two days apart. I new Molly McGuire didn't have much clothing, so I did a search for 18 inch doll clothes. I had been on the AG site, but I really needed to stick to a budget because my husband is unemployed. I couldn't afford to spend 35 dollars on a birthday gift for one child when I had three kids to shop for as their little brother's birthday is also within a few short days of theirs. I found the Emily Rose site. I then purchased the Brownie outfit. She was a Daisy scout about to bridge into Brownies when I gave her the outfit. When it arrived, I opened it up and I was in love. My son is a cub scout and he was impressed with all the details like the patches embroidered on the vest."
    I asked why she wanted to be an Emily Rose at home representative and she says she  "liked the fact that we could sell where ever, as many of my friends are located in Pennsylvania, and there was no consultant there either so I was not  taking away from anyone else if I have a party up there." Amy  lives in Delaware and can sell to her friends in both states. Amy joined at the income level and tells me that

    "All of the Emily Rose at Home clothing and furniture is tested to CPSIA standards, and still kept at an affordable price. There will be some new styles of both furniture and clothing coming out either by the end of this year or in 2012. New accessories are also on the horizon."
    Personally I am so excited to hear about  this program and hope that some of you are too. I am moved and motivated by the idea of the company and can not wait until it is available here in Canada. I love anything that encourages doll play and this company encourages doll play by allowing you to build your doll play collection and help others enjoy doll play at affordable prices.

    I have also had the great fortune of speaking with Shari Griffin who is also an Emily Rose@home consultant and original member. About the program. This program she tells me is not only a different home party experience but also it is important to understand that this is NOT A MULTI-LEVEL marketing  program. There is support and coaching but NO HARD SELL. The product and the program really have been engineered to support and empower Moms, daughters, Aunts, Grandmothers and doll lovers alike. Weather you are looking to just purchase a great gift or add you to your doll play collection

    I would like to thank Amy and Shari for taking the time to share with me her experience with Emily Rose@ home. If you are interested in the products or parties you can contact Amy directly at 
    or Shari at
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    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Re purpose a notebook into a scrapbook for your doll using a dollar store gem!

    I found this great spiral bound note book at my local dollar store. What is great about it is the small size and all white pages inside.

    To make a really fast and fun doll play item for your doll, I have used the stickers I bought at Micheal's the craft store in the USA.

    You could cut out American Girl doll images from old catalog's or print out images from Google images. The smaller the photo's the better!
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    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Handbags and Hair bands! Take a look at what this Etsy Shop offers!

    I came across this great Etsy shop called My2sweets and loved how cute the hand bags and hairbands where!
    Kim of My2Sweets makes the kind of doll handbags I myself would carry, in fact they are exactly what I was looking for for myself!

    Kim started making hair bands for dolls as well that are so darling and in such great colors. The best thing is they are so reasonably priced! Starting at $1.25 these hair bands are a steal!  I am already thinking of the holidays, here but they are small enough to fit in a greeting card to send to your friends or perhaps Santa can find a way to get some in to your stocking, I am hoping I find some in mine!
     Likely my favorite pictured above.

    Kim also makes reasonably priced doll clothes that co-ordinate with her handbags and hairbands
    this set is priced at $13.
    Kim also sells handbags and hairbands together in sets 
    This set is $6 and the purse has two different fabrics, front and back making it so much cuter for more doll play options.

    I asked Kim to share with me a little about her life, her shop, her family and her hobbies and this is what she shared with me.
    When did you start sewing?
    "I started sewing actually only about 2 months ago after receiving my first machine from my mother-in-law. Thankfully I am a fast learner! "
    What made you start sewing for American Girl Dolls?
    "My 8 year old said you can make these for me" when I could buy her doll clothes off Etsy. When I had my machine she encouraged me to try"
    What is your favorite thing to make?
    ." My favorite thing to make is probably AG Doll skirts and handbags. They are cute and easy to whip up."
    What is your best selling items?

      "My best selling items are my AG doll headbands and fabric pacifier clips"
    Do you sell mostly on Etsy or in your community?
      "I LOVE my Etsy shop and have had a great time with it. I have lots of house visits where friends buy my items from my studio. I also set up a booth twice a year at our local Rhea Lana Children's Consigment Event and have great success there with several loyal customers. They are probably equally busy, but the Etsy shop is more consistent and goes all year long."
    How may American Girl Dolls do you have?
      We have 3 AG dolls currently...One that looks like my daughter, Sophie, the lovely Miss Kanani, and another that looks like my 3-year-old, Ruthie Belle. Sophie hopes to continue adding to her collection and I would LOVE to have Emily Bennett or Rebecca Rubin for myself though ;)
    What kind of patterns do you use?
      "I tend to make up my own patterns as I go, but have used a few here and there. It seems easier to just visualize it that way. I am still a newcomer so I hope to be able to do both equally well."
    I also asked Kim to share a bit about her life, family and hobbies,
    Kim says "I work from home as a medical transcriptionist and have so for 16 years this summer. I love being mom to Sophie (8) and Ruthie Belle (3) and wife to Travis. We live in Searcy, Arkansas. I wish I'd started sewing when I was much younger, but am enjoying every minute of it while I can and when I can. I collect milk glass nesting hens and have managed to gather just over 20 right now from flea markets-one of our favorite family things to do-flea market. I love my family, my church, and God has truly blessed me with a wonderful, full life and sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I hope that someday soon to share the joy I have in sewing with my oldest, Sophie. I find peace in sewing and creating, but the real fun comes when I'm able to give Sophie another little something to add to her AG Doll's wardrobe!"
    I hope you will visit Kim's shop to see all the wonderful items she is making for girls and their dolls. 
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    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Need more doll storage and seating? Make this out of a Diaper Wipe container!

    I was making a covered diaper wipe container for a baby shower I was going to when it dawned on me that it would make a great doll bench for extra seating and it doubles as a storage container for doll accessories.
    I used an empty diaper wipe container, glue gun and fabric to cover the plastic container, covering the base and lid separately. This was a very quick craft that can easily be  made on a rainy day or birthday party, (parent supervised if using a glue gun). It is ready to use instantly and would make a great take home party gift.
    As American Girl doll's legs do not bend, it may take a bit of balancing at first to get your doll to sit on the bench.  This bench seating works perfectly with the "paint your own stools" from Michaels the craft store that doubles as a doll table (pictured at the beginning of the post). If you do not have a diaper wipe container at home you could always ask around to some moms of little ones you may know or pick up a no named brand at the store and keep the wipes in a plastic bag in the car for sticky emergencies.
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    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Looking for some great summer clothes for your doll? Take a look at Abygail Elizebeath's Etsy shop.

    I came across a great Etsy shop called Abygail Elizabeth . What drew me to her shop was another member of Etsy who had pointed out her adorable tank tops and summer clothes.
    With Prices ranging from $4.50-$11.00 there are some great deals to be had in this etsy store.
     I love the patterns and fabric choices in this shop.
    I wish this outfit came in my size!

    I asked some questions to Sandra of Abygail Elizabeth and was amazed with the answers she gave me, I am thrilled to share her answers with you.
    I asked her what is the busiest time of year for her , her answer "This year, so far I am constantly selling".
    I asked about what her favorite items to make are...
    "I like making all my items; I will say my least favorite is knit tops - my serger does not not like to go around he tight curves"
    Sandra was born in Canada and moved to England shortly after turning 1, and more then 25 years ago she moved to the USA with her husband..
    Her mother was always sewing. Sandra says she played around with fabric from a very early age. She was  given needle and thread at the age of about 3, just went in and out of fabric - progressed to making doll stuff such as skirts, pillows etc all by hand stitching. When she was about 10 years of age she was given a Dressmakers Doll with patterns. Using these patterns still hand sewing she was introduced to pleats, buttonholes, setting in sleeves etc.
    Her mother eventulally allowed her use her sewing machine at the age of about 12. Progressed to 4 years of training in pattern making, draping, techniques and design. The courses were design for preparation for teaching or to work in small fashion houses or such places like Harrods alterations. Sandra tells me she has no knowledge of mass production work. She says she did a lot of pattern making in England, little call for it in the USA except for wedding dresses and the endless alterations.
    But I wondered how Sandra got into sewing for American Girl Dolls...
    "A friend was in need of items and help at a Craft Show; at the time I was making Nantucket Baskets and had made a few American Girl Doll Clothes for my eldest granddaughter. I agreed to help, the Nantucket baskets are expensive to make and not easy to sell (even at cost) so I decided to make doll clothes. I did sell 3 baskets and a lot of doll clothes. I then decided I would set up at indoor craft shows. (Only set up at one now). I am only able to produce sufficient inventory for Etsy and the one show a year."

    Sandra is also a Liberty Jane Partner, she uses and adapts some of the Liberty Jane Patterns in her work. She also started a Collectable and Antique business in 1987, and use the other shop to list antiques and some of her personal stuff such as overstocks fabric and books.

      Sandra also make the odd item for The Karito Kids Dolls.

    Sandra's hobbies include weaving, making Nantucket’s baskets, knitting, teaching my craft, antiques and collectibles, She also use to play competitive tennis at club level.

    Sandra strives to provide her customers with  well constructed clothing, long lasting, easy to care for, limited quantities made of the same fabric, low price, items.
    I hope you will take time to stop by Sandra's shop at AbygailElizabeth
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