Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Wonderful Summer Time Doll Craft From Reader Fawn! A Doll Swing You Can Make From Dollar Store Items!

One of my fabulous readers  Fawn sent in this fun, quick and affordable doll craft!

"When I saw this stackable bin at Dollar Tree I immediately thought "swing"."
You only need three things:

stackable bin
1 pair of 36" long shoelaces
duct tape

Remove handles from sides of bin.
String shoelaces through the holes left from the handles and double knot underneath.

Cut a 13" strip of duct table and fold it in half lengthwise.  Tape it horizontally across the top of the bin.
Cut an 8" piece of duct tape and fold it in half lengthwise. 
Center it in the middle of the horizontal piece of tape looping it over to form a strap, then securing the loop it with tape .
Center the other end of the strap under the bin and tape.

Thank you so much for this wonderful craft Fawn! I love it and I know or readers will too!
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  1. SWEET! Although I have a baby swing in a tree & baby swing & slide combo I may have to make this project. My grandson would love to use for Spidy & his two boy dolls. Of course Spidy would be swung out! Thanks for the idea.