Friday, July 18, 2014

Looking To Join A Fun On Line, International Doll Loving Community?

I recently became a member of a fun online Facebook Group Called My Girl Doll

 This group was put together by Australian doll lover and crafter

 Tammie Louise Goldthorpe. She shares her love of her dolls, crochet and knitting with us today.
"I was 6 years old when I started to knit and crochet, learned the basics from my Gran. I am 39 yrs old now with 6 children - I have taught the older ones the basics in knitting, crochet and loom knitting."

"Weather they pick it back up later is their choice. I hope they do. I have also taught a lot of other children and adults, one on one and also in large groups."

"My passion is dolls. I love making dolls outfits. My mother and her mother were doll collectors. So was my 'adopted mother'....... I call her this because she chose to have me in her life and love me as though I was her daughter. Using other peoples pattern over the years has taught me a lot.....sometimes there are errors but this also teaches you how to be more patient and confident in yourself to be able to fix, change or alter your work. This also helped when I began writing my own patterns - mainly for my own use as I write so many of them down, I don't tend to get back to producing them for publication. One day! Anyone who is passionate about learning to crochet or knit can. It's patience and one step at a time, then more patience and another step"

" Dolls, I have Australian Girl Dolls - Emily, Jasmine, Amy, Matilda, Annabelle ( Belle ), I have 7 others on their way to me which should be here this week. They are Gotz Hannah (red hair), Kidz'n'Cats Jakob, My American Girl, Magic Attic Megan and Rosa, Karito Kids Zoe and Pita."
 So if you are on Facebook and would like to join us and share your love of dolls, knitting and crochet please click here to like My Girl Doll

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  1. Tammie started a great group and I'm so glad I became a member and have made some new doll loving friends to share my love of dolls with :)