Friday, September 9, 2016

A Few Photos From Madelon's Trip To Bring Melody Home!

Madelon kindly sent in some photos from her store trip from when she picked up Melody recently and for those of you who can not get into a flag ship store, if you have not heard already in addition to opening 10 new stores in the USA you will soon be able to find American Girl with in your Toys R Us stores soon. I am not sure how I feel about that 100% but I do like that American Girl is trying to make the American Girl line easier to access in store for so many more doll lovers.
With all the excitement of the Melody line there was also some new releases and some re releases of older products such as food items.
Shown above is the new Lasagna Dinner Set, below the old...

New dolls as well!
I love the color of this one's hair!
and number 66 has that face mold we all love.
The recording studio is amazing, what a play piece!
the new kitchen items are likely my favorite with all the pieces to love!
Fun extras and
little details that make this a very special play piece, for the right budget that is!
Melody got a fridge too! Love the freezer section!
Melody's hair is fab!
The block party is a really great set too!
I love looking forward to the holiday and this set is a favorite, though I have tried to resist buying doll items for now, this one imaybe too cute to pass up!
New looks and fun items in store! Thank you Madelon for sharing some of your recent photos with us!
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