Monday, July 10, 2017

*Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

Kate always graciously shares her dolls with me.  She dresses them and prepares them for photos.  Sometimes, for days at a time, they hangout in my office.  I always place them off to the side and away from the window.  If you have a more expensive doll, no matter the brand, you will most definitely want to steer clear of direct sunlight for long periods of time.  When I was out thrift shopping with my best friend over the weekend I found a doll, similar to American Girl Dolls, and the vinyl "skin" actually appeared to melt and take on this deformed look.  There is really no undoing that damage.  So, while we are in the summer heat, here are a few heat tips:  do not keep your doll in full sunlight for hours at a time, keep your doll out of hot cars, and if you have your doll around the pool, make sure to keep the body and eyes dry.

  Doll eyes can actually get ruined when exposed to too much water and will change the color and overall appearance.  This has made me more aware of where I place Kate's doll, when she is not "working."  On a parenting side note, we have been working with potty training Natalie.  Incorporating the doll her is a great idea.  Started out fantastic, sat right down, went potty, slapped her undies on and within the hour she peed four times.  Once in the foyer, once on the stairs, once in the kitchen, and in the garden.  Mine you, we placed her on the potty every fifteen minutes.  On another parenting side note, Kaitlyn is having a huge friend/ bonfire/ game party tonight.  One of her friends are going to spend the night, now Kate is entering the 6th grade and will play periodically with her dolls, but not where she pulls everything out.  Does anyone else see this?  Where the play is more focused on the dressing and brushing opposed to "house" play.  I would have literally hurt someone to have the setup she has, and I make her anything she wants, then it saddens me when she doesn't play with it?  Thank goodness I have two more small girls coming up. 

 I am excited for the new piece I will start crafting today for my shop.  I am going to make a sewing/ craft table for a doll.  I can't wait to put it together.  Also, I just finished a huge custom project that has been in the works for over a month, with 50 joint emails back and forth, I am glad I am putting it to a close.  It is a really neat process to see someone's vision through words only and make it come to life.  Keep creating memories and special moments with your children through play and exploration...
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