Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Toys We Used To Love (and still do) Care Bears

Yesterday my niece tried to get me to give her my Grumpy Bear Care Bear and yet at 43 I could still not part with it. Today I am sharing some love of the Care Bears with you.  Grumpy Bear was always and still is my favorite. I have him in my room still. My mother brought him back from Montreal for me and I have loved him ever since.
I found a great Etsy shop offering you a chance to pick your own vintage Care Bear.  The Pink Room has some amazing vintage finds, click here for shop and listing.

I remember loving this artwork so much and wishing for this cup in the 1980's and I found it and more in the 80's Rainbow Shop, seriously considering ordering one and the my little pony one too... Click here for shop and listing.

I still remember the first commercial I saw and the Tender Heart Bear that was in the commercial. Though I only had Grumpy Bear, and I still have him. I loved the simplicity and comfort of this lovely little bear.
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