Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thinking of The After Holiday Sales!

Taking advantage of items on sale now is a good idea and even better if these items go on even more of a sale after Christmas. Here are some of the items from Madelon's wish list.
The mini dolls could ride in style with this fun holiday truck on Madelon's wish list!
Fun for photos for sure this sign would make a great addition to any doll play collection
Mini trees for 18 inch dolls and mini dolls a like are also on sale and a good deal less then they were a few weeks ago!
I love the bottle brush trees don't you?

One of my favorite purchases a few years back was a sleigh like this one that I got for $1 after Christmas! This one is a adorable and would also be perfect for 18 inch dolls!
Keep these items in mind when shopping now and after the holiday season!
Thank you Madelon for sharing your wish list with us!

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