Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lemon Bay Doll Company Sleepover Set

Today I am thrilled to share my review of the Lemon Bay Doll Company's Sleepover Set. I was thrilled to receive this to review. If ever there was a fabric that I could fall in love with it is this one. I love tea roses and this fabric speaks to me. I would love a whole room one up in these colors with this print but I will have to settle for a doll sized set!
I admit I am very jealous of my lucky doll! This set came beautifully packaged and great detail to the set. For those of you like me who have a Maplelea Doll, the tooth brush fits perfectly in their hands.
I wear a sleep mask so I love this idea! I also like that the pillow has a way the doll can carry it to the sleep over. The blanket is not a sleeping bag but that leaves so much more play potential and I love that it is felt backed and soft as can be.
Dolls can easily wear and carry their sleepover goodies with the elastic at the bottom of the back back, it holds the blanket which rolls up and has elastic of it's own. It is really a great idea!

I am so thankful to Lemon Bay Doll Company For this gift and thrilled with what they sent! Now to convince them to make one in my size! 
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