Monday, March 28, 2016

New From Our Generation At Target Jessica T Spotted Some Fun Finds!

I love watching all the fun finds people who live in the USA find each time they go to Target, Sadly we don't have Target here anymore in Canada and it is truly a gem find to get any of these new sets our cousins in the USA seem to find. Jessica T was  kind enough to send in her finds from her recent visit to Target!
Our Generation Dolls outfits are much improving and the little faces have grown on me over the years, I would love a doll like this!
The little play sets are truly wonderful and always a great idea to pick up and put away it seems like they are hard to find so when you find them grab them and tuck them away for a quick gift, party or just because gifts.
I am thrilled to see sets like these they add so much to the play process!
This set in particular caught my eye, what a wonderful set, encouraging children to climb! Such a great sport!
The only thing I would caution is that sometimes the shoes and boots are not the perfect fit for all 18 inch dolls,
Thank you Jessica T for sharing your in store fun finds with us!
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  1. I wish my near-by Target would carry at least some of the new accessories once in a while. I live in the Bay Area California.

  2. I've noticed at my Target that some of the new accessory sets include earrings that look like they are for pierced ears but I don't see any of the new dolls coming with pierced ears. I found it odd.

  3. I really miss Target Canada. I enjoyed the Our Generation brand for the short while that we could buy it. :(
    ginnie /