Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog Dolly Summer School- Knitting!

Welcome back to our Dolly Summer School. This week we are sharing some great knitting patterns and tutorials for you to make for your dolls. Even if you have never knit before you may just want to give these a go!

I began knitting a few years ago and while I had a hard time getting started now it is easy for me to pick up and put down very basic patterns. I created this very easy doll room rug using dollar store yarn for a tutorial on Daydream Doll Boutique. This fun and easy pattern makes a small doll rug that you can use in their rooms or as a bath mat. Click here for the Tutorial.

The cold winter weather is a ways off but I think now is the perfect time to knit up these simple stitch ruffle dolls scarves that look very impressive! I made this one and shared my tutorial here. Simply click here to get started! 

If you think that was a fun scarf check out my first tutorial that I did using some wonderful yarn that knit up quickly and is fuzzy and fun. My Daydream Doll Boutique pattern tutorial can be found by clicking here. 

For those of you who are much better with the sticks then I, I would like to recommend this pattern. Click here for abc-knitting's pattern for Ocean Waves Summer Dress,   I think this would be a great holiday dress too, just change the colors of the yarn and you have a lovely recital or Christmas gown!
Don't forget the mini dolls with this free pattern as well! Click here to find the pattern for An American Mini Doll Summer Dress Pattern! 
Thank you for joining us for Dolly Summer School Today and don't worry if you are better with a hook then the sticks we have you covered next week!
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  1. Hi Karen! Thanks so much for this link. I'm going to try making the crochet dresses for the mini AG dolls. I love your blog!