Saturday, July 23, 2016

New BUTiful Dolls From Springfield Company!

Have you seen the new Springfield dolls the new BUTiful Dolls have a chest plate and a new look!
This is Hailey and though I have not seen her in person I think she has a sweet face and I do love dolls with the chest plate.  Offered on line for $29.99 US Click here to view her on line 

Maya is another of these beautiful dolls also offered at $29.99 Click here to see her on line listing.

Gabriella is also new, the new "meet outfits" are lovely aren't they?

This is Alyssa she is lovely don't you think? Best part is all the new girls with the Springfield line still fit all the Springfield outfits in stock and on line! Click here to see all the new dolls. 
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