Monday, February 5, 2018

Karen's adventures back to Barbies

Well as ones favorite aunty I took it upon myself to grant my very young nieces wish of having Barbie and all of her sisters. Now I started this journey at  Walmart and while I love my niece and Barbie, when I priced out the three sisters my bill would have been just over $60 before tax.

I knew I could find these sisters as once loved dolls and spent the better part of three weeks looking in the various thrift stores near my home but without too much luck.

I did however manage to not only locate but bring home all the sisters after a serendipitous trip to a thrift store last Saturday morning post hockey. I remembered one near the hockey rink that I had not yet checked out. It proved to be a very good stop! 

I first spotted the little sister now known as Chelsea who used to be Kelly
I got 4 for $3.99, one in a non removable bathing suit, two with legs that swing wildly and one that is in great shape but has permanent panties and nothing else.
 Next I was thrilled to find Skipper, now with Brown hair and a purple streak just like my niece asked for. she had her clothes on thankfully but no shoes. Still a great deal at $3.99
I was over the moon when for $1.99 I found sister Stacie. She was with ut any clothing but I knew we could fix that at home.
For good measure I picked up a Barbie, who was dressed and had her glued on shoes, for an additional $3.99, she was the one my niece had looked at online Friday and decided she was tops on her wish list.
I set them all up on her Barbie pool and when she came in she was so happy and excited, she said "Auntie this is wonderful!" and she was so thrilled to play.

This has been another wonderful and successful week in my journey back to Barbie. Thanks for coming along. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at 

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  1. I still remember my packable McDonald's playset for Barbie. It's the one thing I wish I had kept. Good on you!