Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Mini Molly Is Available Again!

Have you heard the news? You can again order mini Molly! The 6 inch American Girl Dolls are a favorite of ours here and we are thrilled to know that Molly is back! 

Madelon has a great question and noticed something I had missed! 
"Her glasses are very different. I wonder if the 18 inch Molly will have these glasses when she releases someday?"

Make sure to check out Mini Molly at the AG store near you and bring her home! We have our fingers crossed it wont belong before her 18 inch self and line return!
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  1. Is Madelon here the same Madelon who posted and reported frequently on Living A Doll's Life before Rhonda ended new posts on the blog?

    I have indeed heard that 18" Molly's glasses will be different from her original ones. Rhonda posted a picture of the new 18" Molly on Living A Doll's Life Instagram. She has what appear to be brown glasses.