Thursday, October 22, 2015

Close Up Look At Lori Doll Clara!

Madelon was lucky enough to pick up the new Lori Clara doll from her local Target and she shared her photos with us.

This doll is so pretty! She is the perfect little dancer!
I think these dolls are stunning they have had a great deal of attention recently in the dolly world and it is easy to see why.
Madelon says and I agree this doll has such a serene look on her face!
These little dolls make wonderful gifts for girls, doll collectors and doll lovers alike.
See them in store or on line at Target. Thank you Madelon for sharing your Clara with us today.
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  1. Mastermind Toys are now selling Lori Dolls. I saw most of the outfits and many of the dolls in my store. They are also on the website for ordering. I checked and there are 3 stores in BC somewhat close to your area. The prices are of course higher in Canada but at least they are available.