Friday, October 23, 2015

More Love For The Our Generation Dolls!

Madelon kindly sent in photos of some of the newer Our Generation dolls. I love the simplicity of this ballerina doll.
 Violet Anna is the perfect starter doll, she doesn't have a complicated outfit and she is sweet as can be! She reminds me of my niece when I took her to Ballet for the first time.
Karmyn is also ready to come home and she has a tween trendy look to her.
I wished this sweeter came in my size!  There is so much to love in the Our Generation Isle at your Target stop by and see what Madelon and I agree is a great doll line!
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  1. I love this line of the newer OG dolls and only wish that we Canadians would have a better selection for purchase. I buy my dolls from Mastermind Toys and unfortunately, they are about a year behind in getting the newer dolls and outfits. Some of the dolls have never made it to Canada........such a shame considering the company is based in Quebec. I know that carries
    most of the dolls, but the shipping cost to Canada is outrageous.

    I am considering on adding Saila or Leonie from Maplelea to my collection but I'm having a hard time deciding. lol DeeDee.