Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Secret Sister Swap I received!

Each year for the last 4 I have participated in a secret sister swap where 4 times a year we buy/make and send a doll item each season to a person who has been selected to be our secret sister for the year, another person then sends to me. I have been so blessed with amazing Secret Sisters over the years and I really am delighted with each item they have chosen. Yesterday in my mail box was this outfit from Jazzy Doll Duds, an Etsy shop I have written about many times. This is the second outfit I have gotten from Jean's shop and I am so amazed at her craftsmanship!
 Whomever is my partner this year has done a great job and I can not wait to know who they are in January so that I may thank them!
Many of you know I am Canadian living in Canada and Jean's shop Jazzy Doll Duds is a Canadian Shop as well! Located one province and 14 driving hours from me In Calgary Ontario, Jean puts an amazing amount of work into each handmade item. They are all finished like professional clothing and Jean is so talented! 

Jean is more then a talent seamstress and Etsy Shop owner she is a doll lover too which makes buying from her all the more sweet. Care and thought and dedication to the perfect fit are just some of the things that makes this shop special. Check her shop out by clicking here. 
I look forward to sharing my Secret Sister Swap this Winter with you as well! So much fun these swaps can be!
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