Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Love U Bunches Has A New Home!

I am happy to report today that Love U Bunches has a new home! You can get the Love U Bunches Patterns now directly from www.loveubunches.com!
I asked Chris of Love U Bunches to share a bit about the new website with us today...

"I've been designing for almost 3 years, but sewing for a lifetime! This site is pretty much a dream 
come true! It's so exciting to see all my patterns together in one place! "

" My granddaughters made it all came to life! My journey into designing doll clothes patterns began in 2012 when my granddaughter decided she wanted an American Girl® doll. So I bought her a doll... and I bought one for me!  Since she lives in Wisc
onsin and I live in Texas, I had to have my own doll so I could sew outfits and send them to her. My family was so impressed with the outfits that I was sending to her that they decided I should sell my patterns online. When I couldn’t think of an original name for my company, my amazing daughter-in-law, Beth Bosmans, came up with Love U Bunches because that is how I sign all the cards and letters that I send to my granddaughters: Love U Bunches, Grandma!"

Love U Bunches is not just for 18 inch American Girl dolls either with patterns for :


  1. Hi, Karen -- just wanted you to know there's an extra "b" in the LoveUBunches link, so it doesn't work unless you take out that extra "b"! ;~)

    1. Thank you @Marge I fixed it now! sorry my key stuck! Must stop eating at my desk! :)

  2. Yeah for Chris!! She is one of my favorite designers!