Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dolls For A Cause Auction Now Live!

Come on over for the latest Dolls For A Cause Auction Which Is Now Live!
This auction is to benefit Laundry Baskets of Love
There are some very adorable outfits from some of the most wonderful Etsy shops and the auction is currently live!

To bid you will simply put in the comments of that image your bid amount (must start at at least $15 and be upbid by at least $1) You can either put your paypal email address in the comments with your bid or message us with your paypal email address. Be sure to refer back to our billing rules in our notes section or ask if you have questions. Dolls are not included in the auction items and shoes are not always listed. Read the discription carefully. If it is not mentioned in the discription it is probably not included. Thanks everyone I am so excited for another amazing Dolls for a Cause Auction!

I hope you will stop by and bid! To learn more about our auction please click here.
To visit Laundry Basket's of Love on Facebook to learn more please click here.

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