Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Visit With Doll Shoe Lane!

I love these little shoes. All the ones I am sharing today can be found in a relativity new Etsy shop called Doll Shoe Lane.  Today Shop owner Noah share a bit about the shop.

KMOT: How did you get started sewing doll shoes for American Girl Dolls?

KMOT: How many dolls to you have?

KMOT: What to like most about this style of doll shoe?

KMOT:What is your most favorite shoe to make?
KMOT: Which is your top seller?

KMOT: Let us know anything about yourself, your shop or your doll collection that you think our readers would like to know.
DSL: I’m always adding new shoes to my shop so there’s a lot to look at and choose from.  I also started shipping internationally so everyone around the world can enjoy my shoes!

Thank you so much Noah for sharing your shop with us today, personally my favorite are the watermelon shoes! Delightful! 
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  1. Totally adorable! Love that they're easy for little ones to dress their dolls!

  2. It would be hard to choose a favorite -- they're all unique and So Cute!

  3. Aww these are so cute and fun! My favourite are the pink ones with the little butterflies on the them. :) But I really like the watermelon ones too so it's hard to choose!! <3

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com

  4. Ohmygoodness! I just checked out the shop and there are so many more cute styles to choose from! I think that my dolls might need some of these. :) Seriously.

    ginnie / fakingitmostly.com